Journalism 101 Final

American television viewers see an average of how many commercials per week?
The first major mass medium to be supported primarily by advertising in the United States was which of the following?
The social process by which people go from having the identities they are born with, to being able to decide who they want to be is which of the following?
A) industrialization
B) modernization
C) urbanization
D) standardization
William Paley became convinced of the potential of radio advertising rights after he did which of the following?
He used radio advertising for his family’s cigar company (To get publicity)
In advertising, the cost of reaching 1,000 consumers with a particular advertisement in a particular medium is known as which of the following?
Broadcast television networks carry an average of _________ of advertising and promotion clutter per hour.
15 minutes
British television viewers see an average of _____ commercials per week.
In 2008, companies spent ______ a year advertising to children.
17 billion
According to the text, the gay market is seen as desirable to advertisers for which of the following reasons?
The market is perceived as relatively upscale.
The advertising agency department responsible for deciding where to place the advertising is which of the following?
Media Planning
The advertising agency department responsible for deciding on the target market for the advertising is which of the following?
Research and Planning
The Target department store identifies pregnant women who might want baby product coupons by:
Tracking the products they buy at the store
The advertising agency department responsible for developing the actual advertisements is which of the following?
creative activity
raised publicity to a fine art by writing letters to the editor under fake names and accusing himself of fraud
PT Barnum
Companies facing an online crisis from negative information spreading on the Internet should do which of the following?
Track the blogosphere and social media to see what people are saying about your company or organization
People who buy your company’s produce would be which of the following?
External Publics
In radio, the term “drive time” means which of the following?
Morning and afternoon commute times
Domino’s Pizza had a major public relations crisis in 2009 when:
Employees posted a prank video to YouTube showing them tampering with pizza and sandwiches
Ivy Lee suggested that the best way for the railroads to deal with accidents, in terms of the company’s image was to do which of the following?
Deal with the press openly
In public relations terms, a “crisis” is which of the following?
An event that is perceived by the public as damaging to the client’s image
The process of going from having work done by muscle to being done by machines is which of the following?
The innovation in the way Pears’ soap marketed its product was that it was the first to use which of the following?
A brand name
An advertisement designed to reach an audience in a set of southern suburbs of Minneapolis would be called ______ advertising.
“A group of people brought together to talk about how they perceive an organization, product, or issue” describes what sort of group?
Focus group
What is the main purpose of a press conference?
“there are as many or more goods available as people want to buy”
Economy of abundance
What company was behind the social media campaign ‘the cheesepocalypse”
From what medium did the largest portion of advertising agency revenues come from in 2013?
Digital Media
What was the job of the four minute men during world war one?
be prepared to give a series of four minute speeches
“Advertising designed to blend in with a publications editorial content” describes what sort of advertising?
Native Advertising
Relations between a company and the media should be which of the following?
A two-way dialouge
According to your text, public relations is which of the following?
A management function
Integrated marketing communication campaigns typically involve:
A) advertising
B) public relations
C) sales promotion
D) all of the above
All of the above
The media business often involves selling audiences to advertisers.
A good advertising campaign can get people to buy a bad product over an extended period of time.
Consumers will often pay more for a product that has a premium image attached to it by advertising.
Subliminal advertising using hidden sales messages is considered to be highly successful by major advertising agencies.
One advantage of advertising on radio is that you can purchase time for your ads at the last minute.
An example of an business-to-business ad would be which of the following?
an ad selling cleaning services to hotels
The Coca Cola commercial we watched in the lecture on advertising is an example of a direct action message.
The “big idea” is an advertising concept that will grab people’s attention, make them remember the product, and make them take action.
Advertisers like sending their messages to mobile phone screens because they can reach a highly targeted audience that way.
The ROPES public relation process includes
research, objectives, programming, evaluation, and stewardship
Which of the following statements about the PR campaign that followed the Exxon valdez oil spill problem is true
It was a failure because the company tried to handle media relations with a one-person office
Ivy Lee was an early press agent who’s famous saying was “Tell the press anything- lie, cheat, steal- but don’t tell them the truth”
a basic rule for being an effective political spokesperson is to: “Tell the truth, tell it all, tell it early, and tell it yourself”
Bernays used the term “opinion leadership” to refer to which of the following
Using respect individuals to influence members of the community
Which of the following is not a function of PR, according to Edward L. Bernays?
Before the 1920s press agents mostly worked at getting publicity for their clients as opposed to creating an image
Public relations only works for the rich and powerful. it is ineffective in helping the poor and working
Some experts believe even companies with billions of customers will need to communicate on a one-to-one basis with those customers in the future.
The biggest change in outdoor advertising over the last ten years has been the growth of digital billboards.
The media business often involves selling audiences to advertisers.
The inclusion of sponsors’ products into the plots of television shows and movies is known as product integration.
An example of an indirect action message would be which of the following?
an ad by Honda promoting corporate responsibility through the fuel efficiency of its line of SUVs

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