Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification

Can an email be used multiple times in a subscriber list?
Yes – As long as the Subscriber Key is unique, and email isn’t held in the subscriber key.
A Subscriber has to have an email address to exist in a list? T/F
True. – Data Type marked as email.

Data Extension marked as “Used for Sending”

Does a Sendable Data Extension have to have an email address?
Yes – and the Used For Sending must be marked True.

– The Subscriber key from the All Subscriber list must have a send relatonship with the data table. ie. Customer_ID -> Subscriber Key

What is the All Subscribers List?
A list of All Subscribers across all lists in the Business Unit.
Is it possible to be active on All Subscribers and in-active on all other lists?
Is it possible to be Inactive on All Subscribers but active on an individual publication list?
How many All Subscribers Lists are there per Account?
What types of Data Extensions can you create?
Random (randomly selects from existing data extensions)
Can you associate a data extension with a campaign?
What is retention settings on a Data Extension?
Unused data extensions will be deleted after 6 months unless Retention = on.
Can you change the retention settings On/Off for a Data Extension after it is created?
Can you modify the deletion period for an Existing Data extension with Retention Setting = On?
Should you put a default value for Names?
Yes – in case the data is not populated. “Valued Customer” is common.
What are the methods available to sort subscribers into targeted sub sets?
– filtered data extension
Can a subscriber exist on multiple DE’s?
When a subscriber is sent an email from a sendable DE, is their email address automatically added to All Subscribers?
What is a subscriber?
Someone who has OPTED IN to receive communications
Where can you find general subscriber attributes?
Under Subscribers->Profile Management.
What are lists?
Customers can exist on one or many lists.

They will always exist on All Subscribers.

Other lists will be ‘Monthly Newsletter’, ‘Product Alerts’, etc.

How do you specify if a list is available in the Subscription Centre?
Set list attribute to Public.
How do you import Data to a List?
– Prepare your file
— Exclude bad characters
— Make Email Address last column of the file.
— Make sure tab delimination is correct
– Import Your File
– Review Results
Does an Import Subscriber Wizard exist?
Yes – for importing from local machine or from FTP.
Where are Assets stored?
In Content->Portfolio
How do you install Marketing Cloud Connect?
Through the app exchance, in both sandbox and prod.
What are MC Connect Prerequisites?
– Business Rules
– 4 Custom Tabs in SFDC (SalesForce Dot Com)
– A list of Integration Users
– A report in SFDC of a send to list
– Contact ID or Lead ID on reports
– Data available to store tracking data
– Test Email that passes validation
– Subscriber Key is required. It may need to be migrated
– Default Sender, Delivery and Send Classification profiles not been deleted or renamed.
Can mulitple Salesforce Orgs be connected to a single MC Account?
Yes – in Enterprise 2.0 Multi-Org Account
Where are SFDC reports stored to use MC Connect?
A custom folder – running user must have access to folder.
Does MC Support all SFDC Reports?

Excludes Joined Reports

Excludes reports stored in standard folders.

What is the MC Connect Scope User?
Subscribers are filtered based on the user initiating the send.
What is the MC Connect Non-Scope User?
Subscribers are NOT filtered based on the user running the report.
What is the danger in using a Non-Scope user?
The user will have their reports filtered in SFDC by their visibility.

However in MC it will send to all records in the report.

What admin permissions are required for MC Conntect?
API Enabled
API Only User
Chatter Internal User
Password Never Expires
Schedule Reports
View Help Link
View Reports in Public Folders
What Objects must users have access to for MC Connect?
Read Access SF MC package objects.

Read Access to Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, Reports.

Read access to any objects that are related to SF MC.

What general user permissions are required for SF MC in SFDC?
Allow View Knowledge
Allow Setup and Configuration
Export Reports
Report Builder
Run Reports
Does the Scope setting respect users in Automated import activities (any scheduled import that is part of a program or automation studio)
No – only manual
Are Person Accounts supported for MC Connect?
Which SFDC Editions are supported for MC Connect?
Unlimited, Enterprise, or Performance. Person Accounts are supported.
What are some clouds/orgs that aren’t supported by MC Connect.
Government Cloud, Cipher Cloud, Professional edition only supported in v2.
How do you send an email from SFDC?
Custom Links section -> “Send Marketing Cloud Email”
How do you send to single Lead, Contact or Person Account?
From the “Send Marketing Cloud” Email link on the record
How do you send to a list? (campaigns and reports)
Click MC Tab, follow prompts and select SFDC Campaign or Report
Can you use Salesforce Reports or Campaigns as Exclusions from a send
How do you populate the list in MC with emails from SFDC?
Select “Remember recipients and exclusions for this email” when sending.
How do you send to a Salesforce Report or campaign within MC?
Go to Interactions->Salesforce Send Emails.

