Music Final

Of the following, who is a noted woman composer of the Romantic era
Amy Cheney Beach
Of the following, which was NOT a major theme of Romantic writers
idealized heroes of Greece and Rome
The favorite subjects for the Romantic poets were
love, longing, and nature
Of the following, which is NOT a title for Schumann’s piano works
Which does NOT characterize Romantic music
reserved emotions
What is the form of Schumann’s “In the lovely month of May”
The art song can be described as representing a union of poetry and music
A German-texted song with piano accompaniment that sets a short lyric poem is called
a Lied:
The mood of Schumann’s “In the lovely month of May” is joyful and exuberant
The Romantic orchestra was the same size as the Classical orchestra
The Industrial Revolution produced less expensive musical instruments but with no technical improvements
Which is true of Schubert’s Erlking
It is the masterpiece of his youth It is based on the legend that whoever is touched by the king of the elves must die It presents four characters who are differentiated in the music:
Franz Schubert was a thoroughly Romantic composer whose music abandoned the forms and stylistic principles of Classicism
The desire for increased expressiveness in nineteenth-century music is communicated by the composer to the performer through new descriptive terms
A song that is composed from beginning to end without repetitions of whole sections is in strophic form
Exoticism was expressed through the incorporation within a composition of folk music of one’s own country
A song form in which the same melody is repeated with every stanza of text is called
Nineteenth-century musicians continued to be viewed by society as glorified servants
Franz Schubert composed several song cycles, including
Winter’s Journey
The first movement of the Romantic concerto often omitted the orchestra exposition
Which composer is generally considered the greatest pianist and showman of the Romantic era
Of which national school of composition is Dvořák a representative
Although a musical nationalist, Smetana avoided getting involved with the political revolution
Amy Cheney Beach was widely recognized in her lifetime as the leading American woman composer
Which does NOT characterize the scherzo from Beach’s Sonata in A minor
Placed third in the four-movement cycle:
Nineteenth-century Russian composers have a strong tradition of utilizing folk tales as the basis of their compositions
Liszt joined Chopin in transforming the _____ from a piano exercise into a poetic mood piece
Which of the following is LEAST likely to be an example of program music
String Quartet in B-flat major
Dvořák’s Symphony No
9 was inspired by Goethe’s Faust: False
Nationalism found natural expression in music, among other arts
Who was the first internationally acclaimed American composer of classical music
Louis Moreau Gottschalk
Of the following, who did NOT write a major concerto in the Romantic era
Who is the German-born conductor who set up a concert series across the United States and also established New York City’s second professional orchestra
Theodore Thomas
Gottschalk’s The Banjo is in a modified sonata form
Pianist Clara Schumann gave the first performances of her husband Robert’s important works, and also became known as a leading interpreter of the music of Brahms and Chopin
The melody of the African-American Spiritual Swing Low, Sweet Chariot is suggestive of the third theme in
the first movement of Dvořák’s New World Symphony:
The melody of Chopin’s Prelude in E minor moves in disjunct motion through a wide range
Berlioz was awarded the Prix de Rome, during which time he wrote his Symphonie fantastique
The most important keyboard instrument of the Romantic period was
the piano:
Incidental music to a play is generally considered to be absolute music
Of the following, which does NOT describe symphony composition in the Romantic era
Composers wrote more symphonies than their Classical counterparts
The finale to Symphonie fantastique projects a satanic character
Franz Liszt described the style of his music, along with that of Wagner and Berlioz, as the “music of the future
Mendelssohn played an important role in the revival of music by which Baroque composer
In the nineteenth century, where did serious American musicians complete their studies
in Europe
The Harlem Renaissance was an early twentieth-century movement that promoted the creative efforts of African Americans
The symphony was a new genre in the Romantic era
Clara Schumann’s later creative activities were supported by the devotion of which composer
A piece of program music for orchestra in one movement which, through several contrasting sections, develops a poetic idea or suggests a scene or mood is called
a symphonic poem:
The typical Romantic symphony has four movements
Which of the following did NOT characterize salons
They were generally hosted by wealthy male aristocrats:
Titles such as Prelude, Impromptu, and Intermezzo are used for
short, lyric piano pieces:
Which best describes the style of the third movement of Brahms’s Symphony No 3
a melancholic waltz
Brahms’s Symphony No 3is a program symphony
Chopin spent most of his productive life in
Popular music has recently become a vehicle for the voice of women composers
Which movement of a symphony is traditionally the slowest
the second movement
The scherzo is a lively, dancelike movement in duple meter
William Grant Still was an African-American composer who sought musical inspiration from his native heritage
One of the leitmotifs from Wagner’s Die Walküre is the magic fire music
The habanera is a dance song of Cuban origin
Puccini’s Madame Butterfly is
a tragic tale of a Japanese geisha and a U: S: naval officer:
Which description best characterizes a part song
a short, secular song for three or four voice parts
Brahms’s German Requiem was intended for performance in the Catholic Church
