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Who was most significant person in laying the foundation for classical prophecy?
Moses, Samuel and Elijah
When did Samuel begin his prophetic-priestly ministry in Israel?
1100 BC
Which prophet’s work involved tending flocks and taking care of sycamore trees before God called him to a prophetic ministry?
What is a prophet’s primary responsibility as \”forthteller\”?
God revealed to them the future – they spoke judgment and restoration, of bad news and good news. They did so to motivate God’s people to faithful living in the present.
How many times is the phrase \”thus says the Lord\” repeated in the prophets?
350 times in the prophetic books.
Who were the compilers of the omen texts?
What is one of four major differences between the words of the Hebrew prophets and other ancient Near Eastern \”prophet-like\” literature?
A proper relationship with God should result in just and ethical treatment of other people
Which prophet is considered a nonliterary prophet?
The prophets of the OT that did not commit their words to writing – Elisha
Who used prophecy to aid Josiah in his religious reforms
A women named Huldah
Who was the prophet who prophesied that God would tear the kingdom from Solomon?
What relationship did Baruch have to Jeremiah
Baruch was Jeremiah’s Scribe
To which prophetic theme does the emphasis on God’s judgment on unbelievers, the cleansing and purging of God’s people, and the salvation of God’s people speak?
Eschatalogical theme
What time period are the prophetic books of the Old Testament written about
800 – 450 BC
Which major power least affected the history of Israel and Judah?
Who served as prophet during the Babylonian domination?
Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Obadiah, Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah.
Who was Isaiah’s father
Which name means \”a remnant shall return\”?
What are the main themes of the Book of Isaiah?
Remnant, The sovereignty of God, Servant, Holy One of Israel, Messiah.
Which phrase is used twenty-five times by Isaiah?
\”Holy One of Israel\”
What is a woe oracle?
a judgment speech that typically begins with the word \”woe\”.
How many segments of Judah’s population did Isaiah pronounce woe oracles against
6 woe oracles against various segments of Judah’s population.
To which tribe did Isaiah prophesy that spiritual light would come first?
Northern Tribal Territories of Zebulun and Naphtali.
What do Isaiah’s oracles against the other nations of the ancient Near East most clearly demonstrate?
that God is Lord of all nations and peoples
that God is Lord of all nations and peoples
Egypt, Assyria, Israel.
Whom did Isaiah identify as a quality leader?
What did Isaiah 24 predict about the earth?
The Earth’s destruction
Whom did Isaiah denounce for their pride and arrogance
Whom did Isaiah condemn for making foreign alliances?
Judah (for the attempt at these alliances).
How did God help Hezekiah to defeat Sennacherib?
He sent an angel to decimate the Assyrian army.
What was the most foolish thing Hezekiah did to the Babylonian delegates
The fact that he showed the Babylonians everything. He gave the delegation a thorough tour and showed them all his splendor and treasures.
What does Deutero-Isaiah mean?
second Isaiah\”
What is the unifying focus of the servant passage in Isaiah 40-66?
The servant is God’s instrument, fully yielded to his purpose.
Where should the righteous look to see their salvation?
The past, future, and present
Whom did say Isaiah 56:1-8 would join God’s family?
Foreigners and Eunuchs – believers of all nations and types would become one family in Jesus Christ.
What does Isaiah use to represent the relationship of God and Israel in Isaiah 62
Marriage – between the Lord God and Zion, his bride.
Where did Jeremiah live?
Anathoth, three miles northeast of Jerusalem.
Which king tried to kill Jeremiah after hearing Jeremiah’s prophecies read to him
King Jehoiakim.
At what age in Jeremiah’s day did priests begin their service?
At age thirty.
Who became king of Babylon about the same time that Jeremiah was called by God
Nabopolassar 626 B.C.
Who served as Jeremiah’s scribe?
Baruch, son of Neriah
What was God symbolizing when He confirmed Jeremiah’s call by touching his mouth
Symbolically placing the divine word there.
To what did Jeremiah 3:6-4:4 compare Israel and Judah?
