NCO of the Year Board

What army Regulation covers ASAP?
AR 600-85

What are the ways that Soldiers can be identified as having a substance abuse problem?
Voluntary (self-identification)
Commander / Supervisor Identification
Biochemical Identification
Medical Identification
Investigation and or Apprehension

All ASAP referrals are accomplished by the Commander or 1SG using what form?
Completing and signing the DA 8003 Referral Form.

What Army regulation covers ACS?
AR 608-1

What is the Army Regulation that covers AER?
AR 930-4

What Army Regulation covers Red Cross?
AR 930-5

What Army Regulation covers the Total Army Sponsorship Program?
AR 600-8-8

What DA Form is used to transmit sponsorship requirements to gaining commands?
DA Form 5434 or the Electronically Generated DA Form 5434-E

What Army Regulation covers NCODP?
AR 350-1 Chap 4

What is meant by the term “overweight”?
A soldier is considered overweight when his or her percent body fat exceeds the standard specified in AR 600-9.

What regulation covers the Army Weight Control Program?
AR 600-9

What TC covers Physical Fitness Training?
TC 3-22.20

What are the three phases of physical conditioning?
1. Preparatory
2. Conditioning
3. Maintenance

What is Da Form 3349?
Physical profile form

What are the three periods of a normal daily exercise routine?
1. Warm-up
2. Conditioning
3. Cool-down

What are the seven basic principles of exercise?
1. Regularity
2. Progression
3. Overload
4. Balance
5. Specificity
6. Variety
7. Recovery

What are the three phases of fitness conditioning?
1. Preparatory
2. Conditioning
3. Maintenance

What are the five components of physical fitness?
1. Cardio Respiratory Endurance
2. Muscular Strength
3. Muscular Endurance
4. Flexibility
5. Body Composition

What is the DA form 705?
Physical Readiness Test Scorecard

Name the two physical fitness formations?
1. Extended Rectangular
2. Circular

Name the five phases in Basic Rifle Marksmanship.
1. Preliminary Rifle Instruction
2. Downrange Feedback
3. Field Fire
4. Advanced Rifle Marksmanship
5. Advanced Optics, Laser and Iron Sights

What is the FM concerning the M16/A2 Rifle?
FM 3-22.9

What are the four fundamentals of marksmanship?
1. Steady Position
2. Proper Aim (Sight Picture)
3. Breathing
4. Trigger Squeeze

Name the different categories of malfunctions on the M16/A2.
1. Failure to feed, chamber or lock
2. Failure to fire cartridge
3. Failure to Extract
4. Failure to Eject

Describe the M16/A2 Rifle.
A 5.56 mm, magazine fed, gas-operated, air-cooled, semiautomatic or three-round burst, hand-held, shoulder-fired

What are the 7 types of ammunition that can be used with the M16/A2 Rifle?
1. M193 – Ball
2. M196 – Trace
3. M199 – Dummy
4. M200 – Blank (Violet tip and 7 petal rose crimp)
5. M855 – Ball (Green Tip)
6. M856 – Tracer (Red Tip)
7. M862 – Short Range Training Ammunition (Plastic with a Blue Tip)

What is the muzzle velocity of the M16/A2 Rifle?
3,100feet per second

Describe the weights of the M16/A2 Rifle.
Without Magazine and Sling – 7.78 pounds
With Sling and a loaded 20 round magazine – 8.48 pounds
With Sling and a loaded 30 round magazine – 8.79 pounds

Describe the ranges for the M16/A2 Rifle.
Maximum Range – 3,600 meters
Max Effective Range for a Point Target – 550 meters
Max Effective Range for an Area Target – 800 meters

What are the 8 steps in the functioning of the M16/A2 rifle?
1. Feeding
2. Chambering
3. Locking
4. Firing
5. Unlocking
6. Extract ing
7. Ejecting
8. Cocking

What AR covers the issue and sale of personal clothing?
AR 700-84

Define Duty.
Duty is a legal or moral obligation to do what should be done without being told to do it

Define Responsibility
Being accountable for what you do

What must a Sergeant have in order to accomplish Sergeant’s Business?
The Skill, ability and Leadership to train soldiers for combat and lead them into combat

What does FM 6-22 cover?
Army Leadership (Competent, Confident and Agile)

What does FM 7-0 cover?
Training the force

What are the three principal ways that leaders can develop others through which they provide knowledge and
1. Counseling
2. Coaching
3. Mentoring

A leader’s effectiveness is dramatically enhanced by understanding and developing what areas?
1. Military Bearing
2. Physical Fitness
3. Confidence
4. Resilience

What are the three levels of leadership?

