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What describes a man-in-the-middle attack?
A false server intercepts communications from a client by impersonating the intended server.

Capturing packets as they travel from one host to another with the intent of altering the contents of the packets is a form of which security concern?
man-in-the-middle attack

How can an organization help prevent social engineering attacks?
Educate employees on the risks and countermeasures
Publish and enforce clearly-written security policies

What is the main difference between a worm and a virus?
A worm can replicate itself and does not need a host for distribution.

Which of the following is not a primary characteristic of a worm?
it infects the MBR of a hard drive

You need to add security for your wireless network. you would like to use the most secure method. What method should you implement?

Which of the following specifications identiy security that can be added to wireless networks?

You want to implement 802.1x authentication on your wireless network. Where would you configure passwords that are used for authentication?
On a RADIUS server

Which of the following wireless security methods uses a common shared key configured on the wireless access point and all wireless clients?

You want to implement 802.1x authentication on your wireless network. What will be required?
a RADIUS server

What encryption method is used by WPA for wireless networks?
uses rotating keys for added security over WEP

you manage a network with two switches. The switches are connected together through their Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports.
You define VLAN1 and VLAN2 on each switch. A device on the first switch in VLAN1 needs to communicate with a device on the second switch also in VLAN 1.

What should you configure to allow communication between these two devices through eh switches?

trunk port is used to connect two switches together

You manage a network with multiple switches. You find that your switches are experiencing heavy broadcast storms.

What will help reduce the effects of a broadcast storm?

Enable spanning tree on the switches
it is a protocol on a switch that allows the switch to maintain multiple paths between switches within a subnet

A user reports that she can’t access the Internet. You investigate the problem and find that she can access all hosts on the private network, but no hosts on the Internet.
What is most likely the cause of the problem?
Missing default route on the router

Which switch features are typically used with VoIP?

what is a broadcast storm?
A broadcast storm occurs when there are so many broadcast messages on the network that they approach or exceed the network bandwidth.

After configuring the server to distribute ip addresses and DHCP server, what do you need to do next
configure client s to obtain IP addressing from the DHCP server

you are troubleshooting access to a server in a remote network. You use the tracert command and see the following:
Tracing route to
over a maximum of 30 hops
1 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms
2 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms
3 5 ms 5 ms 3 ms
4 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms
5 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms
6 2ms 2 ms 2 ms
7 5ms 5 ms 3 ms
routing loop

You are the network administrator of a branch office of your company. The branch office network is part of a WAN that covers most of the US. The office has two Windows 2000 servers, tow UNIX servers, on Windows NT server, 90 Windows 98 clients, 40 Windows 2000 Professional clients, and five Macintosh clients.
Users ahve been complaining that they are unable to access resources over the VAN at the main headquarters. You suspect that one of the routers between your office and the main headquarters is not working proplerly
What TCP/IP utility can you use to see if a router is not working properly?

You have just connected a new computer to your network. The network uses static IP addressing.
You find that the computer can communicate with hosts on the same subnet, but not with hosts on a different subnet. No other computers are having a problem. What configuration values would you most likely need to change?
Default Gateway
used for sending packets to other subnets

You manage a network with multiple subnets connected to the Internet. A user reports that she can’t access the Internet. You investigate the problem and find that she can access all hosts on the private network, but no hosts on the Internets. What is likely the cause of the problem.
Missing default route on the router

What TCP/IP utility gives you the following output?

You manage a single switch. On each switch port, a hub connects multiple devices to the switch. What condition are you most likely to experience on the networks?

U user reports that network access from her workstation is very slow. The problem does not seem to be effecting any other users. What condition is likely the cause.
Duplex mismatch

Which of the following solutions would you implement to eliminate switching loops?
spanning tree
used to select single path between two switches

You manage a local area network with several switches. anew employee has started today so you connect her workstation to a switch port. After connecting the workstation, you find that the workstation cannot get an IP address from the DHCP server. You check the link and status lights and the connection is working properly. A ping to the loopback address on the workstation succeeds. No other computers seem to have the problem.
Incorrect VLAN assignment

You manage a network with multiple switches. You find that your switches are experiencing heavy broadcast storms. What will help reduce the effects of a broadcast storm?
Enable spanning tree on all the switches

Mary calls to tell you that she can’t connect to tan intranet server called Srvr1. From her computer, you ping the server’s IP address. The ping test is successful. Which tool would you use on her workstation next to troubleshoot the problem?
to troubleshoot name resolution problems. Because the ping test was successful, you know that both the client and the server can communicate using TCP/IP with IP addresses. This tells you that the problem is related to name resolution

a user reports that he can’t browse the internet. You ping test the web server succeeds. A trace route test shows 17 hops to the destination web server. What is the likely cause
Incorrect DNS server address

CorpServ is a small company with 14 client systems and network printer. Because there are only a limited number of networked systems, you decide to us APIPA addressing for the network. With APIPA configured, all systems are able to communicate with each other but you are having rouble configuring Internet access. What is the likely cause of the problem?
Private addresses cannot directly communicate to hosts outside the local subnet

You are troubleshootin a network connectivity issue on a Unix system. You are able to connect to remote systems by using their IP address, but unable to connect using the hostname. You check the TCP/IP configuration, and note that a DNS serve IP address is configured
You decide to run some manual resolution queries to ensure that the communication between the Unix system and the DNS server are working correctly. Which utilities cna you use to do this?

