Meteorology Study Guide

What is weather?
The condition of the Earths atmosphere at a particular time and place.
Order the layers of the atmosphere
Troposphere, stratosphere, Mesoshere,
What is the basic division of the layers?
The pauses which are temperature differences
What happens in each layer of the atmosphere?
Troposphere- weather
How do winds form?
Unequal heating of the earths atmosphere
The two items that characterise air masses.
Temperature and humidity
What gas drives storm systems?
Water vapor
What is a front?
The boundary between two air masses
Cold front
Cold air moves into warmer air, rain cool temps thunderstorms
Stationary front
Neither air mass moves clouds and little rain
Occluded front weather
Warm air cought between cold air cloudy and rainy
What is humidity?
specific humidity
Amount of water vapor in the air
Three states of matter
Liquid, solid, gad
What is dew point?
The point when saturation occurs
What is air pressure?
Weight of all the air in the atmosphere pressing down on Earth
Why doea air have pressure?
Air has mass
As altitude increases, air pressure…
Three ingredients for cloud formation
Water vapor, cpndensation nuclei, cooling
Types of clouds
Cirrus, stratus, cumulus, cumulonimbus
Types of fog
Radiation fog and advection fog
What two items describe climate?
Temperature and precipitation
Why is our atmosphere important?
What is the greenhouse effect and how does it work?
Warm front
Warm air moves into cold air little rain, clouds, warmer temps
Relative humidity
Actual amount of water vapor in the air compared to the max amount the temp of the air can hold