Pest management

Which pest management approach, although initially successful, devastates the environment
Pest control
What is a formal approach normally used to eliminate a species from a specific geographical area
Pest eradication
Which is an Air Force intra-service group involved in pest surveillance and management
Military public health
The armed forces pest management board maintains close liaison with which intra-government agencies
Department of health and human services
Within the DOD who has the day to day responsibilities for pest management activites
Deputy under secretary of defense for environmental security
What provides an official means of distributing technical guidance and safety procedures pertaining to pest management programs and equipment operation and maintenance
Techinal guides
What office sets standards, develops procedures, and provides technical assistance to implement Air Force policy and programs for in service and contact pest management operations
Office if the civil engineer headquarters united states air force
Who provides critical assistance on retrograde pest prevention procedures
US Deparment of Agriculture and US customs
What does the installation pest management supervisor consult with if endangered species are present on the installation
Regional US fish and wildlife service office
What non chemical pest control includes sanitation, vegetation management, and water management
Cultural measures
What activity measures the effectiveness of previous management efforts
What are the most common informational sources for corrective pest management
Work orders requests
What record provides a chronological history about the nature of each infestation encountered
DD Form 1532-1, pest management maintenance recored
Who has established training programs to certify US military personnel to conduct quarantine inspections and certify cargo and equipment as pest free before shipment
USDA through its animal and plant health inspection service
What do you emphasize when pursuing a rodent quarantine control program
Eliminating rodent harborage
What activity increases the likelihood of arthropod, mollusk and nematode species infestation
Storing supplies and equipment directly on the ground
What federal regulatory agency is responsible for protecting US agricultural from foreign pest threats preventing them from establishing if they do enter inhibiting their spread if they do become established and aiding in their control
Animal and plant health inspection service
What agency operates a number of facilities where foreign plants or animals are introduced and tested before release
US department of agriculture
What agency is most likely to inspect your personal belongings when you travel to or from overseas area
US customs treasury department
Who publishes local directives to assure that aircraft arriving in a foreign country abide with the host countries agriculture and public health quarantine requirements and procedures
Military or public health quarantine inspectors
What must you always complete on aircraft leaving areas where yellow fever, malaria or plague is known to exist
What quarantine pest occurs In various European countries where it transmits a parasitic nematode (parafilaria bovicola) which is the causative organism of green muscle disease of livestock in Sweden
Cattle fly
What quarantine pest is considered to have the greatest economic threat to US mainland agriculture of any pacific area fruit fly
Melon fly
What quarantine pest survey includes inspecting USAF military aircraft that leave or arrive at new destinations and originate from Guam, Hawaii or the Philippines
Brown tree snake
What quarantine pest survey includes sweep nets, blood boards, sticky traps and bait boards
Cattle fly
What quarantine pest can be found by inspecting for grubs underground
Popillua lewisi
How many regional offices does the EPA have across the US
10 and more than a dozen labs
What agency leads the nation’s environmental science research education and assessment efforts
What environmental act established a national environmental policy with goals for the protection maintenance and enhancement of the environment
National environmental policy act
What requires federal agencies to incorporate environmental considerations in their planning and decision making process
National environmental policy act
What are the formal agreements with the host nation that require actions above and beyond local requirements
Final governing standards
What requirements are requirements that are external to the Air Force
Tier 0
What requirements are requirements that are MAJCOM requirements
Tier 1
What guides are available for distribution throughout the industry including guidelines and frequently violated regulations
National institutue for occupational safety and health gudies
Which item under the occupational safety and health act provides requirements to manage identification and knowledge of hazardous waste
Hazardous communcation program
Who must develop implement and maintain a written hazard communication program form their workplaces
You can transfer a chemical into an unmarked container as long as the product will
Be used immediately
What allowed manufactures to produce and sell pesticides even if the US Department of Agriculture refused to register them
The FIFRA registation loophole
What requires the federal government to reimburse the cost of pesticides held by consumers that they couldn’t use because the federal government had suspended their use
The idemnification section in federal insecticide fungucide snd rodenticide act
What items provides you with and explanation of the physical data of the chemicals you work with
Saftey data sheets
