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which of the following protocols is used by voip to set up maintain and terminate a phone call
consider the 850 nm multimode fiber optic cable shown below how much loss can you expect between the transmitter and receiver
the immediate preservation of evidence is paramount when conducting a forensic analysis which of the following actions is most likely to destroy critical evidence
Rebooting the system
which of the following best describes the condition where a signal sent on one wire is received on another wire within the same connector
on which layer of the osi does the hub operate
1 or physical
how many total channels are available for 802.11a wireless networks
you want to use cctv as a preventative security measure which of the following is a requirement for your plan
Security guards.
Examin the following output
Active connections
Proto Local address foreign address state
tcp server1:1036 localhost:4832 Time_wait

which of the following utilites produced this output

something you know
something you have
something you know
retina scan
something you are?

fingerprint scan
something you are

hardware token
something you have

user name
Something you know

voice recognition
something you are

wifi triangulation
Somewhere you are

typing behaviors
Something you do

Arrange the computer components listed on the left in order of decreasing volatility on the right
Cpu registers
system ram
paging file
hard disk
file system backup
which component of a change and config management policy identifies technical and budgetary considerations associated with a proposed change and also identifies any potential impacts to the network
you want to use cctv as a preventative security measure which of the following is a requirement for you plan
Security guards
you are troubleshooting a wireless connectivity issue in a small office you determine that 2.4Ghz cordless phones used in the office are interfering with the wireless network transmissions
if the cordless phones are causing the interference which of the following wireless standards could the network be using
you are a wireless network administrator for your organization as the size of the organization has grown you’ve decided to upgrade your wireless network to use 802.1x authentication instead of preshared keys
he system is vulnerable because LEAP is susceptible to dictionary attacks
to do this you need to configure a radius server and radius clients you want the server and the client to mutually authenticate with each other
Configure the RADIUS server with a server certificate


Configure all wireless access points with client certificates.

in a virtualization what is the role of the hypervisor
A hypervisor allows virtual machines to interact with the hardware without going through the host operating system.
when a wired or wireless host tries to connect to the network a nac agent on the host checks it to make sure it has all of the latest OS updates installed and that the latest antivirus definitions have been appliedto
Posture assesment
which of the following are tools used to check the health of your network?

which of these is typically used for managing and sending messages from one computer to another

which of the following are improvement to snmp that are included within snmp version 3
Authentication for agents and managers, Encryption of SNMP messages
you have a network that occupies all three floors of a building the wan service into the building in a wiring closet on the main floor

you have a second wiring closet on the main floor, you need to connect the two wiring closets which of the following are typically used a network utilizes a network access control solution to protect against malware

connect the two wiring closets

A 25 pair
C Horizontal cross connect
which of the following physical topologies are used with Ethernet networks
you have a web server on your network that hosts the public website for your company you want to make sure that the website will continue to be available even if a nic harddrive or other problem prevents the server from responding
Load balancing.
you are in the habit of regularly monitoring performance statistics for your devices you find that this month a specific server has averaged a higher number of active connections than last month
which document should you update to reflect the change
you have just been hired as a network administrator a user has just changed offices and needs you to activate the network and telephone connections in his office however the wiring at the punch down block is labeled poorly and you are unable to tell which wires go to user’s office
Use a tone generator to locate the correct wiring.
you are responsible for implementing network cabling in a new network installation the cabling will be installed in a manufacturing environment where there is a great deal of electromagnetic interference which type of cabling would operate best in this environment
Shielded twisted pair cable

Fiber-optic cable

you are designing a wirless network for a client your client needs the network to support a data rate of at least 54mbps in addition, the client already has a wireless telephone system installed that operates 2.4Ghz which 802.11 standard will work best in this situation
arrange the steps in the change and configuration management process on the left in the correct order in which they should be completed on the right
identify the need for change
conduct a feasibility analysis
define the procedure
notify the affected parties
implement the change
test the implementation
document the change
you are troubleshooting physical layer issues with fi0/1 interface in a router. you need to view and analyze the number of collisions detected on the interface
show interfaces fi0/1
a frantic user calls you one morning exclaimining that nothing is working what should you do next
Establish the symptoms.
you organization recently opened a branch office in a remote area because of its location, traditional wan connectivity was not available so you contracted with a satellite provider to connect the branch office network to your home office network

