Lesson 7 port = carry

Term Definition
deport Illegal immigrants are often afraid that they will be forced to ___ the country.
export The Hawaiian farmers ___ pineapples to countries around the globe.
import During the time of trade, colonists were having to ___ tea from England due to tight restrictions held in place by the British.
portable My brother and I purchased a ___ tent that folds up into a backpack, which makes camping a breeze.
portage Because they didn’t have access to a larger boat, their ___ happened via canoe.
porter Molly hired a ___ so she wouldn’t have to carry her luggage down three flights of stairs.
portfolio Some painter’s maintain a ___ to showcase their work to potential customers.
report During our meeting, the manager handed out a ___ to share with his employees.
support Large beams ___ the bridge so that cars, bikes, and passengers can easily cross over the river.
transport If you have something extremely heavy to ___, a pickup truck is a great choice for making it easier to move around.

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