They were like two sisters.
What convinced the nation of Judah that God would never judge them?
Their stubborn hearts.
What city did Jeremiah use as an illustration to warn that Jerusalem would be destroyed?
What was the symbolic act that God gave Jeremiah to indicate that Judah had exposed their lives to pagan influences and had become spiritually worthless
He instructed Jeremiah to purchase a linen waistband and hide it in some rocks by the river. When the prophet was instructed to retrieve the waistband, he found the waistband was ruined from the exposure to nature’s elements. This was like the people who the Lord stayed close to, but they strayed and followed other gods and this made them spiritually worthless
Who was basically responsible for filling Judah with idolatry?
King Manasseh (Hezekiah’s son)
Where did God send Jeremiah to preach in Jeremiah 18:7-19:15?
To the potter’s house.
What object lesson did Jeremiah use to symbolize the final and irreversible destruction of Jerusalem?
He smashed the jar, thus symbolizing Jerusalem’s seemingly irreversible destruction.
Who was so angry at Jeremiah for his words of judgment that after he had him beaten he locked him in public stocks for the next day?
Pashhur the priest
For whom did Jeremiah tell the people to mourn?
Shallum (Jehoahzaz), King Josiah’s son.
How long did King Jehoahaz reign?
Only three months .
When did Nebuchadnezzar become king of Babylon?
605 BC
Who seized Jeremiah’s yoke from his shoulders and broke it
On what did Jeremiah say the new covenant would be written?
That the new covenant, God would place his law in his people’s hearts to a level he had not done in earlier times.
Who did Jeremiah use as an object lesson to emphasize that the people needed to obey their heavenly father?
The Rechabites
What did Jehoiakim do to the scroll which contained the words of God?
Cutting the scroll into pieces and casting then into the fire.
What did Nebuchadnezzar do to Zedekiah?
Blinded him and took him in chains to Babylon, the last thing he saw was the death of his sons.
Who was the overseer of the destruction of Jerusalem?
Nebuzaradan, Captain of the guard.
Which nation did Jeremiah compare to Sodom and Gomorrah?
Edom (Babylon)
Who read the prophet’s words to Babylon?
Seriah, a Judean official.
What symbolizes the ultimate end of Babylon?
Throwing the scroll into the Euphrates saying it would sink and not rise again.
When did Babylon’s world domination end?
539 BC
What is the most likely date for the Book of Lamentations?
Shortly after 586 BC
What did the author of the Book of Lamentations ask God for Judah’s enemies
To receive the penalty for their sins too.
What is the meaning of the name \”Ezekiel\”?
\”God has strengthened\”
Who were the primary focus of Ezekiel’s ministry: the Jews in __________?
When was Ezekiel taken into exile?
597 BC as part of Jehoiachin’s deportation
What did Ezekiel see in his first vision?
Four creatures and four wheels
What did God tell Ezekiel to eat when he commissioned him?
A scroll
What did Ezekiel identify as silent witnesses to what happened to Israel?
The mountains
How many elders did Ezekiel find practicing idolatry on the temple grounds?
70 elders
Who was the Mesopotamian god of agriculture?
What symbolic act did Ezekiel perform to illustrate that the people of Judah were also heading for exile?
He packed his bags and began to dig by the city wall
Which one of Ezekiel’s analogies of God’s people included fire
The analogy of the vine charred by fire.
What did Ezekiel compare Pharaoh to?
a raging sea monster in the bonds of captivity
To what or who did Ezekiel compare Israel’s leaders in Ezekiel 34?
to shepherds who tended their flock (the people)
What were Gog and Magog?
An ultimate foe of God’s people (Israel)
What was the length of one side of the temple area?
1,500 yards on one side (500 Reeds)
What chapter in Revelation closely parallels Ezekiel 47:1-12?
Revelation 22.
How many gates did Jerusalem have?
12 gates – one for each tribe
What did Ezekiel say the name of the city would be (48:35)?
