Medea and Titus Andronicus Essay Example
Medea and Titus Andronicus Essay Example

Medea and Titus Andronicus Essay Example

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  • Published: June 1, 2018
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No matter which one is chosen, state or family, it is apparent that misplaced loyalty can bring us to some sort f tragedy or even a fatality.

In the beginning of the play Titus Androgenic , we are introduced to Titus, a brave warrior of Rome. It is so clear that he would do anything to protect the Romans even if it means sacrificing his own life. Titus even recruits his own children to go to war with the Goths. He will do whatever it takes to keep the people safe even if it means putting his family in danger, his loyalty belongs to the state.

Upon his return to Rome he brings back prisoners Tamari and her 3 sons, 1 of which Titus murders right in front of them.

"Religiously t


hey ask a sacrifice , To this your son is marked, ND die he ITIL. I. 1 27-128) Titus has no choice but to murder Tamari's first born son , and it IS simply procedure for him. He is looked at by the state to sacrifice a prisoner of the Goths, and that's exactly what he does. He goes to drastic measures to keep his commitment to the state regardless of how heartless the act is.

Taking a life is just an order he carries out, but is tragic at the same time because he has gone as far as to take someone's life and that's just not right. " A better head her glorious body fits" , Titus says, "Than his that shakes for age and feebleness " (ITIL. I. 190-1 91) Tutu's commitment to Rome has been proven time and time

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again and he is elected to be the new emperor , but he declines and Saturnine is first in line for the royal seat. Titus is wrong to misplace his loyalty with the state because an innocent person's life?s is taken as the family is forced to sit front and center and watch.

Later on in the play we see how the initial murder of Tamaris first son starts great revere against Titus and his family. By trusting and committing to the state he has put his loved ones in great danger. Chicory and Demerits, Tamaris remaining sons show us their loyalty to family by going after Tutu's aught Laving. The brothers see it very important to be loyal to their mother, and their annalistic thoughts (persuaded by Aaron , Tamaris secret lover) lead them to rape Laving.

Even though the boys seem right to avenge their brother's death and remain loyal to their family; they commit a horrific crime by "deflowering' and leaving Laving stranded in the middle of nowhere without her purity, hands or tongue. Demerits and Chicory are just as wrong as Titus was when he murdered their older brother. This family lacks honesty but they are a committed to catheter simply because they are related. Although T amoral is their mother , she sins a trustworthy person and we know this because she betrays the Goths by becoming emperies of Rome.

All she wants is revenge and power over Titus and she goes to extremes by using her own children to do so .

Demerits and Chicory bring horror to Laving and her family when misplacing their loyalty with their mother

and following out her requests. This overstressed distinction that people should be loyal to family vs.. The state is not right.

Instead we see that when we misplace our loyalty it leads to bad things, such as destruction or tragedy. In the play Made, Media's Cubans and father to her children Jason, leaves his family to meddle his way into the royal house.

He does this by betraying his family and sleeping with the princess. He plans to marry the princess in hopes of someday being King . Jason thinks he is being loyal to his family because he hopes to bring them with him to the top of the royal ladder as soon as he gets there. Contrary to what Jason thinks he is actually being loyal to the State.

He seeks a better future than what he's living now and he IS willing to turn his back on his wife and kids to get there. In Season's mind his disloyalty to his family is justified cause what he is doing is somehow to help them.

His selfishness and misplaced loyalty to the state tears apart his family. Season's family is exiled after he starts sleeping with the princess and this is when his wife Made loses it and starts plotting revenge to get back at Jason.

This play suggests that if Jason had remained loyal to his family rather than to the state that he would not have to suffer the loss of his sons. When loyalty is put in the wrong places nothing good can come of it. Made doesn't and probably never will understand what Jason is trying to do.


is loyal to her family and will do whatever not to betray them. Made doesn't understand why Jason couldn't be there for his family , after all she left everything to be with him and in return he sleeps with another women.

Medias invested so much into her family , her kids and her husband were her life before her heart was shattered. It's a little ironic that loyalty to the family is what these stories AR trying to convey. Especially when Made is loyal to her family, but at the end of the play she kills her children.

Made shows us how mistrusting family can bring you to disaster as well.

She is loyal to her husband and family and takes care of them like every mother should, but Jason leaves to sleep with the princess. Made is heartbroken and can no longer trust her husband. She goes crazy and starts to plot her revenge and how she will get back at]son for ruining them and their family. In the beginning of Made , her duty is to be loyal to the family, but in the end we see this change and now Madras duty is to do whatever she has to to hurt Jason.

Madame's loyalty is for her family but once her family is broken she is no longer loyal to anyone but her feelings of revenge.

She ends up killing her sons because she knows this will hurt Jason more than anything. As a result f Made misplacing her trust and loyalty she suffers a huge heartbreak not only from Jason cheating on her , but now the murder of her

own children. The distinction Of loyalty to the family being more important than to the state is inaccurate. There is no right or wrong out of the two. What is more important is who we are loyal to and making sure what we are loyal to is significant.

We must be loyal to what and who are loyal to us. When trust and intimacy is built with other we find ourselves being loyal to those things or people. In the plays of Made and Titus Androgenic we are shown that a pacific model of loyalty is morally correct and that loyalty to our families is more important than being loyal to the state, but in fact neither model is right because loyalty can be given to anyone who we have honesty and/or intimacy with; investing wrongly leads to and can cause destruction and tragedy when we are loyal to the wrong things or people.

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