You configure on o3 router on your DHCP server so it can deliver the IP address of the default gateway to workstations. After configuring your workstations to get their IP addressing information dynamically, your users complain that they are unable to access web sites on the internet. How can you fix this problem
You must configure your DHCP server with an option that delivers the IP address of the DNS server (option 06)

You want to be able to view the DNS server address that a computer is using. Which of the following utilities would you use
Ipconfig windows
ifconfig linux

What shows you the computer’s route table?

What output shows you the results of four echo request/reply contacts with destination host?

What shows the current entries in the computer’s ARP cache?

You have been called in to troubleshoot a connectivity problem on a newly installed windows Server 2003 system. The system is operating satisfactorily and is able to communicate with other systems on the local network. However it is unable to access any systems on other segments of the corporate network. You suspect that the default gateway parameter for the system has not been configured, or may be configured incorrectly. Which of the following utilitis are you most likely to use to view the default gate way information for the system

you are troubleshooting a connectivity problem on a linux server. You are able to connect to another system on the local network, but are not able to connect to a server on the remote network.
You suspect that the default gateway information for the system may be configured incorrectly. Which of the following commands would you use to view the default gateway information on the Linux server?

Active connections
Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
TCP SERVER1:1036 localhost: 4832 TIME WAIT
TCP SERVER1:4798 localhost:1032 TIME WAIT
reports the TCP/IP ports open on the local system, as well identifying the protocol and remote host connected to that port. This information can be very useful when looking for security weaknesses, as TCP/IP port that is open to traffic unnecessarily represents a security risk.

Which of the following tools would you use to view the MAC addresses associated with IP addresses that the local workstation has contacted recently?

What do you use to look up the IP address for a linux server?

You administer a NetBIOS-based network that uses the TCP/IP protocol. You are trying to troubleshoot a computer that is unable to contact a server by its NetBIOS name. Which command can you use to check the connection?

Which command displays network activity statistics for TCP, USP, and IP?

What shows you the resolved NetBIOS name cache for a computer or NetBIOS name-to-Ip address mappings for known remote computers.

what shows you the status of all connections and listening ports.

Your computer is sharing information with remote computer using the TCP/IP protocol. Suddenly, the connection stops working and appears to hang. Which command can you use to check the connection?
checks the status of a TCP connection

Which TCP/IP utility gives you the following output?
Interface: on Interface 0x3
Internet Address Physical Address Type 00-d1-b6-d7-c2-af dynamic
this output is displayed when you use the arp command to look at ARP cache

You manage a network that uses 1000BaseT Ethernet. You find that one device communicates on the network at only 100mbps. What device should you use to test the drop cable and the connection to the network?
is a multifunction tool that verifies or validates that a cable or an installation meets the requirements for a specific architecture implementation.

You have been asked to document the wiring in your building. You need to identify the length of the cables, but most cables run through walls and ceilings, making them difficult to trace. What tool do you use?
a special device that sends electrical pulses on a wire in order to discover information about the cable. It measures impedance discontinuities, or in other words the echo received on the same wire in response to a signal on the wire.:
Length of wire
cable impedance
location of splices and connectors on the wire
shorts and open circuits and location of the fault

What can a TDR Test
Wire length
Identify fault location

You have just been hired as a network administrator. a user has just changed offices and needs you to activate the network and telephone connections in his office. However, the wiring at the punch down block is labelled poorly and you are unable to tell which wires go to the user’s office
Use a tone generator to locate the correct wiring
This allows you to create a tone at on end of a wire and find the other and by testing alll connections at the location of the other end of the wire

You are troubleshooting a client connectivity problem on an Ethernet network. the client system has intermittent connectivity to the network. You discover that the UTP patch cable is run 75 feet from the wall outlet, passes though the ceiling and over several florescent light fixtures before reaching the client system.
What is the cause of the connectivity problem
Emi interference

You are creating an Ethernet network for your company. the shipping department is located in a different building that is located 150 meters from the main wiring closet. You connect a single Cat6e cable to connect the wiring closet to the shipping building
what conditions are you most likely to experience?
Loss of signal strength from one end of the cable to another. The longer the cable, the more attentuation

You have a network connected to a physical star topology. One of the drop cables connecting a workstation is removed. What best describes what happens to communications?
All devices except the device connected with the drop cable will be able to communicate

A network connected using a physical bus topology. One of the cables connecting a workstation to the bus breaks. what happens to communications?
no devices will be able to communicate

A network connected using a full physical mesh topology. the link between device A and device B is broken. What happens to communications?
Device A will be able to communicate will all other devices.