\”The Lord is there\”
What position do those who believe in the millennium take when interpreting Ezekiel 40-48
That we should take his words literally as possible, but understand them to describe God’s future kingdom – His words describe the future kingdom.
What is the theme of Daniel 1-6?
Daniel and his three friends successfully bear witness to their faith before a hostile world.
Whom did Nebuchadnezzar order to worship the golden idol?
The entire Babylonian Empire.
How tall was Nebuchadnezzar’s golden idol?
Which chapters in the Book of Daniel are in the form of a chiasm?
1-6 combined with 7.
How is God portrayed in Daniel 7?
\”The Ancient of Days\” \”The son of Man\”
How was Daniel different from other prophets?
Rather than preaching sermons against Israel’s immediate neighbors, Daniel sees visions of future empires that oppose God and oppress his people everywhere and he portrayed God as God over the whole world and not just Jerusalem and Israel
What is one of the themes of the Book of Daniel?
1.The Sovereignty of God 2. the self-destructive pride of humankind 3. the ultimate victory of God’s kingdom.
What language are portions of the Book of Daniel written in (Not Hebrew)?
What is the most common nonevangelical position on the composition of the four kingdoms of Daniel 2-7?
They typically assumed Daniel contained many historical errors and denied the possibility of predictive prophecy. It identified the four earthly kingdoms as Babylonia, Media, Persia, and Greece – the Jewish state set up during the Maccabees
How many books of the Old Testament are considered to be minor prophets
The last 12 books of the OT.
Who was Gomer’s husband?
What did the wife of Hosea do?
Gomer was unfaithful and committed adultery against him.
Who was the king of Israel when Hosea began his ministry?
Jeroboam II
What is the most likely date for the Book of Hosea?
Late in Jeroboams reign, most date it just before 721 BC.
What did Hosea compare Israel to?
Hosea declared that in a spiritual sense, God and Israel were husband and wife. Israel had forsaken her marriage bond with the Lord, joining herself to Baal and other lovers – The unfaithful wife of God.
Whom did God use as an example of his effort to teach the Israelites from their own history?
Which New Testament passages use Hosea to make the point that God’s people would include both Jews and Gentile?
Romans 9:25-26.
What kind of a plague did Joel describe as \”the day of the Lord\”?
Locust Plague.
What does the name Joel mean?
\”The Lord is God\”
What was one way Amos earned a living?
He working among sheepherders and tending sycamore trees.
How many nations did Amos speak out against?
Eight nations.
What people did Amos say had higher moral standards than Israel
The Egyptians and Philistines.
112. What was Amos’s vision that showed the high standard that God had for Israel
God showed Amos a plumb line. A plumb line tested a wall’s straightness. Here it is symbolizing God’s righteous standard. As God tested Israel, he found her crooked. He would have to tear her down.
Which prophet can best be described as a zealot for true covenant living?
Which nation did Obadiah focus his message on?
Where did Jonah set out for when God told him to go to Nineveh?
West to Tarshish
Which city did Micah prophesy would be the birthplace of the Messiah?
Who was Nahum’s prophecy directed at?
Assyria (Nineveh)
Which city did Nahum prophesy its sure destruction?
Which prophet struggled with God?
Who was king of Judah during Zephaniah’s ministry?
Whom did Babylon fall to in 539 B.C.?
Cyrus the Persian
How many Jews returned to rebuild the temple at about 539 B.C.?
Almost 50 thousand returned.
What did Haggai give in his first message?
He challenged the people with a question. \”Is it time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this house remains a ruin?\” – A call to action to rebuild the temple.
Who was Zerubbabel a descendant of?
King David
How many night visions did Zechariah have?
Eight night visions
How did Zechariah characterize the bad leaders of God’s people: worthless _______?
Worthless shepherds who cared who cared little for their sheep.
What does Malachi’s name mean?
\”my messenger\”
Which date for the ministry of Malachi is most probable?
Around 470-460 BC – Just before Ezra’s arrival.
What was the main reason that Israel and Judah began to practice idolatry?
Why did Malachi accuse the people of stealing from God?
