Module 1 DBA – HOPE

cardio respiratory fitness
exercises that benefit the heart and the lungs

muscle fitness
strength training to develop stronger muscles

improving your bodies range of morion

body composition
combination of the above activities that help your body remain at a healthy body fat percentage

cardio respiratory exercises
running biking swimming

curl ups gymnastics weight lifting

stretching yoga gymnastics

body comp
all of the above

what to consider when selecting activities?
enjoyable and doable

FITT stands for?
Frequency intensity time type

SPORT stands for?
specificity progression overload reversibility tedium

four types of wellness goals?
physical social emotional academic

MAD stands for?
measurable attainable and deadline driven goal

how to calculate target heart rate zone?
find resting heart rate
subtract by 220 (target heart rate)
then multiple that by either 50% or 85% to have a range
then add your resting heart rate

exercise targeting specific training needs

increasing duration and intensity

working body harder than usual

taking a break from your routine and having your fitness level decline

variety of exercises to prevent boredom

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