Pivot point cosmetology chapter 6

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Which of these descriptions is NOT a guideline to be used when creating a resume?
Provide at least eight pages of information
Which of the following interview questions is illegal for an employer to ask for the purpose of discrimination?
When were your born?
The least important factor in deciding whether to accept a position is
The size of the salon
One of the most effective techniques in building a clientele is to
Give out business cards to potential clients
Making a future appointment with a client while she or he is still in the salon is an effective tool for building a clientele and is referred to as
Prebooking the client
Which of the following is NOT a skill or ability a salon owner should have to ensure success?
Having the salon employees handle all unusual or difficult client situations
Which of the following terms refers to all money owed?
Net worth is calculated by subtracting liabilities from
The type of business ownership in which two or more persons share all costs of opening, operating and maintaining the business is a
All of the following items should be important requirements in the process of salon planning except
The distance from the social security office
Which of the following business types is owned by the shareholders and form under legal guidelines?
Compliance with all local, state/province and federal rules, regulations and laws is the responsibility of the
Salon owner
The ideal salon arrangements has an efficient traffic pattern providing
The least steps for the client and designer to travel

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