Because they were not tithing (giving 10% of their income to the Lord)
What is the basic meaning of the term \”prophet\”?
Who is the primary model of what a prophet was and what he was to do
Moses; Deuteronomy 18:18-22; tell the Israelites everything God command him, what he says will take place if it is from God.
What distinguished a prophet from the priest or wise person?
Office by divine call
What the general literary nature of the prophetic books?
Collection of messages preached over (usually) years of ministry; poetry
Which fraction is closest to the amount of poetry found in the prophetic books?
What has been the most noticeable literary feature of Hebrew poetry?
Hebrew poetical parallelism.
What is the theme of Isaiah which caused it to be quoted so frequently in the NT?
Comfort; Messiah – Messianic (411 quotations)
What are the arguments that critics use to suggest that Isaiah was actually written by two or more authors?
Perceived difference between 1-39 and 40-66; historical setting seems different (Assyrian period 1-39; Babylonian period 40-66), theology of God seems to change emphasis (God as judge 1-39; God as savior 40-66), linguistic/stylistic variations can be noted; Isaiah 1-39, 40-55 (Deutero-), 56-66 (Trito-)
What is Isaiah’s fairly frequent and distinctive phrase for God?
Holy One of Israel
In which century B.C. did Isaiah primarily live?
740-680 BC (8th Century)
Which division of Isaiah is the outline used in class
1-35 Judgment theme; 36-39 A historical bridge from the Assyrian Empire to the Babylonian empire; 40-66 Messages of comfort
To what did God compare the people of Jerusalem and Judah in Isaiah 5?
What name for the Messiah comes from Isaiah’s prophecies
What is the theme of Isaiah 40-66
Messages of Comfort
What nations fought with each other over control of the ANE at the ford of the Euphrates River at Carchemesh in 605 B.C.?
Egypt and Babylon?
In what century did Jeremiah primarily live?
Late 7th century BC
What were the seven major teachings as to the character of Jeremiah
He was honest in dialogue with God, He stood up against false prophets, He spoke up against false religion, He loved the people of God, He had friends who helped him, He was a ‘type’ of Jesus, He foresaw the New Covenant
What Pentateuchal book do many OT scholars suggest had a great impact upon the theology of Jeremiah?
Deuteronomic (spelling lol) tone
In which chapter is Jeremiah’s \”new covenant\” passage to be found
What is Lamentations concerned with?
Death of a city; despair despair hope despair despair – The fall of Jerusalem.
What literary structure is used extensively in Lamentations?
First four chapters are alphabetic acrostic poems
Which chapter in Lamentations says, \”the steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, his mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning\”?
What was Ezekiel’s personal background?
Priestly Family: 597 taken as exile to Babylon, 593 began a ministry of warning/judgment, 583 began ministry of hope after Jerusalem’s fall, 571 last dated prophecy
What motif or theme in chapter 16 does Ezekiel use to communicate the relationship between God and Israel?
Historical allegory – Israel has turned away from God just like the orphan girl turned ‘prodigal bride’
What three analogies/metaphors did Ezekiel use in Ezekiel 15-17?
Vine, adulterous wife, two eagles and a vine
In Ezekiel 24 what does the death of Ezekiel’s wife represent to the Babylonian exiles?
The fall of Jerusalem – the destruction of the temple
What was the meaning of the \”dry bones\” prophecy in Ezekiel 37
National Resurrection
What is the traditional date for the life and writing of Daniel?
6th century BC prophet
How is the book of Daniel divided up in terms of language
1:1-2:3 Hebrew; 2:4-7:28 Aramaic; 8-12 Hebrew
Match the metals in Daniel 2 with the traditional pre-millennial interpretation of each one.
Gold = Babylon; Silver = Medo-Persia; Bronze = Greece; Iron = Rome; Stone = God’s Kingdom (Christ)
Who is the king in Daniel 11 who becomes a type of the antichrist of Revelation?
Antiochus Epiphane
What type of crisis confronted the people of Judah in the book of Joel?
Plague of Locusts.
What is the name for the opening prophecy of Amos 1-2?
