MKT 4270 Final Exam Practice Questions 2

Even though speed is relative in a cultural context, we would expect workers from which of the following countries to be so obsessed with speed (walking, accomplishing tasks, and accuracy of time pieces) that this country ranks number one in the world?
Most Asian cultures and religions emphasize harmony and collectivisim
What explains the fact that group decision making predominates in Asian cultures?
Strength of the firm’s backing
When a U.S. female is selected for an international assignment the going might be difficult given the attitude of many foreign organizations toward females in positions of authority. In addition to training, which of the following would be a key to the female’s success in a foreign assignment?
With respect to business customs, customs in which the outsider must not participate are called:
Voluntarily offered payment by someone seeking unlawful advantage is called:
__________ involves a relatively small sum of cash, a gift, or service that is intended to facilitate or expedite the normal, lawful performance of a duty by an official.
Betty Roberts became an embarrassment to her company when she joked about the ruling monarchy in England before a group of visiting English businessmen and women. Betty should have known that political ridicule by a foreigner is rarely accepted. Ms. Roberts has violated what is known as a cultural:
decentralized management decision making
As businesses grow and professional management develops, there is a shift toward:
Objective analysis
There is a very strong belief in the United States that business decisions (and the managers that make these decisions) should be based on a specific approach and made from a non-emotional posture. Which of the following terms best describes this approach?
Saudi Arabia
In a high context implicit communication environment who says something, how it is said, and when it is said is very important. Which of the following countries would we find to be “high context implicit” with respect to communication practices?
With respect to business customs, customs that must be recognized and accommodated are called:
profit motive
As a guide to adaptation, the text listed all of the following criteria would be appropriate EXCEPT:
Which aspect of Japanese culture, predicted by many to favor bribery, makes Japan’s success in reducing corruption more remarkable?
Saudi Arabia would not allow images of women in IKEAs catalogs
The chapter 5 video lecture discussed that Saudi Arabia required the furniture company IKEA to change its promotion practices from what it does in other countries. What did Saudi Arabia require?
peaceful political change
The election of Vicente Fox as President of Mexico was an example of:
The seizing of a company’s assets without payment is called
production costs
All of the following are considered to be economic risks that can be faced by international companies EXCEPT:
planned domestication
The most effective long-range solution to a situation where a foreign government is demanding local participation in a multinational corporation’s business activities in the host country is:
Americans’ fear of Japan
Sales of Japanese cars declined in the U.S. during the late 1980s and early 1990s owing to a phenomenon that was wrongly attributed to American nationalism. Which of the following was later identified as the properly defined problem?
the stability or instability of prevailing government policies
At the top of the list of political issues concerning foreign business is the:
All of the following would be considered to be strategies that multinational corporations can use to minimize vulnerability and risk EXCEPT:
a stable, friendly government
The ideal political climate for a multinational firm is:
Boycotts are generally not very successful
Which of the following statement most accurately describes the impact of boycotts?
price controls
In North Korea there is little foreign investment. One of the reasons is the severe applications of _______. Any foreign investor or producer is required to sell its products at prices stated by the North Korean government rather than letting market value and demand determine prices.
An intense feelings of national pride and unity, an awakening of a nation’s people to pride in their country is called:
With respect to political risk that can be faced by a company seeking to invest abroad, which of the following presents the most severe political risk?
common law
The basis for _______ is tradition, past practices, and legal precedents set by the courts through interpretations of statutes, legal legislation, and past rulings
Islamic law is known as the __________.
Disputes between governments
The World Court can adjudicate disputes between which of the following?
Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement (TRIPs)
Which of the following is the most comprehensive multinational agreement on intellectual property to date?
are not protected in other countries
A famous case occurred in Japan where a Japanese business registered McDonald’s world famous trademark before McDonald’s did and was given permission to use the trademark. McDonald’s eventually got the trademark back after a lengthy court battle and a monetary award to the Japanese company. McDonald’s learned that trademarks registered in the United States:
According to the text Vietnam, Russia, Japan and _______ made major progress in reducing software piracy from 2003 to 2006.
Antitrust laws
The first objective of these laws is to protest American consumers by ensuring that they benefit from products and ideas produced by foreign competitors as well as by domestic competitors. Which law is in discussion?
The responsibility of determining if a license is required rests with the _______.
whoever can establish first use of a trademark is typically considered the rightful owner
In a common-law country, ownership of intellectual property rights is established by “prior use versus registration.” What does the phrase “prior use versus registration” mean?
The United Nation’s WIPO
Which of the following conventions is responsible for the promotion of the protection of intellectual property right?
In the usual ___________ procedure, parties select a disinterested and informed party or parties to sever as a referee to determine the merits of the case and make a judgment that both parties agree to honor. (Note: Both parties agree to honor the referee’s decision as a requirement for the procedure to begin.)
Competitiveness councils
Which of the following is NOT one of the areas of antitrust enforcement in the European Union and elsewhere?
Export Control Classification Number
The exporter is responsible for selecting the _____________ which leads to a description in the Commerce Control List (CCL), which indicates the exportability status of the item.
Alex is engaged in research involving countries that have different languages, economies, social structures, behavior, and attitude patterns. Alex is most likely engaged in ___________ research.
The increased possibility of ineffective communications with home office executives and decision makers
Which of the following is a disadvantage of decentralized research management?
native speaker of the target country’s language
It will always be necessary for a __________ to take the “final cut” of any translated material.
Lack of detailed social and economic information
According to the text which of the following is one of the factors affecting the adequacy of sampling techniques?
A company wanted to estimate the market growth potential for a beverage in country X, for which it had inadequate sales figures, but the company had excellent beverage data for neighboring country Y. In country Y, per capita consumption is known to increase at a predictable ratio as per capita gross domestic product (GDP) increases. If per capita GDP is known for country X, per capita consumption for the beverage can be estimated using the relationships established in country Y. This is an example of which of the following methods of forecasting?
Quantitative and qualitative
Marketing research methods can be grouped into two basic types. What are these two types?
can’t talk
Gerber’s ultimate consumers usually ____________, making it difficult to communicate and gather marketing information from them. Nevertheless their preferences are studied by marketing researchers.
Who collected the data?
As discussed in the “Validating Secondary Data” section of the chapter, which of the following questions should be asked by a marketing researcher that is seeking to establish the reliability of secondary data sources in the international arena?
Mary Hills would like to ask respondents a series of open-ended questions that will help explain the respondents’ feelings and thoughts on the subject of child labor. Based on this information, Mary Hills is carrying out ___________ research.
creative talent for adapting research methods
To deal with problems in analyzing and interpreting research information in the international marketplace, the marketing researcher must possess three talents. Which of the following is one of those talents listed in the text?
define the research problem and establish research objectives
Bert Wong has decided to pursue a marketing research effort to acquire information before his company makes a strategic relocation move to the West Coast. Which of the following marketing research process steps would be the first step that Bert’s company (and marketing researchers) should take as it embarks on the research effort?
The broader scope needed for foreign research necessitated by higher levels of uncertainty
Which of the following best describes the basic difference between domestic and foreign market research?
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