MIS Chapter 4

What are ethics and why are they important to a company?
Ethics are standards and principles that guide our behavior towards other people. This is important to companies because it sets guidelines and distinguishes between right and wrong behavior that people in a work place should have.
What is the relationship between information management, governance, and compliance?
Information management examines resources of info and regulates definitions, uses,values and distribution ensuring it has the right info/data required to function/grow. Information Governance is the method of government for management/control. Information Compliance is the act of conforming, acquiescing or yielding info.
Why are epolicies important to a company?
They are policies and procedures that address info management along with ethical use of computers at work and the internet in business environment. Any company that uses computers should implement epolicies for the safety and monitoring of the computers to ensure everyone is acting legally and ethically.
What is the correlation between privacy and confidentiality?
Privacy is your right to be left alone when you want. Confidentiality is an assurance that information remains private to only authorized people.
What is the relationship between adware spyware?
Adware allows internet advertisers to display ads without consent of the computer users. Spyware is a class of adware that collects data about the user and transmits it over the internet without the users knowledge/permission ***Not all adware programs are spyware***
What are the positive and negative effects associated with monitoring employees?
Positive effects of monitoring employees are: keeps employees focused during work hours, makes sure employees are ethical and legal, keep track of how efficient an employee is being, open communication.
Negative effects of monitoring employees are: invades employees privacy, creates a disconnect between employee and management, employees feel they cant be trusted.
What is the relationship between hackers and viruses?
Hackers are experts who use their tech knowledge to break into computers and networks for profit or for a challenge. They gain info or plant viruses. Viruses are software written with malicious intent to cause annoyance or damage. Hackers can create and leave viruses causing massive computer damage.
Why is security a business issue, not just a technology issue?
Because when an employee is looking at things that are inappropriate it takes away from their work ethic and affects the business, so there has to be a breech in the business security to find out the problem and solve it. Also, when security is breached within or outside of a business, the business is affected. Important info saved by the business could be at risk.
How can a company participating in ebusiness keep its information secure?
Content filtering: organizations use software that filters content such as emails to prevent transmission of unauthorized info. This could help prevent online business’ info. Online ebusinesses can also encrypt files to scramble information so it cannot be hacked. Setting up firewalls are important too. Backing data up and storing it in safe spot will help the security of a ebusiness. Intrusion detection software, full time monitoring for traffic flow of info on online
What technologies can a company use to safeguard info?
Public key encryption uses public key and private key monitoring. Firewall:hardware and or software that guards a private network by analyzing incoming and outgoing info content. Content Filtering: uses software that filters content to prevent accidental malicious transmission of unauthorized info.
Why is ediscovery important to a company?
It allows a company to gather, search, seize information when responding to a letigation, audit, investigation. Its important because it shows how fast/appropriate a company responds to a request to obtain information for a specific reason. (usually legal)
What are reasons a company experiences downtime?
a system may become unavailible due to weather, threats on security, emergency, animals (infestation), fire, water damage, hackers
What are the costs associated with downtime?
Costs of downtime are affected weekly, daily and hourly. Financial performance is affected as well as revenue, damage in reputation and other expenses like overtime, equipment rental, and travel expenses. (see book for more detail)

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