The Roar of the Lion
What carpenter’s tool did Amos use to show how God judged His people
Plumb line
What bird did God use to describe the type of fortresses in Edom
Verse 4 – Eagle
Where did Jonah originally intend to travel by ship
What type of literary technique did Micah use in predicting the destruction of Judah’s towns (Micah 1)?
What is the literary form that Habakkuk 1-2 take
Two chapter-dialogue between Habakkuk and God?
Which NT writer in the book of Romans developed Habakkuk’s phrase, \”the just shall live by their faith\”?
The Apostle Paul in Romans
What is the theme of Habakkuk’s last chapter
A long-suffering kind of patience faith in God despite circumstance.
what was the main theme of Zephaniah’s words of warning?
Judgment of sin BUT THEN purification of sin.
Who is a type of Christ in the fourth message of Haggai?
What is the style/tone of the book of Zechariah that is similar to parts of Ezekiel and Daniel?
Apocalyptic literature
What literary technique did Malachi use in his writings to expose the errant thinking of the people of post-exilic Judah?
Who was told to marry a morally wayward wife?
Who predicted the fall of Nineveh in military terms
Who sat down outside Nineveh hoping for its destruction
Who was beaten and put in public stocks for his preaching
Who wrote the shortest book in the OT
The shortest book is Obadiah and Obadiah wrote it.
\”I will pour out my Spirit on all people…sons…daughters…old men…and young men?\”
Joel 2:28
\”For three sins of Israel, even for four, I will not turn back my wrath\”
\”But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel\”
Micah 4
\”And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God
Isaiah 9:6
\”Though the fig tree does not bud…yet I will rejoice in the Lord
Contains four short messages which met with success:
: Haggai
It includes a reference to Esau and Jacob:
People were accused of robbing God in tithes and offerings
There is a golden lamp stand with seven lamps on it
Zecheriah 4
Know whether each prophetic book is set in pre-exilic Judah, pre-exilic Israel, exilic Babylon, Assyria, Edom, or post-exilic Judah
Isaiah-pre exilic, Hosea-pre exilic Assyria, Ezekiel- exilic, Daniel- exilic Babylon, Haggai- post exilic, Zechariah- post exilic, Malachi- post exilic Persia
What was Hosea’s Theology?
Idea of God as husband – major literary tool that God used to teach Hosea the love of God and his holiness (through Gomer) God’s faithful love in demonstrated by the prophets treatment of his own wife Gomer
Lessons of Joel?
Human repentance is key to seeking God’s favor and only God’s intervention can produce a brighter future
Amos was written in the same time frame as what other prophet?
Examples of Israel’s Social Injustices
The rich abusing poor the powerful over the weak, idolatry, social and personal immorality. Economic, Legal, Personal.
Theology of Amos?
Social justice is a mark of true biblical piety and true religion has both a liturgical (public worship) and a personal side
Edom came from the descendants of who
What country is found more often than any other nation in prophetic OAN texts
What is the lesson of Jonah?
God cares about all the peoples of the world not just His own
Micah was a contemporary of which major prophet?
Who still remembered Micah a century later
Jeremiah (according to Jeremiah 26)
What is the lesson of Nahum
Little Israel has a big God who is the God of Israel is the God of all nations.
What Old Testament book does the prayer of Habakkuk chapter 3 resemble?
The psalm of Habakkuk (see v 1, 19, three selahs) (Psalms)
What is the lesson of Habakkuk?
There will always be tension between doubt (why God?) and faith in the life of the believer.
Zephaniah was a descendant of whom?
King Hezekiah
What is the lesson of Zephaniah?
Despite human failures, God’s covenantal love will prevail.
Which is easier to transmit: sin or holiness
Sin- but God would begin to reverse its curse and send blessings.
From what family did Zerubbabel come?
From the Davidic line – He was a symbol of the messianic hope.
Zechariah was a contemporary of which minor prophet?
How many references from Zechariah are found in the New Testament
71 times
Malachi was a prophet around the time of whom?
450-400 Approx.

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