Long term athlete development Essay Example
Long term athlete development Essay Example

Long term athlete development Essay Example

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  • Published: October 4, 2017
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Long Term Athlete Development ( LTAD )

Page 1 LTAD book

LTAD is a planned, systematic, and progressive development of single jocks and does non concentrate on short term additions and early success, but on what is best for the athletics participant throughout life ( Balyi, Way, & A ; Higgs, 2013 ) . The LATD theoretical account is a seven-stage model to steer the engagement, preparation, competition, and recovery tracts in athletics and physical activity, from babyhood through all stages of maturity. The seven phases are as follows.

Page 9 LTAD book

7 phases of LTAD

1 ) Active Start

2 ) Fundamentalss

3 ) Learn to Train

4 ) Train to Train

5 ) Train to Compete

6 ) Train to Win

7 ) Active agent for Life

Page 9 LTAD book

Harmonizing to ( Balyiet Al. , 2013 ) , there are 10 cardinal factors act uponing the above LTAD model, viz. :



p>1 ) Physical Literacy

2 ) Specialization

3 ) Age

4 ) Trainability

5 ) Intellectual, emotional, and moral development

6 ) Excellence takes clip

7 ) Periodization

8 ) Competition

9 ) System alignment and integrating

10 ) Continuous betterment

The Football Association of Singapore ( FAS )

The FAS is a National Sports Association ( NSA ) of Sport Singapore. It is responsible for developing and progressing the game of football at all degrees. Supplying a construction for the game to boom and regulating the running of football in Singapore. The FAS besides ensures that the Laws of the Game are adhered to, from the professional S. League to amateur conferences. Forming and running conference and cup competitions, the stewardship of international squads, the constitution of a young person development, adult females 's football, umpiring and training models are some

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of the personal businesss of the FAS. Mass engagement and the entreaty that crosses divides makes football the most popular athletics in Singapore ( The Football Association of Singapore, 2011 ) ) ( What FAS does )

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.fas.org.sg/fas/mission-statement

Five cardinal factors act uponing the LTAD model

In this assignment, I will analyze and discourse five cardinal factors act uponing the LTAD model applied to FAS’s budding jocks. They are:

1 ) Physical literacy

2 ) Age

3 ) Intellectual, emotional, and moral development

4 ) Excellence takes clip

5 ) Competition

1 ) Physical Literacy

hypertext transfer protocol: //canadiansportforlife.ca/resources/canadian-sport-life-long-term-athlete-development-2.0

Physical literacy is the basis of both engagement and excellence in physical activity and athletics. Persons who are physically literate are more likely to be active for life. Becoming physically literate is influenced by the individual’s age, ripening and capacity. Ideally, back uping the development of physical literacy should be a major focal point prior to the adolescent growing jet. The accomplishments that make up physical literacy vary by location and civilization, and depend on how much importance a society topographic points on certain activities.

Football is one of the most popular athleticss in Singapore and if you are interested in larning the beautiful game, there are many ways to travel about making it. FAS runs the Junior Centres of Excellence ( COE ) around the island and sporadically they conduct tests to choose participants for its Under-8, Under-10 and Under-12 squads ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.fas.org.sg/juniors/get-involved ) . This shows that FAS supports different age groups and their alone ability and development.

The United Kingdom Football Association ( FA ) besides focuses on kids’ football and are altering to smaller pitches, squads and

ends and following child-friendly competitions ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.thefa.com/my-football/player/youth-football/youth-development-review ) , in order to develop the motive and ability to understand, communicate, apply and analyse different signifiers of motion in a modified football environment.

2 ) Age

LTAD requires the designation of assorted age of adulthood in order to plan relevant preparation and competition plans relative to optimum trainability and disposition. The beginning of the growing jet and the extremum of the growing jet ( Peak Height Velocity ) are important landmarks for LTAD applications of preparation and competition design.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.fas.org.sg/youth/national-football-academy

The National Football Academy ( NFA ) was launched on 13 August 2000 with the purpose of developing Singapore 's most promising immature football players. Unlike other Football Associations which normally have 3 national age groups, the FAS has through their NFA established 4 national age-group squads viz. the Under-15, Under-16, Under-17 and Under-18 squads to supply elect participants with a systematic elite young person development developing programme as portion of their FAS Strategic Plan 2010-2015.

