PD1: Examination Techniques and Equipment

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receiving care in hospitals.
Standard Precautions apply to all patients:
the caregiver’s hands should be washed after touching any body fluids and contaminated items, regardless of whether gloves are worn.
According to the guidelines for Standard Precautions:
The patient who is allergic to contrast dye
Which patient is at the highest risk for the development of latex allergy?
trachea care and suctioning.
Guidelines for Standard Precautions indicate that mask and eye protection or a face mask should be worn while performing
wash hands with mild soap after removing gloves and then dry thoroughly.
One recommendation to prevent latex allergy is to:
Left lateral recumbent
Which lying position is useful for auscultating heart tones?
Which technique is used during both the history taking and the physical examination process?
Which examination technique should be used first?
variations in contour of the body surface
The use of secondary, tangential lighting is most helpful in the detection of:
Drape the patient and observe the rectal area.
A nonambulatory 80-year-old male patient tells the female nurse that he feels like he is having drainage from his rectum. Which initial nursing action is appropriate?
To the right side of the patient
You are conducting a head-to-toe examination as part of a patient’s preventive health assessment. The room has adequate lighting, and you have access to both sides of the examining table. What position should you assume while conducting this examination?
Ulnar surface and base of the fingers
Which part of the examiner’s hand is best for palpating vibration?
The dorsal surface of the hand is most often used for the assessment of:
When conducting the abdominal examination, after you inspect you proceed next to:
The less dense the medium, the louder is the percussion tone
The degree of percussion tone is determined by the density of the medium through which the sound waves travel. Which statement is true regarding the relationship between density of the medium and percussion tone?
tympany over an empty stomach.
Expected normal percussion tones include:
the liver.
When percussing, a dull tone is expected to be heard over:
Place the palmar surface of the nondominant hand on the body surface with the fingers slightly spread apart.
When using mediate or indirect percussion, which technique is appropriate?
During percussion, the downward snap of the striking fingers should originate from the:
Fist percussion
Which technique is commonly used to elicit tenderness arising from the liver, gallbladder, or kidneys?
closing your eyes.
During auscultation, you can limit your perceptual field best by:
Isolate each cycle segment.
You are auscultating a patient’s chest. The sounds are not clear, and you are having difficulty distinguishing between respirations and heartbeats. What technique can you use
When examining the abdomen, which technique should be used first?
Auscultation should be carried out last, except when examining the:
Observing the rise and fall of the abdomen usually facilitates calculation of respiratory rate in the:
cardiovascular function.
Blood pressure is a peripheral measurement of:
covers more than two-thirds of the upper arm.
Underestimation of blood pressure will occur if the blood pressure cuff’s bladder:
Wrap a standard cuff around the forearm and place the stethoscope over the radial artery.
If a sufficiently large cuff is unavailable to fit an obese arm, which technique may be used to assess blood pressure?
Axillary measurement of temperature correlates best with core temperatures of:
It is an accurate measurement of body temperature because the tympanic membrane shares its blood supply with the hypothalamus.
Which of the following statements is true regarding tympanic membrane temperature?
each time it is used.
A scale used to assess patients’ weight should be calibrated:
before the patient steps on the scale.
The height-measuring attachment of the standing platform scale should be pulled out:
Supine on a measuring board
The infant should be placed in which position to have his or her height or length measured?
The stethoscope’s diaphragm is most useful in the assessment of _____ sounds.
It functionally converts to a diaphragm end-piece
Which of the following occurs when firm pressure is used to apply the stethoscope’s bell end-piece to the skin?
ensure secure contact with the body surface.
A rubber or plastic ring should be around the bell end-piece of a stethoscope to:
The end-piece should be held between the second and third fingers
Which technique should be used to stabilize the stethoscope during auscultation?
Weak pulses, fetal heart activity, and vessel patency are all best assessed with which type of stethoscope?
You are using an ophthalmoscope to examine a patient’s inner eye. You rotate the lens selector clockwise, then counterclockwise in order to compensate for:
Red-free filter
A patient in the emergency department has a concussion to the head. You suspect the patient may also have a retinal hemorrhage. You are using the ophthalmoscope to examine the retina of this patient. Which aperture of the ophthalmoscope is most appropriate for this patient?
The Snellen \”E\” vision acuity chart would most likely be used for _____ patients.
The largest speculum that will fit comfortably in the ear
Which type of speculum should be used to examine a patient’s tympanic membrane?
tympanic membrane movement.
The pneumatic attachment for the otoscope is used to evaluate:
The patient tells you that his ears are \”stopped up.\” An objective assessment of this complaint is achieved by using the:
hearing range of normal speech.
Tuning forks with a frequency of 500 to 1000 Hz are most commonly used to measure
briskly tap the tendon with the rubber end of the hammer.
To perform a deep tendon reflex measurement, you should:
Brush and needle
A variant of the percussion hammer is the neurologic hammer, which is equipped with which of the following?
Mark the borders of the tape at several intervals on the skin with a pen.
When monitoring serial measures, such as head circumference or abdominal girth, which procedure is best to ensure that the tape measure is placed in the same position each time?
air, fluid, and tissue transmit light differentially.
Transillumination functions on the principle that:
Halogen bulb
When performing transillumination of a body cavity, the use of which of the following could be harmful to the patient?
For a woman with a small vaginal opening, the examiner should use a _____ speculum.
Remove the speculum
You are performing a vaginal examination for a patient with a history of spina bifida. As you insert the metal speculum, the patient suddenly feels nauseated and is sweating, and her skin turns blotchy. What is your most immediate reaction to this situation?

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