What form covers release and transfers of toxic chemicals to various facilities and environmental media
Form R
What resource conversation and recovery act waste is described as ignitable corrosive reactive or toxic
Soild waste
Who is responsible for complying with hazardous waste disposal laws
Installation commander
How often do all personnel and supervisors who work with hazardous waste repeat training after the initial hazardous waste training
What animal class eats meat and plants
What eats the dead plants herbivores carnivores and omnivores
What is a form of indirect poisoning that occurs when animals (birds) feed on insects killed by pesticides
Secondary posioning
What pesticide application presents the greatest drift hazard
What process transforms a pesticide into more toxic substances than they were originally in a process
What is the process whereby to one pesticide can produce populations that are also resistant to one or more other pesticides
Cross resistance
Which pesticide tolerance is the result of adjustments by body systems that prevent the normal harmful action of the pesticide
Physiological resistance
what is designed to forestall the buildup of pest populations
preventive controls
what controls seldom produce permanent results must be repeated frequently and consequently are very expensive in the long run
what laws mostly affect the Air Force’s pest control mission
Federal laws
what are the special designations the DOD uses to further regulate procurement and distribution of pesticide in the military supply system
Controlled and uncontrolled
What military pesticide classification may be issued to unit sanitation terms, self-help programs or for general personal use
What is the basic ingredient of a pesticide that has a toxic action and kills or repels the pest
What normally has no pesticidal action itself and is listed under inert ingredients on the label
What is used to dissolve a toxicant that is not readily soluble in a common carrier, thus enabling the toxicant to be added to the carrier and remain in solution
What pesticide formulation may damage aluminum, varnish, and painted surfaces because of the action of solvents such as xylene
What group of insecticides came into use with the development of DDT during world war II
Chlorinated hydrocarbons
What insecticide causes pests to improperly develop or otherwise stop their normal reproductive processes
growth regulators
What insecticide group includes botanicals, petroleum, and coal tar naturals organics
natural organic compounds
What pesticides are derived from plants
botanical pesticides
What herbicides kill vegetation regardless to species
What herbicides are absorbed by the leaves, stems, or roots and move through the vascular system to the leaves, buds, and root tips
What fumigant is compressed under pressure into liquid form then made available in cans and large metal cylinders
compressed gas
What fumigation formulation is contained in pre-measured air-permeable bags so that it reacts with moisture to produce hydrogen phosphide
Powder or dusts
What is the only type of multiple-dose rodenticide used in the military
What warm blooded animals are not affected by anticoagulants
How many weeks are insect repellent jackets effective
What type of pesticide reaction includes redness, swelling, or blistering of the skin
Allergic reaction
Which program assesses the hazards and contaminated equipment to which workers are exposed
Workplace hazard evaluation
What is the proper temperature range for storing pesticides
50F and 100F
What construction material does the Air Force use for construction of a pesticide warehouse storage
Pre-engineered concrete or masonry blocks
In a vehicle, where must you not transport pesticides
Truck cab
What hazardous waste classification includes ignitable, corrosive, reactive, or toxic wastes
Resource conservation and recovery act characteristic wastes
On what list would you find pesticides inert ingredients the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act considers to be a solid waste
Toxic commercial products list wastes
What do you wear when you mix and apply pesticides to cover your entire body and protect your skin from contamination
What dry formulation has a particle size of 44 microns or less
Fine dusts
What pump us self-priming and has one or more plungers connected to a crankshaft
piston pump
What nozzle sprays a circular pattern with very little spray striking the center
What type of pesticide formulation must not be stored overnight in a compressed air sprayer
Suspension `
What non portable equipment has a four cylinder gasoline engine, a fan, a hopper to hold pesticide dusts or granules, and a tank to hold liquid pesticides
non portable mist dust blower
With what non-portable equipment is the liquid pesticide pressurized by a power-driven hydraulic pump containing regulators to maintain the desired pressure
Trailer-mounted hydraulic sprayer
What non-portable equipment has almost completely replaced the thermal and cold fog generators since it is much more efficient, cost effective, and safe
Non-portable ultra-low volume generator
How much do sledge hammers usually weigh
4 to 20 pounds
How are nonadjustable wrenches sized
by the distance between the parallel flats of the nut
why do you not use a pipe wrench on a standard bolt
You are apt to damage the nut
Which socket gives you a new hold on a nut every 30 degrees of wrench handle travel
How often (as a minimum) do you clean all sprayers and dusters when they’re in regular use
What do you use to wash out sprayers, hoses, and nozzles
Detergent and water
How do you clean strainers
back flushing with water
Which action increases the application rate
Decreasing the vehicle speed

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