Marketing your skills

Profession or occupation that usually requires a specific educational background.
An activity or service performed, usually for payment.
A formal meeting in person to assess the qualifications of an applicant.
Person who meets the standards of a profession.
A brief description of one’s professional or work experience and qualifications ; Interests employers. Primary purpose is to convince employer that you are a qualified candidate for employment.
The end of an employee/ employers relationship, which can be initiated by the employee or employer.
List 9 basic employment choices
1. Private practice 2. Insurance 3. Sales 4. Research 5. Management Consulting 6. Teaching 7. Hospitals 8. Public Health and Gov programs 9. Dental Schools
A ____ _____ takes the form of solo/nonsolo practices
Private practice
A ____ _____ provides wide range of professionals
Solo practice
A _____ ______ ______ can involve additional dentists and associates, a partnership or group practice
Non solo practice
The ____ _____ _____ states that a nonsolo dentist works in a practice with at least 1 other dentist, whom may be employed by the owner dentist of the practice.
American Dental Association
4 benefits of working in a larger group
1. Advancements 2. Benefits 3. Learn new skills 4. social skills/ working well with others.
_______ is a challenging career in business and administration, incorporating your knowledge of dentistry, processing claims and customer service.
If you are outgoing, find it easy to approach people, have experience in dental assisting and like to travel _____ is a rewarding career.
Research or research labs, responsible for research, report writing, and calculating and analyzing data.
Hospital dental clinics
______ ______ develops customized practice management concepts to individual practices interested in enhancing employee satisfaction, acheiving economic success and improving communication and management skills.
Management Consulting
_____ is a rewarding career option for ambitious dental assistants. An assistant who enjoys this should continue taking courses in related science and education (part time) while gaining valuable work experience in the office.
_____ _____ provide dental students with experience in 4 handed dentistry. Employment here provides assistant with stimulation of working in an educational setting with faculty, students and patients.
Dental Schools
______ are provided for special situations in which general anesthesia and other resources are required
______ ______ and ______ ______ are promoted through organized community efforts. Provided at no or low cost to those who qualify. Involves physicians, nurses, social workers, and nutritionalists. Responsible for collecting data and services such as fluoridation, incidence of AIDS, care for older adults or specific population groups like Native Americans and Migrant workers.
Public Health and Government Programs
Where would you locate job opportunities? (7)
Newspaper, Campus placement, Dental schools, Dental supply companies, employment agencies, temporary agencies, professional organizations and internet.
Dentists frequently place ads here. Includes phone number or to send resume to a box address. This is called a _____ _____ advertisement.
Newspapers ; blind box
School usually offers a placement service or list of employment opportunities. Dentists frequently contact them.
Campus Placement
_____ ______ offer employment services and employment free of charge.
Employment Agencies
______ ______ charge a fee for job placement
Private agencies
By doing this, you have a chance to evaluate first hand the responsibilities and challenges in that positions.
Temporary Agencies
_____ _______ ______ frequently know when dentists are looking for assistants
Dental supply companies
______ _____ serve as informal employment information centers. Local dental societies publish monthly ads and professional journals have a classified section.
Professional Organizations
The ______ offers comprehensive job search engines on the web. You can post resumes, compare salaries, find career advice and research.
Where might a dentist advertise for a job position?
What are some job seeking employment methods?
Telephone, cover letter, letter of application, resume and electronic resume.
________ is where your first contact may be made. If you call, identify yourself and reason for calling.
A _____ ______ introduces you to the prospective employer. Also serves to create interest in viewing your resume.
Cover letter
8 general guidelines for a cover letter
1. brief, professional and neat 2. printed on white or ivory bond paper 3. identify ad source 4. postition in which applying 5. request an interview 6. give contact info 7. address letter to specific person 8. thank them for their consideration.
Letter of Application guidelines
*first paragraph* introduce yourself, how you found out about the position and why interested. *2nd paragraph* why you feel you deserve the position *3rd paragraph* invites to be contacted. Let employer know you are avaliable upon their request.
