ITN 262 QUIZ 2

True or False? When handling an analog signal, the electronic circuits can self-correct minor errors.
Modern internet technology evolved from research on:
In a wireless transmission, a host first sends a:
RTS message
1111 1111 – 1111 1111 – 1111 0000 – 0000 0000 is an example of:
a binary network mask
A tool that captures packets on a network and helps you analyze the packets is:
Wireshark is an example of:
an IPv4 address
A disadvantage of a point-to-point network is:
no broadcasting
The nmap utility:

identifies the versions of network protocol software each host is running.

maps all devices on a LAN.

A MAC address:

is associated with a network interface.

must be unique on a network.

An autonomous system (AS):

handles two types of routing, interior and exterior.

uses border routers to connect one AS to another.

True or False? Private IP addresses may only be used on a private network.
A disadvantage of a tree network is:
address-based size limits
True or False? A simple network has two primary parts: hosts and computers.
True or False? Layer 2 routers connect LANs or other integrated networks together.
True or False? If a host contains unprotected files, the files may be accessible to attackers. Because of this, many systems disable file sharing.
The well-known port number 80 is used for:
the World Wide Web
Packet addressing and routing on the Internet rely entirely on:
IP addresses
True or False? The time to live (TTL) field in an IP header counts the number of hops a packet takes through routers on its way to its destination.
A disadvantage of a mesh network is:
An advantage of a bus network is:
no routing
True or False? A collision occurs if two or more hosts try to transmit a packet at once.
To see a list of MAC addresses on a Windows-based network:
issue the ipconfig /all command
True or False? When internet technology connects two networks with separate link layers together, each individual network is called a subnet.
Three strategies for sending data across a network are:

packet switching.

message switching.

circuit switching.

To launch a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack, an attacker often uses:
a botnet
An advantage of packet switching is:
parallel transmission
True or False? Network address translation (NAT) prevents hosts on a LAN from sharing the global IP address assigned by the ISP.
A rootkit is:
software that hides on a computer and provides a back door for an attacker
Another term for “maximum data rate” is:
A disadvantage of a star network is:
True or False? A frame is a single data packet on an Ethernet network.
A major obstacle to becoming an ISP today is:
the shortage of Internet addresses
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