Kansas Driving Handbook

Speed Limit in towns or cities
Thirty miles per hour

__ miles per hour on any separated multilane highway

__ miles per hour on any State or Federal Highway

__ miles per hour on any county or township highway.

When driving on wet or slippery roads, the speed limit is:
Reasonable for existing conditions.

How far before turning does the law require you to give a signal?
At least 100 ft.

The faster the traffic,
the sooner you should get into the proper lane.

Under normal conditions, a safe following distance between your car and the car ahead is:
Two seconds behind the vehicle you follow.

When two vehicles enter an intersection from different roadways at approximately the same time the driver on the ____ shall yield the right-of-way to the vehicle on the right.

a private drive or side road
Vehicles on a public street or highway have the right-of-way over vehicles entering from_______________________________.

Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
Parking is NOT allowed

Within 50 feet of the nearest rail at railroad crossings.
Parking is NOT allowed

turn wheels to left
When parking up hill

turn wheels to right
When parking down hill

turn wheels to right
When parking up hill WITHOUT CURB

A blind person legally has the right-of-way when
Using a white cane or led by a dog

Use bright lights
only when driving in the open country without other cars near

When you meet another vehicle at night, your must lower your headlight beams (dim your lights)
within 500 feet of them.

Lower your headlight beams (dim your lights) when following another vehicle
within 300 feet.

Use your lower headlight beams (dim your lights) when driving in…

no hitchhiking or soliciting
no hitchhiking or soliciting

When the automatic traffic signal turns yellow you should:
Go on if the light turns yellow after you enter the intersection

When driving in a fog you should always use your:
Low headlight beams (dim lights).

The best way to bring your car out of a skid is to:
Turn the front wheels in the direction of the skid.

If your right wheels run off the pavement you should:
Apply the brakes lightly, and turn back on the road at slow speed.

When entering the interstate highway:
Use acceleration lane to speed up before moving in.

Authorized Emergency Vehicles
Police cars, fire engines and ambulances, or other publicly or privately-owned vehicles displaying a flashing red light or sounding a warning siren.

Business and Residence District
Any area where fifty percent of the frontage for 300 feet or more is occupied by either commercial or residential buildings.

Combinations of Vehicles
Two or more vehicles, coupled together in a manner prescribed by law, with the front, or lead vehicle being used to propel the trailing or towed vehicle. Such combination cannot exceed the legal height, width, length, and weight requirements of this state.

Any portion of a roadway distinctly indicated for pedestrian crossing by lines or other markings, or that portion of a roadway that would be included by the connection of lateral lines of sidewalks at intersections.

Divided Highway
Means a highway divided into 2 or more roadways by an intervening space, a physical barrier, or by a clearly indicated dividing section so constructed as to impede vehicular traffic.

Farm Tractor
Every motor vehicle designed and used as a farm implement, power unit, operated with or without other attached farm implements in any manner consistent with the structural design of such power unit.

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