Lord of the Flies Essay Test~Review

When the story opens what is Ralph’s attitude toward the island?
•paradise, playground, no adults
•hot water, plenty of food

What forces begin to act upon him?
•Ralph is elected as chief
•things change for him
•takes a big responsibility to stay organized and keep order

What is his attitude towards jack?
•He originally got along with jack
•he was happy that there was somebody who seemed responsible(from the way he looked after choir boys)
•jack recognizes Ralph’s strengths

How does Ralph’s attitude towards jack change?
•the fire goes out because they are off hunting
•could care less about having a rescue plane see the signal fire
•jacks priority is to hunt rather than to be rescued

What is Ralph’s opinion of the beast when it is first mentioned?
•doesn’t believe it
•says it was just a littleuns dream or just an imagination

How does Ralph change his opinion?
•when sightings are found
•when they kill Simon, Ralph realizes that the evil is in the boys

What are the two forces pulling at Ralph?
•to be civilized or to be savage

What factor becomes the strongest in the end?
•to be civilized
•never ends up joining the savages
•Ralph admits he’s chief to a naval officer because civilization is performed

How is the novel an allegory for the garden of Eden?
•Eden-could not eat off Apple trees
•listen and break a rule=a sin
•put rules in place but temptations of savagery took over
•conch could only be spoken with, didn’t use in the end
•did not keep a fire won’t work or get water

Trace the development of Simon as a Christ figure.
•appreciates nature, everything blooms when he walks in, does not do evil things, shares food, does not kill, knows Ralph will be rescued, crucified, meditates, talks with lord of the flies(pigs head)

What is the meaning of lord of the flies?
Beelzebub-Greek term=demon

What is the significance of Piggys glasses?
Represent human intelligence and human knowledge, can be used in both a god and bad way

Contrast Ralph and jack as represent ices if opposing political forces,
Ralph democracy
Jack dictatorship

Contrast Ralph and jack as opposing political forces.
Ralph good
Jack evil

What is holding implied comment on our attitude toward brute force?
Some good people don’t have control over the evil that’s happening

Is holding totally pessimistic?
No he gives hope by presenting his good characters Ralph piggy and Simon who stand firmly in the face of evil represented by jack and the choir

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