MIS Exam 4

search engine
A _____ is an information system that enables users to
retrieve data from the Web by using keywords.
business to consumer
Online auction sites that involve business transactions between users of products and services are categorized as_____ e-commerce
An intranet is a network within an organization that
uses Internet protocols and technologies (for example, TCP/IP, which includes File Transfer Protocol [FTP],
SMTP, and others) for collecting, storing, and
disseminating useful information that supports
business activities, such as sales, customer service,
human resources, and marketing.
Extranets improve coordination between business partners, such as suppliers, distributors, and customers.
Critical information can be made available quickly
so decisions can be made without delays.
For example, a manufacturer can coordinate production by checking the inventory status.
How does an extranet improve coordination among business partners?
uniform resource locator (URL)
A(n) _____ is the address of a document or site on the
Web browsers
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera are examples of
The growing trend toward global customers and
products means globalization has also become an
important factor in purchasing and the supply chain.
Worldwide purchasing gives suppliers the incentive to
consider foreign competition as well as domestic
competition. Furthermore, large global organizations
can reduce costs in purchasing, manufacturing, and
distribution because they have access to cheaper
labor and can sell products and services locally as well as internationally
How has globalization become an important factor in
purchasing and the supply chain?
Improving customer service
Which of the following is an advantage of e-commerce?
The main difference between a company’s Web site and its intranet is that the company Web site is usually
public; an intranet is for internal use by employees.
However, many companies also allow trusted business partners to access their intranets, usually with a
password or another authentication method to protect confidential information.
What is the main difference between a company’s Web site and its intranet?
search engines
Google, Bing, and Ask.com are examples of _____.
sell directly to consumers
Companies exclusively using business-to-consumer
(B2C) applications _____.
Business-to-consumer (B2C) companies—such as
Amazon, Barnesandnoble.com, and Onsale.com—sell directly to consumers. Amazon and its
business partners sell a wide array of products and
services, including books, DVDs, prescription drugs,
clothing, and household products. Amazon is an
example of a pure-play company, which means that it
relies exclusively on the Web to distribute its products.
In recent years, companies that used to have only
physical stores—called brick-and-mortar companies—have entered the virtual marketplace by establishing
comprehensive Web sites and virtual storefronts.
Walmart, the Gap, and Staples are examples of this.
These companies supplement traditional commerce
with ecommerce. Some experts believe that these
companies could be more successful than pure-play
companies because of the advantages a physical space can offer, such as customers being able to visit a store
to see merchandise and make returns.
Describe business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce.
Provide examples of companies that are involved in this
type of e-commerce and explain the difference between pure-play companies and brick-and-mortar
companies with an online sales presence.
A well-designed intranet can make the following types
of information, among others, available to the entire
organization in a timely manner to improve an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness:
Human resources management 401K plans,
upcoming events, company’s mission statement
and policies, job postings, medical benefits,
orientation materials, online training sessions and
materials, meeting minutes, vacation time, etc.
Sales and marketing—Call tracking, information
on competitors, customer information, order tracking
and placement, product information, etc.
Production and operations—Equipment inventory,
facilities management, industry news, product catalog, project information, etc. Accounting and finance—
Budget planning, expense reports, etc.
What are the different types of information that can be made available on an intranet to improve an
organization’s efficiency and effectiveness?
A _____ is a journal or newsletter that is updated
frequently and intended for the general public.
business to business
Companies using _____ ecommerce applications for
purchase orders, invoices, and other operations report
millions of dollars in savings by increasing transaction
speed, reducing errors, and eliminating manual tasks.
The Web organizes information by using _____,
meaning documents that include embedded reference
to audio, text, images, video, or other documents.
It facilitates communication between headquarters
and subsidiaries in other countries.
Which of the following statements is true of a global
information system (GIS)?
Companies use business-to-business (B2B) applications for purchase orders, invoices, inventory
status, shipping logistics, business contracts, and other
operations. These companies report millions of dollars
in savings by increasing transaction speed,
reducing errors, and eliminating manual tasks.
How do companies use business-to-business (B2B)
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
________ is the protocol used for Internet telephony.
Organizational e-commerce activities can include
exchange of goods, services, or information among
employees. Other examples include conducting
training programs and offering human resource
services. Some of these activities, although not
specifically selling and buying, are considered
supporting activities in Porter’s value chain. For
example, a human resources department supports
the personnel involved in producing and distributing a
company’s products.
Provide examples of organizational e-commerce
activities that take place inside an organization.
Web applications can be used with minimum costs
The Internet is playing an important role in helping
organizations reduce expenses, because _____.
Web sites
E-commerce fulfills the product information activity
using _____.
A(n) _________ is a secure network that uses the Internet and Web technologies to connect intranets of business
partners so communication between organizations is
E-commerce is buying and selling goods and services
over the _________.
global information system (GIS)
A _________ is an information system for managing
global operations, supporting an international
company’s decision making processes, and dealing
with complex variables in global operations and decision making
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