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What utility would you use to realign the file structure on the disk to optimize performance?
What method does as SDHC card use for storing data?
Reprogrammable memory
Which storage device use magnetic film or aluminum platters for storing data?
Hard disk and Floppy Disk
Which interface is primarily used for internal hard drives in modern desktop PC Systems?
Which of the following is not an advantage of SSDs over HDDs?
Which of the following is an advantage of SATA over PATA?
Faster data transfer speed
Which of the following is typically used for large data backups of server?
DLT tape
Which of the following media types is not hot swappable?
DVD drive with an IDE interface
Which of the following is the most common disk interface used for optical drives on home and office computers?
What method does as MMC card use for storing data?
Reprogrammable memory
Which of the following are advantages of solid state storage compared to hard drives?
– No moving parts
– Lower power requirements
Which of the following are magnetic storage devices?
– Hard disk
– Tape Drive
– Floppy disk
You need a storage device that has very large storage capacity, is fast, and relatively inexpensive. Which storage devices will best suit your need?
Hard Disk
What type of component is most likely to allow physical and virtual machines to communicate with each other?
Virtual switch
You need to provide DHCP and file share services to a physical network. These services should be deployed using virtualization. Which type of virtualization should you implement?
Virtual Servers
In virtualization, what is the role of the hypervisor?
A hypervisor allows virtual machines to interact with the hardware without going through the host operating system.
What type of virtualization completely simulates a real physical host?
Full virtualization
You just installed a new floppy drive. After booting, the drive light stays lit. What is the most likely problem?
The ribbon cable is connected backwards
You are installing a floppy drive. You want the floppy drive to be the A: drive. How do you do this?
Install the drive after the twist in the ribbon cable
A user has called to complain that he can’t save a file to a floppy disk in his floppy drive. What should you do first? (select two)
– Verify that the disk has been inserted and properly formatted.
– Make sure the write-protection tab on the disk isn’t set.
What kind of powe connector does a floppy drive use?
Mini-molex power connecto
Which statement is true regarding IDE master and slave settings?
If two IDE devices share the same channel, one device must be set to master and the other must be set to slave
A computer has a hard disk drive and a DVD drive installed on the primary IDE channel. You decide to move the DVD drive to the secondary IDE channel. The secondary IDE interface will have no other devices. What setting would you configure on the DVD drive?
Master or single
Which ribbon cable is used by an ATA/133 HDD?
40-pin / 80-wire
How many PATA devices can be installed on a typical modern ATX motherboard?
You have connected a single drive to the primary IDE interface and a single drive to the secondary IDE interface. How should the drives be configured?
Both drives should be set to Master or Single Drive only
You have a computer system with two IDE channels built into the motherboard. You add a PCI expansion card that provides an additional four IDE channels. What is the maximum number of IDE devices that can be added to the system?
You have just finished upgrading the power supply in your desktop computer. Now the hard disk will not work. What should you do first?
Make sure the power connectors on the hard disk are plugged in all of the way
Two IDE devices share the same channel. One device is newer and faster. Which device should you set to master?
Set the newer, faster device to master
You have a motherboard with 4 built-in SATA connectors. What is the maximum number of SATA devices you can connect to the motherboard using the integrated ports?
Which of the following tasks would you complete as part of a SATA installation?
Use the 15-pin power connector
You are installing the first SATA drive into a desktop, but you do not have the drivers for the motherboard’s integrated SATA controller. Which of the following tasks will be required in the configuration process?
Set the drive type in the BIOS to IDE
A manager wants you to install a Serial ATA HDD into his computer, but the motherboard does not have a Serial ATA connector. What should you do?
Install a Serial ATA host adapter in an expansion slot
A SCSI hard disk drive has three jumpers that are used to set the SCSI ID. shunts have been placed on the first and third jumpers. What SCSI ID has been assigned to this device?
Which of the following types of SCSI termination uses voltage regulators in conjunction with resistors to terminate the SCSI bus?
Active Termination
Your desktop workstation system uses a SCSI bus to connect storage devices. The SCSI host adapter is assigned an ID of 7, the SCSI hard disk is assigned to an ID of 5, the SCSI tape drive is assigned an ID of 3, and the SCSI DVD drive is assigned an ID of 0. Which device has the highest priority on the SCSI bus?
Host adapter
You’ve just purchased an external SCSI hard drive for your desktop workstation. What should you do before you connect it to the system?.
