Practical Business Math Procedures: Chapter 1

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Numbers that are combined in the addition process. Example: 8 + 9 = 17, in which 8 and 9 are the address.
Decimal Point
Center of the decimal system–located between units and tenths. Numbers to the left are whole numbers; to the right are decimal numbers.
Decimal System
The U.S. base 10 numbering system that uses 10 single-digit numbers shown on the calculator.
The resulting answer from a subtraction problem. Example: Minuend less subtrahend equals difference: 215 – 15 = 200.
Distribution of company’s profit in cash or stock to the owners of stock.
Number in the division process that is dividing into another number. Example: 15 Ă· 5, in which 5 is the divisor.
In a subtraction problem, the larger number from which another is subtracted. Example: 50 – 40 = 10.
The first or top number being multiplied in a multiplication problem. Example: 40 (Product) = 20 (Multiplicand) x 2 (Multiplier).

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