Nursing Phenomena

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federation of national nurses associations, which currently has more than 120 country members
International Council of Nurses
complex and dynamic conceptual building blocks are the basis of our nusing language
nursing phenomena
area of attention as described by the social mandates and professional and conceptual frameworks of professional nursing practice
focus on nursing practice
clinical opinion, estimate, or determination by professional nursing practice regarding the state of a nursing phenomena, including the relative quality of the intensity or degree of the manifestation of the nursing phenomena
number of occurrences or repetitions of a nursing phenomena during a time interval
the length of a time interval during which a nursing phenomena occurs
anatomical position or location of a nursing phenomena
body site
anatomical region in relation to a median point or the extent fo the anatomical area of a nursing phenomena
probability of occurrence of a nursing phenomena
diffusion of a nursing phenomena among persons who can be said to have the phenomena
subject that diagnosis refers to and intervention is delivered to
systematic arrangement of similar groups
method of classifying a vocabulary of terms for a specific topic according to specific laws
repertoire of words from which to name or describe phenomena within a language or knowledge base
nursing diagnosis taxonomies
NANDA international
nursing interventions classification
nursing outcomes classification
a comprehensive, standardized language describing treatments that nurses perform in all setting and in all specialities
allow for measurement of the patient, family, or communitiy outcome at any point of a continuum from most negative to most positive and at differnt points in tim
a clinical judgement about an individual, family or community responses to actual and potential health problems/life processes
provides the basis for selection of nursing interventions to achieve outcomes for which the nursing is accountable
nursing diagnosis NANDA
describes health conditions that exist and supported by defining characteristics
actual diagnosis
those which describe disease or other conditions that may develop and are supported by risk factors
risk diagnosis
describe levels of wellness and potential for enhancement to a higher level of functioning
wellness dianosis
components of a nursing diagnosis
name and definition; related risk factors which describe conditions; defining characteristics which are observable signs and symptoms

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