What best describes the condition where a signal sent on one wire is received on another wire within the same connector
near end crosstalk measured on the same end as the transmitter.

A user from the Sales department calls to report that he is experiencing problems connecting to the sales file server all users in the sales department connect to the sales server through a single ethernet switch. No other users have reported problems connecting to the sales server.
what troubleshooting actions are you most likely to perform first?
Replace the network card in the user’s computer

You are working with an existing fiber optic installation in your building. You want to know how long each length of cable is that runs through walls. Which tool do you use?
Optical Time domain reflector

You are troubleshooting a connectivity problem in which one client system is unable to connect to a server. Both the server and client system are connected to the same Ethernet network switch. No other users have complained of a problem, and you suspect that faulty network cabling might be to blame. What steps will you perform first?
Use a media tester to test the cable between the computer system and the network switch.

it is a hardware device that can be used to verify the correct operation of network cabling.

Upon conducting a visual inspection of the server room, you see that a switch displays LED collision lights that are continually lit. You check the LED on the corresponding workstation and see that it is flashing rapidly even though it is not sending or receiving network traffic at that time. What is the cause of the network collisions?
Faulty network card
Sometimes when a NIC fails, it doesn’t just stop working but begins to flood the network with transmissions called jabbering, a single network card can slow down and entire network by its continual transmissions onto the network.

You’re responsible for implementing network cabling in a new network installation. The cabling will be installed in a manufacturing environment where there is a great deal of electromagnetic interference. What cabling would operate best in this environment?
Shielded twist pair
fiber optic

You want to measure the voltage, amps, and ohms of various devices. what do you use?
is a device for testing various electrical properties.

You have just connected four new computer systems to an Ethernet switch using spare patch cables. 3 out of 4 of are working. You replace the nic, but still no connection. what could be the possible cause?
Failed patch cable

You are creating an ethernet network for your company. The shipping department is located in a different building that is located 150 meters from the main wiring closet. You connect a single cat 6e cable to connect the wiring closet to the shipping building. What should you include in your plan?
regenerates the signal and removes the unwanted effects caused by attenuation

You use Cat5e twisted pair cable on your network. cables are routed through walls and the ceiling. a user puts a screw in the wall to hang a picture and pierces the cable such that a signal sent on pin 1 arrives on the cable connected to pin 7. What term describes this condition?
Short circuit
is when electrical signals take a different path other than the intended path.

You have a cable internet connection at home. the installer had connected the router near the outsde wall of your house with RG-6cable
you move the cable router a distance of 50meters using RG-8 cables and special connector adapters. What condition are you most likely to experience?
An impedance mismatch (manifested by echo) occurs when you connect cables and devices that have a different impedance (resistance) rating. Impedance is mostly a factor in coaxial cables used for networking.

You are moving a client to a new location within an Ethernet network. Previous to the move, the client system did not have difficulty accessing the network. during the relocation, you attach a patch cable from the client system to the wall jack and from the patch panel to the switch. Once connected you do not get a link light on the network card or the switch. You swap out the cable running between the patch panel and the switch with a known working one but you can still not connect. what might you suspect as the problem?
Failed patch cable between the client system and the wall jack

You want to create a loopback plug using a single RJ-45 connector. How should you connect the wires in the connector?
pin 1 to 3 and 2 to 6

during a network infrastructure upgrade, you have replaced two 10 Mbps hubs with switches and upgraded from Category 3 UTP cable to CAT5e during the process, you accidentally cut the Cat 5e patch cable that stretches from the network printer to the upgraded switch. What is the impact
all network nodes, with the exception of the printer, will be available

Users report that the Internet is nolonger accessible. You suspect that the line connecting your building to the internet is not working properly. What allows the service provider to remotely test the local loop?
Smart Jack
is a special loopback plug installed at the demarc point for a WAN service. Technicians at the central office can send diagnostic commands to the smart plug to test connectivity between the central office and the demarc

The phone line to one office is not working. You have identified the location of the phone line in a 66 block in the wiring closet.
what tool do you use to connect to the phone line at the punchdown block to see if yuo can make and receive calls?
Butt set

You have decided to implement Gigabit ethernet on your network. Each switch port is connected to a single device.
Following the installation, you find a device connected to a switch that is only running a 100 mbps. What is the likely causes?

You work in an office that uses NetWare servers and Wind. nt 4 servers. The network uses both the TCp/Ip and IPX/SPX protocols. You are sitting at a workstation that uses Windows 95 OSR2. an application you are using is unable to contact a Windows NT server named FileSrvr2. What command can you use to determine whether your computer can still contact the server?

A user reports that she can’t connect to a server on your network. You check the problem and find out that all users are having the same problem. what should you do next?
determine what has changed.

Users report that the network is down. After some investigation, you determine that a specific router is configured such that a routing loop exists. What should you do next?
Determine if escalation is needed

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