IS Project Management: Chapter 3 – Part A – MOV

Measurable Organizational Value

– is a “Measure of Success”

MOV must…
– support the organization’s vision, mission, and strategy

– be measurable

– provide value

– Be agreed upon

– Be verifiable

Project Objectives
Support the MOV and include..

– Scope (the project work to be completed)

– Schedule (time)

– Budget (money)

– Quality ( conformance or fitness for use)

MOV – Step One
Identify the desired area of impact

– Strategic

– Customer

– Financial

– Operational

– Social

MOV – Step Two
Identify the desired value of the IT project

– Better

– Faster

– Cheaper

– Do More

Customer Impact (Examples)
– New products or services

– Better quality products or services

– Lower priced products or services

Strategic Impact (Examples)
– New Markets

– Increased Market Share

– Changing the terms of competition

Financial Impact (Examples)
– Increased Revenue

– Lower Costs

Operational Impact (Examples)
– More efficient processes

– More effective processes

Social Impact (Examples)
– Dissemination of Knowledge

– Improved safety

– Cleaner Environment

Areas of Social Impact
– Education

– Health

– Safety

– Environment

MOV – Step 3
Develop an Appropriate Metric

– Provide target

– Set expectations

– enable success/failure determination

– Common metrics (Money, Percentage, Numeric Values)

MOV – Step 4
Set a time from for achieving MOV
MOV – Step 5
Verify and Get agreement from the project stakeholders
MOV – Step 6
Summarize MOV in a clear, concise statement or table

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