Kennedy and the Cold War By LegitSwag69

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It happened outside in a public place, where many people had gathered to watch him drive by.
How did the environment in which Kennedy was assassinated contribute to its tragic impact?
to help developing nations improve health care, agriculture, and other areas
Which best describes the purpose of President Kennedy’s Peace Corps program?
to send Americans into space.
As a result of Kennedy’s space plans, NASA created the Mercury program specifically
It was a failure that was an embarrassment for the Kennedy Administration.
Which of the following best describes the outcome of the Bay of Pigs Invasion?
to launch moon missions
What was the goal of the Apollo program?
It had a strong impact because it brought tragic events into people’s homes.
What impact did the media have on the nation’s mourning of President Kennedy’s death?
the USSR could use rockets to carry nuclear weapons.
When the Space Race began, the United States realized that
lead its own space program.
The United States formed NASA in 1958 to
government positions.
President Kennedy contributed to the civil rights movement by appointing African Americans to
in 1961
When did the Bay of Pigs invasion into Cuba occur?

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