Or Use Guided Send

Can you use Guided Send to send to Salesforce Reports or Campaigns?
What types of Salesforce based recipients are there?
Salesforce Reports
Salesforce Campaigns
Salesforce Data Extensions
Salesforce Shared Data Extensions
How do you create a Triggered Send from Salesforce. eg. When a new user is created?
APEX Trigger on the object is required.
What are the different types of roles?
User Roles
Business Unit Roles
Individual Roles
Can a User have more than 1 role?
Yes – They could have a User Role and then a BU role.
How does role hierarchy work if the user has multiple roles?
All role permissions are aggregated – if one of the roles specifically denies access, it overrules the other actions.
What are the types of access settings for Roles?
Allow, Deny, neither
What are the Predefined roles?
– Administrator
– Content Creator
— No control over subscribers or tracking. Approved and sent other roles
– Data Manager
— Maintains subscriber records, lists, data imports and exports.
– Analyst
— Tracking information

Additional Roles
– Email Marketing Manager
– Sales Representative
– Copywriter
– Regional or Local Administrator
– Outside or Agency Content Creator

Why use roles?
To ensure your security policies
What is a business unit?
Hierarchical admin structure that controls access to information and sharing of information.

Manages roles and filter criteria for subscribers.

How can you manage unsubscribes within a BU?
All BU’s
Only current BU
Can you have a BU hierarchy that has children inherit specific properties of parents?
How might a company use 3 levels of BU’s?
Top level controls branding.

Second level controls content and types of correspondence.

Third level controls subscription lists and personalisation.

What does Reply Mail Management Do?
Handles replies from subscribers by identifying them as:
Out of office
Auto reply
Unsubscribe request


Forwards the email to different users in different circumstances,
Conditionally auto-reply and control content of auto reply message.

How can you configure Reply Address Definition?
Email Display Name
Reply subdomain
Email Reply Address
DNS Record Redirect Complete
How can you configure Reply Rules?
Delete autoreplies and out-of-office replies.

Unsubscribe manual requests.

Can you configure auto-forwarding of replies?
Yes. To a user from the multi-connect from list
– An email address.
What does the Sender Authentication Package give you?
It separates references of MC from your org and ip address

Private Domain
Account Branding – removes all references of MC in favour of your own domain
Dedicated IP Address
Reply Mail Management

How can you remove references and urls to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Use Sender Authentication Package
How does Salesforce Marketing Cloud authenticate your emails in a private domain?
Sender Policy Framework(SPF), Sender ID, DomainKeys(DKIM) authentication.
What are the six primary tools in Contact Builder?
Data Designer
All Contacts
Data Sources
Data Extensions
Contacts Configuration
What does Contact Builder do?
Provides a single way for you to combine contact sources (ie. Salesforce, POS, external) into one contact set in MC.
What does Contact Builder Data Designer do?
Consolidate and organize data from any source.

Build data relationships.

Relate data to the contact record.

Use contact templates.

What does Contact Builder All Contacts do?
View all details related to all contacts.
What does Contact Builder Data Sources Do?
Shows in constellation to see overview.

It shows the data sources built through data designer.

Shows Attributes and Attribute Groups.

Find which sources attributes inherited from.

Are there System Defined Data Extensions based on channels?
In Contact Builder, what are the 2 types of imports you can do?
Import into Data Extension
Import into List
What is the Contacts Configuration tab in Contact Builder?
Select Channel address order in send activity.

You can set order within each channel.

How is an attribute group different from a data extension?
The attribute group is a name of certain fields from the data extension
What is the difference between MobileConnect and MobilePush in Contact Builder?
Mobile Push is for push messages on mobile phones, ie. Apps. MobileConnect is SMS.
What are some items you can see in Contact Builder?
Engagement (activity related to specific messages)

Membership (subscriptions to messages or lists on all available channels)

Attributes (information on the specific contact)

How do you install Marketing Cloud Connect?
Paste the managed package URL into your browser
How do you apply admin permissions in Marketing Cloud Connect?
Salesforce->Setup->Edit User Layout page layout, add Marketing Cloud for AppExchange User Field and Marketing Cloud for AppExchance Admin Field.

Manage Users-> Select CRM Admin user, select Marketing Cloud for AppExchange User, Select Marketing Cloud for AppExchange Admin.

What are the Tabs you can add in Salesforce for MC Connect?
Marketing Cloud
Email Sends (optional)
Send Analytics (optional)
How do you create the Salesforce system User?
User License: Salesforce
Profile: System Admin
Add Marketing Cloud for AppExchange Admin checkbox
Add Marketing Cloud for AppExchange User.
What are the critical steps to configuring Salesforce for MC connect?
Designate a default workflow user.

Save session settings (no need to change anything).

Update Field Level Security for Contacts-> “Email Opt Out” to Visibile for all profiles.

Update Email Opt Out for Leads.

What updates do you need to make for the Contact Page Layout in Salesforce for Marketing Cloud?
Add ContactActions to Contacts.
Add Individual Email Results to Related Lists.
Add Mobile Sends to the related list.
What updates do you need to make to the Leads Page Layout in Salesforce for Marketing Cloud?
Email Opt Out needs to be visible.
Do IP Addresses need to be whitelisted in Salesforce?
For Manual yes
Do workflows need to be created in Salesforce to send emails?
Yes – using ScheduledSend, DelayedSend, etc Actions
What are common entry sources to Journey Builder?
Audiences and Entry events.
What are some examples of entry events?
Interaction based-
A contact purchases a product
A contact signs up for a conference
A customer publishes a restaurant review

Entry events can be shared.

What source is an entry event?
Data Extension
How do you fire an entry event?
Via Automation Studio
How do you fire an event in Journey Builder using Automation Studio?
In Automation Studio – specify “Fire Event” as an activity.
How does Journey Builder know that an event has been fired?
Through data extension/fire event in automation studio.
How many contacts at a time is recommended per batch sent from Salesforce to MC for Journey Builder?
50 or fewer.
What version of MC Connector is required to use Sales & Service Cloud Events?
5.49 or higher
How do you configure a Sales and Service Cloud Event in Journey Builder?
You select Sales and Service Cloud event Type, select objects, select filters, and then select update criteria.
How do you join Salesforce Contacts with MC?
Use Contact Builder and link Data Extension.
How can you use multiple data sources to determine if a single contact should be admitted in a journey?
Use Attribute to Attribute comparison.
What are some considerations for Attribute to Attribute comparison?
Compare only attributes of the same data type.

Encrypted Fields are not supported.

Attributes that allow null values CANNOT be used.

How do you inject contacts into Journey Builder using CloudPages?
Create a CloudPages Form Submit Event under interaction-specific event
What is an interaction-specific event?
An action that prompts a contact to be injected into an interaction.

Entry Event is only configured from a single Interaction, and may only be used in that interaction.

How do you use the Salesforce Campaign event.
Select it as the Entry Event Type
What is a Journey Interaction?
The workflow string of events.

Requires entry events and activities.

Can configure goals and exit options if contacts should leave the interaction when they reach the goal.

High Water Mark
High Water Mark is used to ensure only new events are injected into the interaction.

It tracks the highest _CustomObjectKey that has been processed and only records that exist above this value will be processed on the next run of the Fire Event Activity.

What does a Synchronised data source do?
Brings Data across all parts of Salesforce eco system in MC.
Can you use a synchronized data source as a primary sendable data extension?
What are the Source options in All Contacts?
Web Collect
Mobile Opt-In
Facebook API
What are the Channel Options in All Contacts
SMS (MobileConnect)
Push (MobilePush)
Email (Email)
OTT (GroupConnect)
What are the different Types in All Contacts?
Inbound & Outbound
What are the different types of Data Sources available in Contact Builder?
Do Synchronized Data Sources work with Field Level Encryption?
Yes. If you encrypt data in Salesforce, SDS (Synchronized Data Sources) will detect the setting and encrypt in MC as well.
How do you create a custom data source in Contact Builder?
Create custom data source, then assign attributes.
What does a custom data source in Contact Builder do?
It allows you to assign attributes from multiple attribute groups (ie. data extensions) to a labelled data source.

eg. you may have 3 data extensions that have mobile data. You can assign all of these attributes as a “mobile” data source.

How do Events work in Contact Builder?
Allows you to send data to a sendable data extension via the API. This can then be used in Journey Builder to fire an Event.
What happens with wait times when Entry Events are set as “Test Mode” in Journey Builder (to test an interaction)?
They are ignored
What does Test Mode in an entry event do?
Calculates how many contacts would enter the journey
Administrator (Roles and Permissions)
This role belongs to the overall manager of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud application and all of the associated Enterprise 2.0 business units.

As such, this role should have full control over all aspects of the application and be able to create, share, modify, or delete anything in your company structure.

Content Creator
This role can access all facets of content creation, but they have no control over other aspects of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud application (such as subscriber information or tracking results).

The content creator produces the images and words used in the email and lays out the actual messages, which are then approved and sent by other roles within the Enterprise 2.0 organization.

Data Manager
This role primarily maintains subscriber records and any publication or suppression lists and handles data imports and exports.

The database marketer may have to create relationships that span multiple business units, but this role usually doesn’t create or edit the content itself.

This role includes the permissions to read, change, and update all information related to email sends.

However, users with this role are unable to create or make any changes to content and subscriber lists or administer users.

Email Marketing Manager
This role retains control over a single business unit.

Applicable permissions include the ability to create, share, modify, or delete anything within that business unit, as well as the ability to conduct the actual send of an email.

However, this role does not include permissions to change or delete shared content created by the administrator.

Sales Representative
This role handles sales activities related to a specific territory.

Responsibilities include personalizing templates, inserting content into those templates, and managing local subscriber lists.

This role handles the creation of email content for several business units, but there is no control over actual sends or database management.
Regional or Local Administrator
This role manages the administrative detail of one or more select business units.

The assigned permissions let them create and manage accounts within their selected business units, but they can’t alter any information outside of their assigned coverage.

Outside or Agency Content Creator
Assign this role to users from outside your organization that might create content for your email sends, such as a freelance copywriter or a graphic designer from an advertising agency.

This role can create and upload content to the assigned business unit, but they have no other permissions.

Suppression Lists
A suppression list is a list of subscribers that you don’t want to receive your communications. Suppression lists serve as a “do not contact” list for your email sends.

Examples of the types of addresses included on a suppression list are addresses with a history of spam complaints, unsubscribe lists from previous providers or advertisers, addresses of your competitors, and canceled customers.

***Subscriber records on a suppression list do not have a subscriber status and are not counted in the All Subscriber count.

Exclusion Lists
Exclusion lists are subscribers who have a status (active, bounced, held, unsubscribed) and who may want to continue receiving messages.

You select an exclusion list at the time of send. For example, you send a newsletter to List A but later realize you want to send it to List B. Some of the subscribers on List A also exist on List B and you don’t want to send them the same email twice. When you send to List B, you select List A as an exclusion list.

Publication Lists
A publication list helps you manage how subscribers receive several different
categories of emails or SMS messages. For example, you might send
newsletters, advertisements, and alerts. Each of these is a different category, so
you would create a separate publication list for each category.
Data Types
o Locale, country code used for Mobile
o Decimal
o Phone
o Email
o Boolean
o Number
o Text
Note: know the difference between NUMERIC and DECIMAL
Impression Tracking
Use AMPscript to create impression regions for use in tracking the effectiveness and performance of an email message.

When you create an email using AMPscript or dynamic content, you can give each region in the email a unique identifier. The system can use the unique identifier to track, segment, and report against data for each region.

One-to-One Relationship
A one-to-one relationship indicates that the data extensions relate to each other on a single piece of information called a primary key, such as a membership ID number or a mobile telephone number.
One-to-Many Relationship
A one-to-many relationship takes the value of a primary key attribute on the contact record and relates it to one or more instances of that value on another data extension.

One order can have many products in it.

Many-to-Many Relationship
A many-to-many relationship can match several different values between two data extensions.
Data Views
Data Views are system tables that store tracking data that can be accessed in query activities.

Undeliverable SMS
Social Network Tracking
Social Network Impressions

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