ML 126 Bio-Organic Chemistry Exam 1

There are 4 groups distributed about the carbon atom. What is the bond angle?
What is the functional group of a carboxylic acid?
The compounds 2,3-dimethylpentane, 3-ethylpentane, and 3-methlyhexane have what in common?
they are all isomers of one another
A compound is named 2-propyl-1-butene. What would the correct IUPAC name be?
2-bromo-2-methlybutane is formed as a result of what reaction?
in the hydrobromination of 2-methly-2-butene
In a hydration reaction, what acts as a catalyst?
sulfuric acid
What is the product in the reduction of nitrobenzene?
Describe the bond polarities of C-O and O-H bonds.
both are polar, but C-O is less polar
2,3-dimethyl-2-pentene is obtained from this reaction:
dehydration reaction of 2,3-dimethyl-3-pentanol
The loss of hydrogen best describes the oxidation reaction in:
oxidation of thiols to disulfides
Consider the hormone, progesterone, which has 3 stereocenters. How many stereoisomers are possible?
8 stereoisomers possible (2n rule)
Name some characteristics of organic compounds:
insoluble in water, covalently bonded, slow reactions
The prefix “meta” would be used in a benzene ring:
when naming the substituents on a benzene ring at carbon 1 and carbon 3
Name some true facts about benzene and its derivatives:
formula is C6H6, phenol is weak acid, extra stability is provided by the resonance structure of benzene
An aldehyde and/or a carbolic acid are formed when this compound is oxidized:
primary alcohol
What defines a tertiary amine?
3 carbon atoms attached to the nitrogen atom
An example of a saturated hydrocarbon:
Characteristics of butane and 2-methylpropane:
same formula weight, but different chemical and physical properties
This compound, of the molecular formula C3H3Br has cis-trans isomers:
The product in this chlorination reaction is 1,2-dichloro-2-methylbutane:
obtained as a result of the chlorination of 2-methyl-1-butane
The functional group of an aldehyde is:
The hydroxyl groups in the this compound are primary and tertiary:
The highest boiling point is exhibited by this alcohol:
An undesirable product of the oxidation of primary alcohols is:
aldehydes may be produced in an uncontrolled reaction
The statement all dextrorotatory compounds are (+) describes what relationship:
describes the relationship between the dextro/levo system and the +/- dystem in optically active compounds.
Substitution of a halogen for a hydrogen and combustion reactions are common in this type of hydrocarbon:
Please describe ethers:
name a simple ether by naming the two groups attached to the oxygen and add the word ether; boiling points are much less than in comparable molecular weight alcohols; is chemically inert making it a good solvent
Reactions of benzene and its derivatives:
substitution reactions: halogenation using iron catalyst, nitration using nitric acid and sulfuric acid with heat, and sulfonantion using sulfuric acid and heat
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