Modern World History Chapter 11 Vocab

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seizure of a country or territory by a stronger country
the belief that one race is superior to another
Social Darwinism
A social theory of the time: Charles Darwin’s ideas about natural selection and evolution were applied to human society
Berlin Conference
to prevent conflict 14 European nations met between 1884-85 to lay down rules for the division of Africa
A Zulu chief who used highly disciplined warriors and good military organization to create a large centralized government
Dutch settlers who gradually took Africa’s land and established large farms
Boer War
War between the British and the Boers; first modern \”total\” war
Policy were Europeans governed people in a parental way by providing their needs but not giving them rights
Policy based on the idea that in time the local populations would adopt French culture and become like the French
Menelik II
Emperor of Ethiopia who successfully resisted the Europeans
the interest or taking of land for its strategic location or products
Crimean War
War between the Russians and the Ottomans over land on the black sea
Suez Canal
human made waterway that connected the red sea to the Mediterranean
Indian soldiers
\”Jewel in the crown\”
name for India because it was considered the most valuable of all the British colonies
Sepoy Mutiny
Rebellion of the Sepoys where they captured the city of Delhi
Pacific Rim
Countries that border the pacific ocean
King Mongkut
Siam King
Emilio Aguinaldo
Leader of the Filipino nationalist
adding a territory to a country
Queen Liliuokalani
Hawaiian ruler who called for a new constitution that would increase her power

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