microsoft word lesson 3 & 4

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In Microsoft Word, what is the name of the group formatting characteristics called?
Which option on the Apply Styles dialog box changes the settings for a selected style?
What is a series of paragraphs, each beginning with a bullet character, called?
Bullet-ed list
Which of the following refers to how the left and right edges of a paragraph align on a page?
What are the built-in or predefined styles used for formatting text called?
Quick Styles
Which of the following terms defines the appearance and shape of the letters, numbers, and special characters in a document?
Alexis formatted a dot leader in a Table of Contents document. Which tab stop should she use to align page numbers so that it will result in an even right edge?
Alexis is creating a table with numbers. She would like the numbers to be displayed as currency. Which tab stop should she use?
Decimal Tab
What is the default paragraph alignment for the Normal Style in Microsoft Word?
In a Microsoft Word document, what is the amount of space that appears between paragraphs called?
Paragraph Spacing
Which alignment option indicates that text in a document is aligned to both the left and right margins?
Which commonly used shortcut keys or keyboard combination is used to apply bold formatting to selected text?
Control + B
What is the process of changing the way characters appear, both on screen and in print, to improve document readability?
Character formatting
What is the process of changing the appearance of a paragraph of text called?
Paragraph formatting
What type of paragraph indentation forces the first line into a position to the left of the rest of the paragraph?
Hanging indent
Which group on the Home Ribbon contains commands to control the alignment of text in a document?
What is the method for changing the Bullet symbol within a list?
Select the list and choose the dropdown arrow next to the Bullets button to change from the bullet library
Which command on the Home Ribbon applies a shadow, glow, or reflection to selected text or paragraphs?
Text Effects
How are different underline styles selected when applying the underline font format to selected text?
Choose the Underline drop-down arrow on the Home Ribbon to select various underline styles
What is the amount of vertical space between the lines of text in a paragraph called?
line spacing
Which command on the Home Ribbon allows a user to change the case of selected text to all uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, toggle case, or capitalize each word?
Change Case

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