Lexus GS600 SWOT Analysis Essay Example
Lexus GS600 SWOT Analysis Essay Example

Lexus GS600 SWOT Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: August 9, 2017
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The 2007 Lexus GS600 is a revolutionary vehicle that will demonstrate the autonomy of a car. A SWOT analysis of the Lexus GS600 will determine the potential success of selling this vehicle and any preparations that Lexus needs to make. The strength of the Lexus GS600 lies in its advantage of being the first to enter the market with a self-driving car, giving it a large market share. This also positions Lexus as the leading automaker in autonomous technology. If successful, the Lexus GS600 will create a strong association between the Lexus brand and cutting-edge technology. However, the weakness of the Lexus GS600 lies in its unproven technology. The autonomous driving system, which is fueled by a computer chip, may be prone to failure and lacks the ability to proactively handle rapidly changing traffic situations or learn from driving experiences. While it can


accelerate, decelerate, and stop in response to danger signals, doubts remain about its ability to change lanes or quickly react to other vehicles outside the computer's awareness zone. The opportunities for the Lexus GS600 lie in leveraging marketing and time-management tools.Car owners will have the ability to use time spent on long drives for other activities such as reading, talking on cell phones, writing, eating, or self-grooming. Lexus will also expand on this initial highway autopilot platform and develop a range of vehicles capable of performing even more functions on autopilot. The main threats to the Lexus GS600 are accidents and resulting legal actions. If accidents are attributed to the autopilot technology, Lexus could face significant financial losses through lawsuits and vehicle recalls, which could diminish any market share or competitive advantag

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