Mountains, Volcanoes, Islands, Deltas,Valleys, Desserts, Plateaus Essay

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TermCharacteristics + Formation
Volcano-Made of lava and other materials
-Looks like a mountain with lava coming out
-Forms when magma from the earths surface bursts up
Plateau-Large areas of land that are tall and flat on top
-Caused by magma below the earths surface pushing the land upwards
Dessert-Is dry and has lots of sun
-Land areas where more water evaporates and comes back down as precipitation
Delta-Found at the edge of rivers, where they meet the ocean
-Formed by dirt and sediment creating land
Valley-Located in the low area of mountains
-Created by vegetation growing between the mountains
Mountain-Big and has hills
-Steep sided
-Formed when rock layers push together and forces the land upwards
Island-A piece of land surrounded by water
-Caused by the eruption of volcanoes in the ocean

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