Night Chapter 5 Study Guide Questions

What takes place on the last day of the Jewish year?
Many prisoners arrived to will into submission.

What is one reason Elie gives for being angry with God?
Why would he allow people’s minds to become wounded and leave their bodies ailing.

Why does Elie refuse to fast on Yom Kippur?
His father had refused it and he no longer accepted God’s silence.

Explain selection.
The Germans tested the Jews to see who was still able to work or, if the prisoners are incapable of doing work, who should be relocated to the gas chambers.

What is the inheritance given to Elie by his father?
A knife and a spoon.

Why does Elie need an operation in his foot?
The sole of his foot was full of pus.

What are the evacuations called?
Death marches

Give an example of situational irony on page 78 regarding Elie and his father’s decision to remain in the hospital or evacuate.
Elie and his father thought that if they were to evacuate with the others, it would potentially lead to freedom. Although, when they evacuated they were imprisoned for another three months. If they had decided to stay, they would have been liberated by the Red Army.