PepsiCo Interview

4 C’s
Porter’s 5 Forces
risk of new entrants
risk of substitution
bargaining power of customers
bargaining power of suppliers
4 P’s
leadership in a group example
in new product development, team was slow to start and un-motivated seniors. had to organize all of our meetings and start the ideation process. we created an app.
well marketed brands
-don’t just focus on promotion on TV
-talk about product, place, price
-dark and lovely au naturale
-nike ID, learned that over summer
-kellogg’s special K
thinking about a new product…
1) Customer want it?
2) Segment customers
3) Choose my target
4) Position it, 4 ps
5) Competition
6) Pepsi fail fast motto
7) How will I launch
market share equation
your sales/ category sales
Why pepsi?
Stayed up until 4am for penn link notification
I didn’t have to feign my interest for the company as I have had to do in the past
as a consumer of pepsico products, i have personal interest in furthering the brand
their dedication to music… and beyonce
Why marketing
gives me the perfect mix of business and creativity. challenges one to think outside of the box to solve business problems. there is no function or formula to follow, you are open to create your own solutions
some pepsi brands
Quaker oats
Naked Juice
Questions for interviewer
What types of people are successful at Pepsi?
Question for interviewer
Who is a co-worker or someone at Pepsi that you admire, and why?
Question for interviewer
What differentiates pepsico from another CPG marketing internship?
Who else, besides Coca-Cola, do you see as a big competitor?
What metrics do you use to measure success in your role at Pepsi?
Ways PEPSI can use social media etc in a way they aren’t already
Sponsoring podcasts, those are trendy
3 reasons why i want to work at pepsi
1. marketing is to pepsi what water is to a fish
2. innovation driven. seen in meeting of the minds competition going on to encourage innovation and new thinkers
3. their dedication to music, great way to connect with consumers

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