Parker Pen Company Essay Example
Parker Pen Company Essay Example

Parker Pen Company Essay Example

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  • Published: August 10, 2017
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George Safford Parker founded Parker Pen Company in 1892 in Janesville. Wisconsin, It began with the production of his first fountain pen. Afterwards in 1894 Parker had its first major invention, “the lucky curve” which consisted on cut downing the leak caused in fountain pens. Parker’s first selling attack was to bring forth high quality pens and do them go position symbols. Parker pens were signer’s favourite giving the company the first or 2nd place globally.

The company obtained this successful place due to probes and development by invariably introducing for the production of new merchandises for case with the creative activity of Quink “quick drying ink. they produced the Parker 51 which became a best seller and was catalogued as “the most perfect pen of all time produced” . It gave the company $ 400 million within 30 old ages. By the terminal of 1980 the Parker pens were sold in over 150 states. In 1987 the company’s central office was moved to Newhaven. East Sussex. England. Then in 1993 Parker was aquired by Gillette Company. which already owned the PaperMate trade name. Then in 2000 Gillette sold the company to Newell Rubbermaid. and became the largest in the universe having composing merchandises with trade name names such as. Sharpie. Parker. PaperMate. Waterman and Liquid Paper. among others.

Peoples involved

  • George Parker the laminitis

James R. Peterson the president and CEO of Parker Pen:

Peterson has to cover with the compay’s jobs. for case alternatively of holding over 40 publication houses he hired 1 that could make the occupation of all. Jack Marks the caput of composing instruments pu



Richard Swart the selling frailty president:
Before come ining Pen Parker. he worked for 3M
Carlos Del Nero is Parker’s director of planetary selling planning.

Business involved Pen Parker Company Gillette Company

Newell Rubbermaid The U. K. subordinate Ogilvy & Mather:

Main job

Parker Pen Company faced some hard old ages where they were non obtaining as much grosss as expected. Therefore the company hired a new board of marketing managers seeking the execution of new schemes for the company. The new board. which consisted of extremely qualified people. began their run by standardising the merchandises in a centralised system. This centralised system consists of get rid ofing plurality in the decision-making. The new system they adopted which was a universe broad scheme caused the company more than $ 20 million in Looss. Sellers didn’t investigate hence gave the company a negative image in the market.


Due to the fact that the company was holding some issues that was forestalling the company to lift up. in 1985 the CEO was fired. traveling the company’s new system to a decentralized. The company is now able to accommodate to alterations. it is able to accommodate to the legion cultural barriers bing around the universe. making different selling programs for each state ; with this. Parker regain their image in order to be able to place themselves in the market.


The globalisation procedure in the Parker pen company was a failure until major structural alterations were implemented by James R. Peterson. Before this alteration the company had misdirected its attempts to globalise its operations. many cardinal

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manoeuvres were ignored and this led to a stopping point to bankruptcy position which was ne'er in the company’s programs. Basic regulations of globalisation for any company province that an extended research of the possible market has to be done. and really exhaustively look intoing the market conditions in non adequate political legal societal and cultural facet have to be at the top of the list to guarantee that the schemes will b effectual and that consumers will react positively to the schemes implemented. This was one of the things that Parker pens failed to make. they merely relied on a weak currency that allowed foreign markets to buy American-made merchandises. this would merely last until the U. S. dollar lost its acquisitive value.

Another ground why their globalisation procedure failed was because they broke another cardinal regulation. they didn’t centralise their operation and gave originative and operational liberty to all of their subdivisions. This caused a great loss of corporate individuality and became a large job at the most critical clip since a different solution was to be presented for each one of the subordinates.

The job that Parker write had in its globalisation procedure was spawned form misreckonings or deficiency of vision in really cardinal countries. The first thing which globalisation boosters at the Parker Company underestimated was the strength and impact of the altering market. They ne'er considered that economic and political conditions would change in such a manner that their abroad operations would fall in in such a manner. They relied on a really strong dollar which made it easy for foreign costumiers to buy their merchandises. doing this their most of import income beginning. By overlooking this of import event they drove themselves into an awkward place where they had low gross revenues internally and over independent subordinates with a big stock and no market portion at all.

The other factor that they failed to see earnestly before prosecuting in such a hazardous entrepreneurship was the fact that they were populating in a clip when Chinese monolithic production was get downing to deluge the markets with cheaper and more convenient merchandises. at a point where people demanded cheaper merchandise due to a volatile economic system and political state of affairs. Their merchandise line deepness and breadth were really impressive with over 400 different merchandise. they had a solid portfolio but nil to vie straight with the mass produced pens coming from China. They relied on their traditional merchandises and their traditional distribution channels. in which they were losing their full market portion every bit good.

The Parker pen company is one on 1000s of illustrations that can be quoted as being merged with a bigger company this is an built-in status of globalisation as an economic phenomenon. Like everything else that is involved in globalisation. this specific instance of being acquired by a bigger company has its upside and its downside. For a company like Parker that had a well big operation worldwide the negative things are lesser of import than the positive things. The chief negative factors that this could hold are for illustration a possible loss of

the company?s cognize how. By holding to suit to another company’s regulations and methods. Parker could hold lost its ain cognition of the concern. this is a really valuable trade good in the universe today and it’s difficult to keep it when a company has to go an active portion of another

Uniting Parker pens to Gillette and Rubbermaid could besides trip a unsafe state of affairs amongst the employees. altering metropoliss and directors has a really big impact of the lesson of the employees since they begin to lose their company individuality which is another valuable trade good that companies can non afford to lose since it is one of the chief inducements that the workers have. Identity inside the company is merely every bit of import as individuality outside it. if a amalgamation like this means that there will be alterations implemented in the companys image it could trip a loss of costumiers or even a major displacement in the topographic point that the company has in footings of “top of mind” .

The benefits that this state of affairs could convey upon a company are several and of great importance. In the instance of Parker pens a company with a really of import degree of acknowledgment worldwide. fall ining a larger endeavor would connote broadening its market portion globally by holding better bigger and more distribution channels. leting them to make new costumiers which is a really hard thing to make in the universe today. A large name behind a trade name means more resources this in bend means more research for merchandise development. more advertisement more promotional schemes better market research with a finer grade of cleavage and every other activity that would assist a company to better its ego. Another really of import thing is the support that Parker pens would hold by being portion of the Rubbermaid retention. this makes it easier to introduce and take hazards. it besides transmits a sense of safety to the costumier. they know that being portion of the worlds leader in composing instruments does non come easy. so trustful Parker pens is something they can and should make.