Name the two barriers of communications
1. Physical
2. Psychological

What are the three major categories of developmental counseling?
1. Event counseling
2. Performance counseling
3. Professional growth counseling

What Field Manual covers counseling?
FM 6-22 Appendix B

What are the three approaches to counseling?
1. Directive
2. Non-directive
3. Combined

What are the 4 stages of the Counseling Process?
1. Identify the need for counseling.
2. Prepare for counseling.
3. Conduct counseling.
4. Follow up.

A counseling session consists of what 4 basic components?
Opening the session.
Discussing the issues.
Developing the plan of action.
Recording and closing the session.

What form is used for counseling?
DA Form 4856 E

The history of the Noncommissioned Officer began in what year with the birth of the Continental Army?

What Army Regulation prescribes the policies for completing evaluation reports that support the Evaluation
Reporting System (ERS)?
AR 623-3

What will a rating chain for an NCO consist of?
Rated NCO
Senior Rater

How many types of NCOERs are there?
1. Annual
2. Change of Rater
3. Relief for Cause
4. Complete the Record
5. 60 Day Rater Option
6. 60 Day Senior Rater Option
7. Temporary Duty, Special Duty or Compassionate Reassignment

What forms are used for the NCOER?
DA 2166-8-1, NCO Counseling Checklist/Record
DA 2166-8, NCO Evaluation Report.

Who is the last individual to sign the NCOER?
The rated NCO

What AR covers military justice?
AR 27-10

What is a Field Grade Article 15?
An article 15 imposed by an O4 or above

What are the three classifications of article 15s?
1. Summarized
2. Company grade
3. Field grade

What form is used to record Summarized Article 15 proceedings?
DA Form 2627-1

What are 3 types of Court martial?
1. Summary
2. Special
3. General

What Army Regulation covers the Code Of Conduct?
AR 350-30

How many articles are in the COC?

What does SERE stand for?
Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape

How many articles are there in the U.S. Constitution?

How many amendments are there in the U.S. Constitution?

How many people signed the U.S. Constitution?

When was the U.S. Constitution signed?
17 September, 1787.

What are the first 10 amendments called?
The Bill of Rights

What FM covers Drill and Ceremony?
FM 3-21.5

What are two prescribed formations for platoons?
1. line
2. column

What is a rank?
A line, which is only one element in depth

How do you measure a “step”?
Heel to heel

What are the three methods used to teach Drill?
1. Step by step
2. By the numbers
3. Talk-through method

What 4 movements in marching require a 15-inch step?
1. Half step
2. Left step
3. Right step
4. Backward march

Which FM covers Battle Focused Training?
FM 7-1.

Primarily, there are three methods used to present training. What are they?
1. Demonstration (Most Preferred Method)
2. Conference
3. Lecture (Least Preferred Method)

Name the four elements of TADSS.
1. Training aids
2. Devices
3. Simulators
4. Simulations.

What is the Field Manual for map reading and land navigation?
FM 3-25.26

What are the basic colors of a map, and what does each color represent?
Black – Indicates cultural (man-made) features such as buildings and roads, surveyed spot elevations, and all
Red-Brown – The colors red and brown are combined to identify cultural features, all relief features, non-surveyed
spot elevations, and elevation, such as contour lines on red-light readable maps.
Blue – Identifies hydrography or water features such as lakes, swamps, rivers, and drainage.
Green – Identifies vegetation with military significance, such as woods, orchards, and vineyards.
Brown – Identifies all relief features and elevation, such as contours on older edition maps, and cultivated land on
red-light readable maps.
Red – Classifies cultural features, such as populated areas, main roads, and boundaries, on older maps.
Other – Occasionally other colors may be used to show special information. These are indicated in the marginal
information as a rule.

What are 3 types of contour lines?
1. Index
2. Intermediate
3. Supplementary

What are 5 major terrain features found on a map?
1. Hill
2. Ridge
3. Valley
4. Saddle
5. Depression

What is a map?
A map is a graphic representation of a portion of the earth’s surface drawn to scale, as seen from above.

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