FAS has besides expanded their Junior Centers of Excellence ( JCOE ) for their Under-8, Under-10 and Under-12 age-groups from 3 centres to the current 10. In 2012, they have besides established an Under-6 age-group at one of their centres.

3 )Intellectual, emotional, and moral development

Intellectual, emotional and moral development are indispensable to each athlete’s development. Not merely is holistic development – which encompasses all of these factors, in add-on to physical development – beneficial to the person, but all of these skill sets are interlinked.

Player public assistance, including insurance, medical coverage and allowances are looked after under the horizon of the NFA. Educational support for the

participants includes manager and participant instruction, tuition and scholarships. The NFA besides offers athleticss scientific discipline support with physiology, psychological science, nutrition, biomechanics, fittingness conditioning and physical therapy programmes. ( http: //www.fas.org.sg/national-team/national % 20football % 20academy ) .

4 ) Excellence takes clip

It has been suggested that a lower limit of 10 old ages of pattern ( sometimes stated as 10,000 hours ) is needed for adept performing artists in any field to make the elect degree ( Ericsson, Charness, Feltovich, & A ; Hoffman, 2006 ) .

Sport Singapore supports Singapore’s lifting athletic stars. The Singapore Sports Institute ( SSI ) , the nation’s prime preparation centre, steadfastly believes in long-run athletics and athlete development in Singapore. To assist elite jocks reach their highest featuring possible in the international sphere, SSI provides a broad scope of Spex ( Sports Excellence ) programmes and supportservices. They are committed to acquiring the best for their sportswomans and adult females of Singapore and to advance athleticss as a platform for state edifice. In line with Vision 2030 to populate better through athleticss, they play an built-in function in constructing communities and societal coherence through athleticss and promote athleticss as a life style for Singaporeans.

Consistent with Sport Singapore’s Vision 2030, The National Football Academy ( NFA ) aims to develop Singapore 's most promising immature football players. The chief aims of the NFA are:

  • To supply a contributing football preparation environment, coupled with programmes to help trainees in their surveies and calling planning.
  • To assist participants of outstanding ability to develop to their fullest potency.
  • To prepare outstanding immature participants for the Prime League, S. League and finally to stand for Singapore.


the NFA, trainees are scouted through a systematic endowment designation procedure before being given the opportunity to develop their accomplishments under some of the best young person managers in the state. With squads at every age degree from U-14 to U-18, the NFA represents the hereafter of Singapore football ( The Football Association of Singapore, 2011 ) ( National Football Association ) .

5 ) Competition

FAS behaviors and organises competitions in the under 15 to under 18 degrees, local football degrees and international degrees. Optimal competition calendar planning at all phases is critical to athlete development. At certain phases, developing the physical capacities take precedency over competition. At ulterior phases, the ability to vie good becomes the focal point ( Canadian Sports for Life, 2011 ) .

FAS takes into consideration the development of its jocks. From young person to maturity, football participants are able to come in a competition based on an appropriate degree and age group.

FAS’s mission is to “enhance lives taking advanced development of competitory and recreational football in Singapore together with all our partners” ( The Football Association of Singapore, 2011 ) . This shows that FAS supports the impression of “Sports for All” , “Sports Excellence” and “Sports Industry” ( the three pillars of athleticss )


Canadian Sports for Life, the athleticss association for Canada, similar to Sport Singapore, attaches resources to their web site indicating out to their LTAD program. This is something Sport Singapore and FAS can emulate. Sport Singapore can expose and do known and educate visitants to their website clearly about their long term programs for their jocks. This will give transparence to the reader and a

better apprehension of Sport Singapore and FAS’s hereafter programs for its jocks.


Balyi, I. , Way, R. , & A ; Higgs, C. ( 2013 ) .Long-run Athlete Development.Human Kinetics.

Canadian Sports for Life. ( 2011 ) . Retrieved from Long Term Athlete Development 2.0: hypertext transfer protocol: //canadiansportforlife.ca/resources/canadian-sport-life-long-term-athlete-development-2.0

Ericsson, K. A. , Charness, N. , Feltovich, P. J. , & A ; Hoffman, R. R. ( 2006 ) .The Cambridge enchiridion of expertness and adept public presentation.New York, : New york: Cambridge University Press.

The Football Association of Singapore. ( 2011 ) . Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www.fas.org.sg/fas/what-fas-does.

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