recently you rceo conducted a video conference

you recently installed a new windows 2012 system to ensure the accuracy of the system time, you have loaded an application that synchronizes the hardware clock on the server with an external time source on the internet
a user reports that network access from her workstation is very slow the problem does not seem to be affecting any other users
Duplex mismatch.
which of the following is the strongest form of multi-factor authentication
A password, a biometric scan, and a token device
you manage a network with a single switch on each switch port a hub connects multiple devices to the switch which condition are you most likely to experience on the network
match the COS priority on the left with its corresponding value on the right
which of the following are characteristic of mpls
Supports variable-length data units.
Adds labels to data units.
you are concerned with the amount of traffic that passed through a router on your network you want to see how the amount of traffic has changed over time which document
Arrange the GPOs Group policy objects int he order in which they are applied
1. The Local Group Policy on the computer.
2. GPOs linked to the domain that contains the user or computer object.
3. GPOs linked to the organizational unit that contains the object.
you manage a single subnet with three switches the switches are connected to provide redundanct paths between the switches
which feature prevents switching loops and ensures there is only a single active path between two switches
Spanning tree.
you are configuring the dhcp relay agent role service on a windows server which of the following is required step for the configuration
Specify which server network interface the agent listens on for DHCP messages.
you just connected 4 new computer systems to an Ethernet switch using spare patch cables after the installation only three systems are able to access the network you verify all client network setting
Failed patch cable.
you would like to find a solution so that static web content can be offloaded to a different server while the web server continues to process dynamic data
which of the following is the best recommendation for applying hot fixes to your server?
Apply only the hotfixes that apply to software running on your systems
you are troubleshooting a connectivity problem on a Linux server you are able to connect to another system on the local network but are not able to connect to a server on a remote network
You are troubleshooting physical layer issues with the G0/1 interface on a router. You suspect a duplex mismatch error has occurred and need to determine the duplex settings configured on the interface. Which commands should you use?
show interfaces gi0/1
show interfaces gi0/1 status
You are implementing a SOHO network for a local business. The ISP has already installed and connected a cable modem in the business. The business has four computers that need to communicate with each other and the Internet. The ISP’s cable modem has only one RJ45 port. You need to set up the network with the following in mind: • Spend as little money as possible. • Do not purchase unnecessary equipment. • Computers need to have a gigabit connection to the network. • New devices should not require management or configuration
a unmanaged switch and cat5e cabling
a user reports that she can’t connect to a server on your network you check the problem and find out that all users are having the same problem
Determine what has changed.
what purposes does a wireless site survey serve
To identify existing or potential sources of interference.
To identify the coverage area and preferred placement of access points.
You have implemented a network where hosts are assigned specific roles, such as for file sharing and rpinting. Other hosts access those resources but do not host services of their own. What type of network do you have?
client server
which firewall implementation creates a buffer network that can be used to host email or web servers
which type of polish grade uses green colored connectors to help prevent using the wrong connector type
Angle physical
which of the following are differences between radius and tacacs+
RADIUS combines authentication and authorization into a single function; TACACS+ allows these services to be split between different servers.
You manage a network with multiple switches. You find that your switches are experiencing heavy broadcast storms.

Which of the following will help reduce the effects of a broadcast storm?

Enable spanning tree on the switches.
You have been given a laptop to use for work. You connect the laptop to your company network, use it from home, and use it while traveling. You want to protect the laptop from Internet-based attacks. Which solution should you use?
Host based firewall
which media type can backup files be saved to?
Tape Drive
While configuring a new 802.11g wireless network, you discover another wireless network within range that uses the same channel ID that you intend to use. Which of the following strategies are you most likely to adopt in order to avoid a conflict between the networks?
Use a different Channel ID.
You manage the information systems for a large manufacturing firm. Supervisory control and data acquistion (SCADA) devices are used on the manfucaturing floor to manager your organization’s automated factory equipment. The SCADA devices use embedded smart technology, allowing them to be managed using a mobile device app over an Internet connection. You are concerned about the security of these devices. What can you do to increase their security posture?
Install the latest firmware updates from the device manufacturer
Verify that your network’s existing security infrastrucutre is working properly.
Which of the following best describes the purpose of using subnets?
Subnets divide an IP network multiple newirk addresses
Your organization has recently purchased 20 tablet devices for the Human Resource department to use for training sessions. You are concerned that these devices could represent a security risk for your network and want to strengthen their security profile as much as possible. Which actions should you take?
Enable device encryption
Implement storage segmentation
Which electrical device is used to convert the voltage of the alternating current (AC) from the utility company’s transmission lines to 110 volts that can be used by devices in a data center?
Which method can be used to verify that a bit-level image copy of a hard drive is an exact clone of the original hard drive collected as evidence?

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