MIS Exam 2

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A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a Web address that specifies the exact location of a Web page using letters and words that map to an IP address and location on the host.
____ is a valuable tool that enables you to find information on the Web by specifying words or phrases know as keywords, which are related to a topic of interest.
Search engine
In business, cloud computing is often referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS) and the vendors that provide the software are application service providers.
Data is broken into ____ to be transmitted over the Internet
The area covered by one or more interconnected wireless access points is commonly called a(n) ____.
A(n) ____ can be used in an enterprise to enable the sharing of information between employees, training for new employees, or customer support for products.
A(n) ____ is a Web address that specifies the exact location of a Web page using letters and words.
Many utilities, cities, and organizations are experimenting with ____ to provide Internet access to homes and businesses over standard high-voltage power lines.
____ is a network protocol that enables traffic to be routed among all the networks connected to the Internet.
____ blocks Internet content that it feels is subversive or threatening to “national unity.”
The World Wide Web was originally conceived of as a(n) ____.
internal document management system
Just as HTML was developed as a standard for formatting Web content into Web pages, XML is used within a Web page to describe and transfer data between Web service applications.
Citizens of the continent ____ make up the largest percentage of Internet.
The ____ is a device that converts a signal from one form into a signal of another form and sends it through a medium.
A(n) ____ satellite system employs many satellites, each in an orbit at an altitude of less than 1,000 miles.
low earth orbit
The Droid smartphone is manufactured by Motorola and uses the Android operating system from Apple.
____ is the standard page description language for Web pages.
Many organizations invest in search engine optimization as a means of improving the speed of their Web searches.
The fiber-optic cables that span the globe over land and under sea make up the Internet ____.
An IP address is an 8-bit number assigned to each computer to identify it on the Internet.
A PAN can be used to connect a laptop, digital camera, and portable printer without cables or wires.
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard page description language for Web pages that tells the Web browser how to display Web pages.
Many Internet addresses have a(n) code denoting ____ categories, such as com for business sites and edu for education sites.
A Web portal is a Web page that combines useful information and links and acts as an entry point to the Web complete with a search engine, subject directory, daily headlines, and other items of interest.
____ is a bundled set of communications services, including Internet, telephone, and TV, that operates over a total fiber-optic communications network.

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