Personality and the Self

Science of personality
Characteristic patters of thinking, feeling and behaving.
Sigmund Freud’s treatment approach based on his psychodynamic theory
Rima has decided to eliminate all sweets from her diet. Someone offers her chocolate and she says “well maybe just this time”
Psycho-sexual Stages
Stages of Freud’s theory of the developing personality
Latency Stage
Emma wants to know the “rules” for everything
Resolution of the Oedipus Complex.
Identification with the same-sex parent
Pursuing a dissertation research topic reflecting a contribution of Alfred Adler
Alexis, who is researching the effects of birth order on professional and financial success.
Contribution of Carl Jung to Psychodynamic thought
The collective unconscious mind
Karen Horney rejected Freud’s ideas to concentrate on aspects of the culture that contributed to…
Women’s feelings of inferiority
Abraham Maslow
He was primarily interested in human motivation
Each of the Big Five traits consists of
A series of stages.
Theory of personality that features cognition and learning,
Self Efficacy
Todd, who believes that he can handle challenging situations and obtain future rewards
The twin study method
Most efforts to study the effects of genetics on personality use
Personality trait that has not yet been correlated with a structure of the brain
Validity and Reliability
two basic requirements of a good test
One of the most famous projective tests is the Rorschach Inkblot Test which is
More widely used than the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory