Marketing 2101 Chapter 4 (Temple University)

Which the following refers to interpreted​ data?
Which of the following refers to the process of​ collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data about​ customers, competitors, and the business environment in order to improve marketing​ effectiveness?
Market research
Organizations can utilize​ a(n) ________ as an internal corporate communication network that uses Internet technology to link company​ departments, employees, and databases.
Which of the following processes involves physically deconstructing a​ competitor’s product to determine how​ it’s put​ together?
Reverse engineering
Which of the following is a sample composed of individuals who just happen to be available when and where the data are being​ collected?
Convenience sample
Which of the following refers to a descriptive technique involving the systematic collection of quantitative​ information?
​Cross-sectional design
Which of the following exploratory market research techniques typically involves a​ product-oriented discussion among a small group of consumers led by a trained​ moderator?
Focus group
Which of the following types of research refers to research conducted for a single firm to provide specific information its managers​ need?
Custom research
Which of the following refers to the​ collection, deployment, and interpretation of information that allows a business to​ acquire, develop, and retain its​ customers?
Customer insights
Which of the following is a sample in which personal judgment is used to select​ respondents?
Nonprobability sample
Which of the following refers to a process that first determines what information marketing managers need and then​ gathers, sorts,​ analyzes, stores, and distributes relevant and timely marketing information to system​ users?
Marketing information system​ (MIS)
Which of the following is a marketing metric used to analyze Web​ traffic?
Bounce rate
​_____ research is research that probes systematically into the marketing problem and bases its conclusions on a large sample of participants.
Which of the following is a type of descriptive research that involves tracking the responses of the same sample of respondents over​ time?
Longitudinal design
Marketers use​ _____ research techniques when they want to know if a change in one thing is responsible for a change in something else. These factors are known as independent and dependent variables.
Which of the following is a sample in which each member of the population has some known chance of being​ included?
Probability sample
Which of the following describes a type of primary research involving a technique marketers use to generate insights for​ future, more rigorous​ studies?
Exploratory research
The​ _____ is a research method with primary data that becomes a comprehensive examination of a particular firm or organization.
case study
Which of the following describes a method by which marketers get information about everyday happenings in the marketing​ environment?
Market intelligence system
If a company is collecting data on a regular basis and selling the reports to multiple​ firms, it is conducting which of the following types of​ research?
Syndicated research
Which of the following refers to the data analysis software and interactive software that allow managers to conduct analyses and find the information they​ need?
Marketing decision support system​ (MDSS)
Which of the following has negatively impacted consumers the MOST when it comes to businesses wanting to conduct marketing research over the​ phone?
Which of the following refers to​ raw, unorganized facts that need to be​ processed?
Which of the following refers to an organized collection​ (often electronic) of data that can be searched and queried to provide information about​ contacts, products,​ customers, inventory, and​ more?
​_____ are text files that a website sponsor inserts into a​ user’s hard drive when the user connects with the site.

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