The focal point of Wagnerian music drama is the voice
Impressionist music is often characterized as a reaction to
all of the above:
Ravel’s art reflects the twin goals of Impressionism and Neoclassicism
Which of the following was NOT characteristic of Impressionist music
accents on the first beat of each measure
Which of the following statements is NOT true about Romantic choral music
Only professional singers participated in nineteenth-century choruses
Which of the following countries was NOT a leading opera center in the nineteenth century
Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker is based on a story by
E T A Hoffmann
Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale is
a ballet
What was the name of the Paris-based Russian ballet impresario who commissioned Stravinsky to write ballets
Singing in a chorus generally requires a different skill than playing in an orchestra
Which of the following is the Cuban dance song that Bizet set as an aria in Carmen
Opera provided composers with a good outlet for their interest in far-off lands
The text for Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel’s Under the Greenwood Tree was taken from Shakespeare’s
As You Like It:
The Waltz of the Flowers is the climax of The Nutcracker ballet
Ravel was attracted to many styles of dance music
The librettist for Verdi’s Otello was
Debussy considered Wagner’s music dramas to be ponderous and tedious
French poets responded to Impressionism in painting by developing a new literary style called
Debussy was much influenced by non-Western music he heard at the Paris World Exhibition of 1889
Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly, with its Japanese melodies and pentatonic and whole-tone scales, is an example of exoticism
Ravel’s _____ sets texts from The Arabian Nights
Ballet became an independent art form in the nineteenth century
The form of “How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place,” the fourth movement of Brahms’s German Requiem, is best described as
A-B-A-C-A, or rondo
Brahms’s German Requiem has _____ movements
In Rigoletto, Verdi turns away from tuneful melodies to heighten the dramatic action
Schumann wrote his song cycle A Poet’s Love during his “year of song,” in which he wrote hundreds of Lieder and he also married Clara (Wieck) Schumann:
The melody in twelve-tone music is called
a tone row
Of the following, which describes formalism
Formal considerations are valued over expressive ones.
What was the name of the Paris-based Russian ballet impresario who commissioned Stravinsky to write ballets
Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale is
a ballet
Klangfarbenmelodie refers to
a style that gives each note of a melody to a different instrument
Neoclassical composers preferred absolute music and forms to program music
Stravinsky’s ballets all achieved immediate popularity with their audiences.
In The Royal March from Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale, the meter remains constant throughout
Berg’s music owes much to the influence of Arnold Schoenberg
It is thought that Mahler’s conversion to Catholicism was prompted primarily
to avoid anit-Semitism in Vienna.
Webern’s Symphony, Opus 21, uses many contrapuntal procedures
Webern’s Symphony, Opus 21, combines serial technique with traditional forms
Who composed the opera Peter Grimes
Bart ók found that eastern European folk music was based on
ancient modes, unfamiliar scales,non-symmetrical rhythms.
Which nineteenth-century American composer is best remembered for his popular ballads and minstrel show tunes
Stephen Foster
Which of the following instruments would you NOT find in a standard mariachi band
Which of the following is NOT a ballet by Aaron Copland
Our Town
While composing in his spare time, Charles Ives made his living as
an insurance executive.
Shape-note notation was used to help music reading for the general public
The music of Charles Ives was very popular and performed frequently during his lifetime
William Grant Still composed the first symphony by an African American to be performed by a major American orchestra
Like Copland and Prokofiev, Revueltas wrote music for films
Which does NOT characterize the blues
It is a form of African folk music.
What American city is considered the birthplace of jazz
New Orleans
Billie Holiday’s song Billie’s Blues demonstrates ________ form
16-bar blues
The principal exponent of cool jazz was trumpeter
Miles Davis.
What is the form of Gershwin’s Piano Prelude No1
: A-B-A
The popular style that is characterized by vocal patter against a syncopated rhythmic accompaniment is
The Irish rock group of the late 1980s interested in political activism was
The Who’s Tommy is an example of
rock opera.
Bernstein’s West Side Story updates the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues to that between
The Jets and the Sharks.
The term loosely applied to various styles of Afro-Cuban dance music is
Ragtime was named for its ragged, highly syncopated rhythms and melodies
Cajuns and Creoles stem from the same ethnic background and share similar musical influences
Art rock or progressive rock was largely a British style
A new style that emerged during the 1950s that was a union of African American rhythm-blues, country western, and pop was called bebop
Rock is characterized by a strong, steady beat in a triple meter
The use of preexisting literary sources such as books and plays for the plots of musicals helped the new genre to gain maturity and permanence
New Orleans jazz depended on simultaneous improvisations by the players, which created a polyphonic texture
Big-band swing represented the dominant form of American popular music in the 1930s and 1940s
The jazz technique of playing short melodic ostinatos, or riffs, derives from African call-and-response patterns.
The musical has remained exclusively an American art form, not attempted by composers of other countries