MBC 1100 Final Test.

What action(s) is/are common for a practice to take when an account has not been paid thirty days after bill was first issued.
all of the above answers are correct /(phone the patient, send a second statement, send an automatic reminder notice).
The purpose of the Nonate buttom on the patient education window toolbar is to
attach a note to the handout
Determine how long a payer has taken to respond to each claim by using a(n)
insurance aging report
A patient asks the practice to stop all phone calls. Which of these methods should be used to contact the patient?
contact the patient via mail
When calling a patient, which of these actions should you NOT perform?
mislead the patient to secure a payment
Medicare-participant providers _________ charge an amount lesser than the Medicare allowed charge from the Medicate Physician Fee Schedule to other patients.
May not
________ are listed in the Statement dialog box.
A report needs to be emailed to a payer for clarification, Which of these options should be selected from the Print Report Where dialog box?
Export the report to a file
Why have the federal government and private payers set up monetary rewards for meaningful use EHRs?
because of the potential to improve the delivery of health care.
A practice needs to decide whether a patient is indigent. What resource(s) should it use to do so?.
means test
If paper encounter form system is in use in the practice, charges are entered manually; whereas if an electronic encounter form systems is used, charges are automatically posted in the Transaction Entry dialog box by
Medisoft Clinical Patient records
The list only claims That Match dialog box can be used to set ______ filter(s) for viewing previously created claims.
The CMS-1500 has a block labeled “Insurance Name/Address” In what HIPAA claim sections is this information located?
Determine which of the following reports a medical practice would use to identify how much of a copayment was not applied
co-payment report
The documentation says: “An anterior interbody arthrodesis of the thoracic level is performed. A general surgeon performs the transthoracic opening of the thorax, and the orthopedic surgeon performs the arthrodesis on the vertebral body”. What modifier is assigned to the CPT code for the procedure?
-62 Two surgeons
You are asked to produce claims for Riverdale Hospital for the period 10/01/2016 through 11/01/2016. What filters do you utilize to the Claim Creation dialog box?.
Location and Transaction date boxes
The columns in the Allowed Amount tab on the Procedure/Payment/Adjustment dialog box are
Insurance Name. Code, modifiers, and Amount
The phrase “dropping the paper” means
printing and mailing a claim
determine which of the following reports a practice would use to review incoming revenue information pertaining to an individual provider.
production by provider report
The entries in the Data from section of the Patient day sheet search box refer to the
actual dates of the transaction
Once a patient’s accounts has been referred to a collection agency, what is the role of the practices billing staff?
discontinue contacting the patient
A Medical Assistant needs to figure out how long to retain a patient’s record. Determine what document he should consult.
retention schedule
Identify which of the following is NOT an account alert abbreviation in Medical Network professional.
Use the _____ button in the Deposit dialog box only after the information has been entered and checked for accuracy
The patient education feature in MCPR opens in its own window, with its own
Menu/toolbar (both A and B are correct)
In the transaction Entry dialog box in Medisoft Network Professional, a walkout receipts is created via the ______ Receipt button or _______Receipt button
Which section of the Apply Payment/Adjustment to Charges dialog box would you use to identify a patient’s insurance carrier?
As a general rule, when a state law is more restrictive than the related federal law, the ____ law is followed.
Under a preferred provider organization (PPO), what policyholder payment is due on a per-visit basis?
To review claim information about a patient’s visit in October for management of diabetes, choose the _____ tab of the claim dialog box.
What are performance measures based on?
Objective evidence
Medisoft Network professional’s Print Report Where? dialog box providers which of the following?
All of the above answered are correct.(export the report to a file, preview the report on the scree, print the report on the printer)
Using a diagnosis code that is not as specific as possible is an example of an ______
error relating to the coding process
A second deposit is entered as an insurance payment with a _____ in order to adjust patient accounts that are covered by the capitated plan.
zero amount
Determine which Medisoft Network Professional submenu is accessed to create reports for identifying patients by diagnosis or insurance carrier.
Standard patient List
Which Claim format allow for more data to be sent?
To generate statements in Medisoft Network professional, Which of the following dialog boxes would you used to determine there contents?
Created statements
The ______ button at the bottom of Medisoft Network Professional’s Claim Management dialog box opens the dialog box used to _______claims.
Create claims; create
A patient has paid $310 for a procedure which is later determined to only require $258 payment. determine the amount the practice would owe the patient as a refund.
Identify the purpose of a collection list.
to track activities that need to be completed as part of the collection process
The purpose of the RBRVS is to ____ that are listed in the ______.
establish Medicare charges; Medicare Physician Fee Schedule(MPFS)
When a claim is active in Medisoft Network Professional’s Claim Management dialog box, its can edited by
both A and B answers are correct (clicking the New button
A(n)_________ is an amount of time that must pass before a newly employed person is eligible to enroll in an employer-sponsored health plan
waiting period
Capitation payments entered in Medisoft Network professional should be applied to
cover all the insured patients who elect to use the practice
During the payer’s adjudication process, if the automated review finds problems, the claim is _________ and set aside for development.
What is the purpose of the buttons at the bottom of the Transactions tab?
All f the above answers are correct / (add transaction to statement, split transactions, remove transactions from a statement)
A practice wants to track the activities it needs to complete as part of the collection process. which tool should it employ?
collection list
How often can the Medisoft Program Date be changed once the system is installed?
as many times as desired
If the plan requires _____ deductible, each member of the family of the insured must meet this level; for the ______ type of deductible, the payments of each member are combined and count toward meeting the required amount
individual; family
Patient Gloria Ramsey would like to know the estimated charges for a schedule operation that is regularly performed by the practice’s surgeon. How would you locate this information?
Both A and B answers are correct / (Use the allowed amounts tab of the Procedure/Payment/Adjustment dialog box to look up the appropriate procedure code.
Financial policies explain how a practice handles certain task. Which of these components should be included?
All of the above answers are correct / (collecting prepayment for service, collecting payments for services not covered by insurance, setting up financial arrangements for unpaid balances.)
Describe the plan(s) that TRICARE offers to military personnel and their families.
a fee-for-services program and two managed care plans.
Once the List Only… filters have been applied, only the claims that match the criteria are listed at the ______ of the main Claim Management dialog box.
If an insurance company elects to wait and then pay multiple charges all at one, report this information in the _______ column of the Apply Payment/Adjustment to Charges dialog box.
The patient education feature has a(n) __________ search feature.
What type(s) of health plan contracts with physician, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies to provide a network of care providers for its beneficiaries?
All of the above answers are correct / ( point-of-service(POS)plan, health maintenance organization(HMO), preferred provider organization(PPO).
Worker’s compensation insurance providers benefits for traumatic injury on the job, What else does it cover/
neither A nor B answers are correct / (general illnesses that prevent employees from working.
Compare the following statements and select the one that is accurate.
In CCI mutually exclusive edits, the code in column 1 could not have be done for the same patient, same date of service, same provider, as the code in column 2, so Medicare will pay just the lower-paid code.
Determine which of the following boxes you would use to utilize Medisoft’s Search dialog box.
selection boxes
Additional legal regulations do not apply to agreements between a practice and patient when no _____ are applied.
both A and B are correct / (finance charges)
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