Palmer Raids

Alexander Mitchel Palmer lived from1872-1936
Early life was consideredFailry liberal
Palmer supported ________ and _________Womens suffrage, workers union

The Red Scare is theFirst of 2
The second Red scare is known as _________McCarthyism
The Communist Revolution took place in1917
Americas first reaction was largely _________positive
The oppressed and miserable people of Russia hadFreed themselves from dictatorship
We soon became fearful becauseRussians were discussing worldwide revolution.
Most Americans did not want _________ in the U.S.communism
By _______ there was a small communist party in the U.S.1919
A. Mitchell Palmer was wilsons ________ during ________.Attorney General, Circa 1919
The Red Scare pushed Palmer toadopt a very harsh line against Reds/ Anarchists
The Case against the reds took place in ________1920
Palmer put J.Edgar Hooverin charge of the ________ branch of the justice Dept.Anti-Radical
what did the anti-radical dept. evolve to?FBI
Hoover coined the Phrase ___________Red Menace
The Espionage act passed in_______ and _____________1917, jailed those who spoke against war
The Sedition Act passed in ______ and ___________1918, restricted negative speech about our government, even harsher than espionage act
These new laws made palmers actions _________legal
From _____ to ______, _______, Roughly _____ dozen bombs were mailed or panted in the U.S.April, June, 1919, 3
Some People believed Palmer did what he did because he __________wanted to run for president.
On _______________ the bombers hit palmers home.June 2, 1919
Palmer went after _______,_________,_________ and _________anarchists, reds,socialists, anyone who spoke of supporting them
Palmers organization conducted raids in _______ U.S. cities30
Property was often ______ and _____. Often, they didnt even have _________.smashed, destroyed, warrants
5000 mostly innocent people were ______ and denied access to a __________imprisoned, lawyer
Emma Goldman (a feminist) and 248 others wereDeported to Buford
Define anarchistPeople who opposed any and all forms of government
Today anarchists are still consideredunrealistic wackos
Emma Goldman lived from ____-____1869-1940
J. Edgar Hoover reffered to goldman asone of the most dangerous women in America
Emma Golden wasImprisoned for 2 years for fighting conscription, then exiled to soviet union
Gladstone saidJustice Delayed is Justice denied
Emma golden was rejected by the __________Soviet Union
Circa 191970,000 members. Less than 1/10 of 1% of the country
circa 193790,0000
Circa 19961000- 3000
CPUSA claims 20,000-30,000
Anarchy in modern times is________. There are a few ______dying out, Magazines and small groups
The _________ still exists without the funding of the USSRCPUSA