PR 355 Chapter 2

________, one of the earliest African American counselors, wrote two books on African American consumerism and advised companies on multicultural relations.
D. Parke Gibson
Perhaps one reason publicity and press agentry are too often considered synonymous stems from
formation of the first public relations firm called the Publicity Bureau that specialized in general press agentry.
Using a variety of persuasive techniques and even a pseudonym, Publius, ________ advocated for ratification of the Constitution.
Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison
Among the earliest public relations counselors to emphasize marketing-oriented public relations was
Harold Burson
What devastating public relations problem did Johnson & Johnson face on September 30, 1982?
Management learned extra-strength Tylenol had been used as a murder weapon to kill three people in Chicago.
In the 21st century, recognition of the value of knowing what public relations is about comes from
more than 200 journalism or communications programs offering a public relations concentration.
The word propaganda originated with
Pope Gregory XV, who established a College in 17th Century Rome to spread the word about Catholicism.
Which of the following major public relations counseling firms did Omicom Group purchase?
Which of the following has made knowledge of and facility with the Internet a front-burner necessity for practitioners?
social media participation
Which of the following is NOT a major trend contributing to the evolution of the practice of public relations?
growth in use of traditional distribution systems, including cars, trucks, and airlines
Samuel Adams combined weaponry of sword and pen by organizing the Associated Press to do battle with King George.
Techniques to attract press coverage used by Phineas T. Barnum are representative of the public be informed era that contributed to a positive image of the practice of public relations.
A key trend contributing to the evolution of public relations is the growing power of public opinion to act as a positive force in shaping democratic societies.
The stage for today’s lobbyist was set by the Sophists hired to fight verbal battles for politicians in ancient Rome.
The adversarial relationship between so-called “robber barons” and “muckrakers” led to the need for hired professionals to explain what industrialists had been unable to convey.
Pamphlets, a strategic vehicle used today in public relations, were used by Thomas Paine to rally support for unity among American colonists.
Much of what Amos Kendall did in the kitchen cabinet of President Andrew Jackson is similar to what a presidential press secretary does today.
Despite how effective and visionary Paul Garrett was as a General Motors public relations practitioner, he suffered from the universal complaint of corporate PR people, he felt like “an outsider.”
While in the 1990s public relations counseling businesses grew and merged into international superagencies, today the public relations counseling business has a diverse mix of huge national agencies, medium-sized regional firms, and one-person local agencies.
Ida Tarbell and Upton Sinclair were among early pioneers in the field of public relations.
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