OD test ch.12-17

Interventions aimed at structural design include
all of the above
Process structures eliminate ______________ and _____________:
hierarchical/departmental boundaries
Three traditional organization structures are
functional, divisional and matrix
Two organization structures that are more integrative and flexible are
network-based and process-based
Reengineering begins with and of an organization’s context and objectives:
Which requirements are necessary for the success of a matrix structure?
shared scarce resources, dual focus, and high information processing capacity
Which is not a characteristic of a process-based structure?
management defines performance metric standards
Which of the following is not one of the four basic network-based structures?
strategic market network
The customer centric organization enables an organization to .
respond quickly to changing customer preferences
Customer centric organizations work best under which of the following conditions?
uncertain and complex markets
Which of the following is a key step in the downsizing intervention?
addressing the needs of survivors and those who leave
Which is not a characteristic of reengineering?
vertical disaggregation of structure
Network structures typically have the following characteristics
all of the above
Diagnostic guidelines are extremely important for determining the appropriate structure for a particular organization.
Process-based structures remove layers of management, and consequently information flows more quickly and accurately throughout the organization.
Process-based structures are essential for eliminating many of the hierarchical and departmental boundaries that can impede task coordination.
When sub-units operate as independent profit centers, an internal market network exists.
It is possible to have the self-contained unit and matrix organization structure in the same organization at the same time.
A working definition of EI encompasses which of the following criteria?
all of the above
The power dimension of EI refers to
the authority employees have over decisions that affect them
Some ways that EI may improve productivity are
all of the above
Employee involvement affects productivity indirectly by influencing .
employee satisfaction
Which of the following is not a design element characteristic of High Involvement organizations?
tall complex organizational structure
Parallel structures are also called .
all of the above
Parallel structures are most similar to what other EI approach?
union-management cooperative projects
A distinguishing feature of the total quality management approach is
attention to rewards
The key factors driving interest in Employee Involvement were competitive demands for lower costs, higher performance, and greater flexibility in organizations.
Employee involvement generally refers to the amount of power, rewards, information, and knowledge and skills associated with employee’s work.
Tying rewards to accomplishments is the final stage of TQM implementation.
Statistical process control techniques are usually an integral part of training in total quality management.
Traditional jobs that show little need for worker cooperation are characterized as
having a low degree of technical interdependence
Which of the following best describes work designs that incorporate sociotechnical systems?
self-managed teams
Which quality (ies) are common for people with high growth needs?
desire complex jobs/challenging tasks
When implementing job enrichment, vertical loading increases
Which is not a characteristic of traditional jobs?
relatively high amount of employee interaction
When technical interdependence is low and uncertainty is high, and where people have low social needs yet high growth needs, which work design would you recommend?
enriched jobs
Which statement is not characteristic of self-managed work groups?
team members are paid on the basis of their degree of effort and individual accomplishment
Self-managed work group supervisors may feel
all of the above
The engineering approach produces and :
traditional jobs/efficient performance
Which is not a core dimension of jobs?
work participation
Which of the following place constraints on job enrichment interventions?
all of the above
Which statement is “true” of the sociotechnical approach to work design?
it is generally associated with self-managed work groups
Which is not a principle of sociotechnical systems design?
The degree of autonomy affects the employee performance and satisfaction.
“Vertical loading” of a job results in combined tasks and increased autonomy.
Counselor, or facilitator, would be a more appropriate title than self-managed work group leader.
Which of the following is not part of the performance management model?
organization structure
The goal setting process involves
all of the above
Management by objectives is characterized by systematic and periodic .
joint meetings of management and subordinates to plan work, review progress and solve problems
Performance appraisal is an important link between and .
feedback systems and reward systems
Which of the following is not a design criterion for performance appraisal?
must be available to top performing employees
Which of the following criteria suggests that rewards should be allocated based on the level of goal achievement?
performance contingency
Reward system process issues are concerned with
all of the above
Which is not a design element of developing a gain-sharing plan?
vacation pay
Goal setting interventions involve managers and employees in jointly setting subordinate’s goals, monitoring them, and providing counseling and support where necessary.
Reward inequities can be a major source of job dissatisfaction.
Coaching focuses on which of the following?
using behavioral science to help individuals
For coaching and mentoring to be considered an OD intervention it must
teach group members new skills that improve their effectiveness
Which of the following is true of coaching and mentoring interventions?
all of the above
Implementing a career planning program does not include
developing job descriptions
During which career stage do people focus on mentoring others?
Which of the following skills are built through management and leadership development programs?
employee recruitment
All of the following are career development processes except .
management by objective
Job workshops, self-development materials, and counseling are basic methods used to aid individual
career planning
Which of the following is not a distinct career stage?
the growth stage
Which of the following is not part of a management and leadership development program?
develop an organization’s strategic plan
Which of the following criteria are important when assessing the outcome of management and leadership development interventions?
all of the above
Many organizations have discovered that organizational growth and effectiveness require career development programs.
Integrating “career planning” with human resource planning can help merge employees’ needs with those of the organization.
Coaching is a skill that any manager can develop.
Which of the following is not a trend indicative of increasing workforce diversity?
negative attitudes toward authority
Role clarification methods follow a strategy that includes
giving the role holder an opportunity to discuss his/her job duties and responsibilities
Which OD intervention is aimed at helping dual-career households?
work-life balance
Which of the following OD interventions can be best adapted to address employees with disabilities?
all of the above
Cultural diversity in the workplace affects which organizational areas?
all of the above
The “age” trend suggests that
competition for younger workers will be intense
Which is/are true of stress?
all of the above
Stress management is concerned with
preventing negative stress outcomes
Employee stress and wellness interventions acknowledge the connection between
worker health and organization productivity
Possible organizational sources of stress for employees include .
physical environment

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