Set the drive’s SCSI ID
You’re configuring devices on a SCSI bus. You’ve installed a SCSI adapter in an expansion slot. You’ve connected an external SCSI tape drive to the external port connector on the adapter,. You’ve connected two hard SCSI hard disk drives (sd0 and sd1) to two of the middle connectors on the internal SCSI ribbon cable. The end connector on the internal SCSI ribbon cable is connected to a SCSI DVD drive. Where should termination be enabled on this bus? (2)
– On the DVD drive
– On the external tape drive
You have a CD-RW drive that advertises speeds of 32x/12x/48x. What is the read speed of the drive?
You have just finished installing a new hard disk in your computer. Now the DVD drive won’t work. What should you do first?
Make sure the DVD drive cables are connected
What optical media has the greatest storage capacity?
Single-layer, single sided Blu-ray disck
What is the most important consideration when choosing a rewritable DVD drive
Media compativility
What are 3 optical storage devices?
– BD
– CD
When you try to read a particular DVD-R disc, you receive an error message. Other discs work fine. Which of the following are the most likely problems? (2)
– Incorrect disc format
– dirty of scratched disc
Due to a blackout, power is no longer coming from the wall outlet and your computer is now off. You do not have a UPS and you need to remove a disc out of the DVD drive. What is the easiest method for retrieving the disc?
Push an unbent paper clip into the hole on the front of the drive
You place a new disc in an optical drive then double-click the drive in the operating system’s file browser interface. An error message appears stating that the drive is not accessible. What should you do
Wait. Then try again
Which Blu-ray standard defines rewritable disks?
What is the purpose of the small cable that connects an IDE optical drive to the sound card?
sends CD audio from the optical drive to the sound card
You’re formatting a newly-installed hard disk with Disk Management and are at the point where you need to select the type of file system to be used. What scenario would require selecting the FAT32 file system?
You need the disk to be backwards-compatible with older versions of Windows
You have a computer running Windows 7. You need to format a 64 GB flash drive as a single volume. You want the drive to support quick removal, and minimize memory and processor use when reading and writing to the drive. Which file system should you choose?
If you want to boot from a hard drive, what must it have?
Active partition
Which of the following is true about primary partitions?
The active partition must be primary partition
Where is Disk Management located within Windows?
Computer Management
Under what conditions should you choose exFAT over FAT32 or NTFS? (Select two)
– When creating a volume over 32 GB in size
– When formatting removable flash devices
Which partition type identifies the partition as one that holds the boot loader program used to start the operating system?
Which disk types does Windows support? (Select two.)
– Basic
– Dynamic
You remove a hard disk from a Windows 7 and put it in another system that is running Windows 98. You are unable to read the disk. What is most likely the problem?
Windows 98 does not support NTFS
Which of the following is a characteristic of extended partitions?
They are subdivided into logical drives
You have physically installed a new HDD in your computer, configured the disk in the BIOS using the CMOS setup program, and partitioned the disk. You try to access the HDD in Windows Explorer, but get an error message. Which utility will you most likely use to resolve the problem?
What is required to control access to the file system using file and folder permissions on a Windows-based computer?
NTFS-formatted partition
You have a computer where a removable disk drive has been formatted with NTFS. You want the drive to use FAT32 to be compatible with more OSes. The drive is currently configured using drive letter D:. What should you do?
Back up the data on the D: drive. Reformat the D: drive using FAT32. Restore the data.
You have a hard disk drive that has a single primary partition and has been assigned D: as the drive letter. Which tool would you use to configure the drive to use the FAT32 file system?
You have a computer running Windows 7 Home Premium and need to aces the contents of a flash drive. The flash drive has been formatted with the exFAT file system. You want to read the flash drive on your computer as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort. What should you do?
Do nothing. Windows 7 can natively access exFAT file system.
You have an extra disk on your system that has three primary partitions and an extended partition with two logical drives. You want to convert the partitions to simple volumes, preferably without losing any data. What should you do?
Upgrade the disk to a dynamic disk.
You want to combine storage space from two different hard disk into a single logical storage unit on your Windows computer. What should you do?
Use dynamic disks and a spanned volume
Which tool would you use to create and delete partitions on hard drives?
Disk management
How can you reformat a drive from FAT32 to NTFS without losing the existing data?
Use the convert command at a command prompt
You have added two new hard disks to a Window computer. The disk are configured as basic disks. Which of the following could be configured on these disk? (Select two.)
– Extended partitions with logical drives
– Primary partitions
Which of the following is an advantage of the exFAT file system over NTFS?
Lower memory and processor resource use.

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