8 Things to include in a resume
1. Heading 2. Professional objective 3. Professional experience 4. Education 5. Certifications 6. Volunteer experience 7. Awards/Scholarships 8. references
_____ provides name (with credentials) address and phone number
A professional ______ is the type of job you are seeking (no limits)
Work experience (most recent first), dates (months/yrs only), position/title, employers name and location, and your responsibilities/accomplishments.
Professional Experience
List most recent level obtained (if have college dont list high school) under _______.
List your licensure under _______.
Any volunteer work, even if not related (Dont list if you have none)
Volunteer Experience
Any _____/_____ recieved in high school/college (Dont list if you have any)
______ are not recommended but have available if needed.
Many companies process apps by scanners and computers. Increasing number of employers use this.
Electronic Resume
An _____ is the important exchange of information
______ reflects that you are a neat, well-organized and competent professional. Dress in conservative business attire.
Arrive ___-___ mins before interview. Take a “dry run” if you are unaware of location.
First __ ___ are the most critical. Create positive impressions by smiling, eye contact, firm handshake and introducing yourself.
10 mins
Let employer do this. Within the first week after the interview, you will have an intuition on how the interview went and if thats where you would like to pursue a career.
Conclude the interview
Excellent way to ____ ____ with an employer. Reminding employer of your interview, accentuates qualifications, reaffirms interest and helps you stand out. This should be sent within 48 hrs of interview and addressed to the person whom you interviewed with.
follow up
What is the most common means of communication for your first contact with a future employer?
What does a cover letter do?
Introduces you to your prospective employer and persuades them to look at your resume.
Should your resume list your gender, race, religion or marital status?
How many pages should your resume be?
Only state _____ _____ if you have a realistic idea. Skills, experience and education are important factors
Salary Negotiations
Health insurance, retirement, uniform, dues toward professional organizations, travel expenses, and bonuses are part of _____ _____.
Specific Benefits
Reach a clear understanding so theres no misunderstanding later.
Employment Agreement
Job description, work schedule, compensation, professional attire, termination, summary dismissal, and giving notice are part of _____ _____ ______.
Employment Agreement topics
States specifically what your employment duties and responsibilites will be
Job description
_____ _____ is a list of hrs/days expected to work
work schedule
______ is an agreement of salary and benefits, provisions of performance reviews and salary increases.
_____ ______ may be required equipment provided and maintained by employer
Professional Attire
Most employers consider first several week to 90 days as provisional employment (either party may terminate relationship)
_____ _____ is termination without notice or severance pay *causes*- stealing, illegal drugs, or any unprofessional behavior.
Summary Dismissal
_____ _____ clarifies how much notice expected to give. Should also clarify what happens if dentist terminates employment. One common agreement is you will receive ____ _____ notice or severance pay
Giving Notice ; 2 weeks
What time frame is considered provisional employment?
First few weeks to 90 days
Americans with Disabilities Act
____ _____ _____ makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate against job applicants, instead make accomodations if it dont impose “undue hardship” of the business. Also makes it illegal for employer to discriminate against employees whom may become disabled. This law applies to companies employing at least 15 people.
ADA title 1
_____ _____ is action that requires significant difficulty or expense such as employers size, financial resources, and nature and structure of operations considered.
Undue Hardship
Most common time frame is 6 weeks notice for a _____ _____.
Job termination
If _____ terminates give adequate notice and offer to train replacement. If leaving under good terms, ask for a letter of recommendation. If leaving under other terms leave quickly and quietly.
If ______ terminates Severance pay (equal to salary) is paid if asked to leave immediately. Usually paid in final paycheck.
Positive attitude, professional responsibilities are _____ objectives.
No single factor is more important than a ______ ______. It can reduce stress and enhance communication skills with patients.
Positive attitude
____ ____ _____ _____ by exercise regularly, make wise food choices, get sufficient sleep, maintain friendships and indulge in a diversity of interests.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle
Healthy skin and neat hairstyle is part of _____ ______.
Looking Professional
Clinical personnel should follow whos regulations?
Business personnel should dress how?
professional manner
Many assistants prefer temp work bc its ____ term and ideal for employers ____ ____ ____.
short ; caring for children
Many agencies offer ____ ____ _____ positions.
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