IS 443 Test 1

A record consists of a
Set of one or more fields

What is a benefit of using a DBMS
They help create an environment for end users to have access to more data

The DBMS allows you to extrapolate information from your data by using
Query language

Which is NOT considered a 3GL
3. Query Language
Query Language

Database management systems, operating systems, applications, and utilities are all examples of

A DBMS performs several important functions that guarantee the integrity and consistency of the data in the database. Which of the following is NOT one of those functions?
a. Data integrity management
b. Data storage management
c. Data reports
d. Security management
Data Reports

Ad hoc query is a
Spur-of-the-moment question

John is working in the customer table and needs to know what customers are located in Florida. To find the information, he would
Create a new query

Which of the following is NOT a data anomaly
1. Modification
2. Insertion
3. Deletion
4. Correction

Who run the organization’s daily operations?
End users

Activities that make the database perform more efficiently, in terms of storage and access speed, are known as performance___?

What deals with fixing the database after a failure, such as hard disk malfunction

A raw fact, such as an invoice date, is known as___?

What manages interactions between the end user and the database?

Another name for production database is a _____ database

All of these are true about database except:
1. It is a shared, integrated structure
2. It stores user data
3. It must contain multiple tables
4. It stores metadata
It must contain multiple tables

SQL is
Structured Query Language

A relational database is a group of…

One of the advantages of a relations database model is…
Easier database design

The hierarchical database model is based on a
Tree structure

Given its parent/child structure, the hierarchical model yields integrity and consistency; there cannot be…
A child without a parent

A relational database model
Lets the user operate in a human logical environment

The network database models have an
Owner/member relationship that promotes database integrity

Which of the following was NOT produced by the DBTG of CODASYL?
1. Standard network specifications for a network schema
2. Standard network specifications for a network schema
3. Standard specifications for a data management language
4. Standard diagrams for database modeling known as ERD
Standard diagrams for database modeling known as ERD

Because an RDBMS hides the system’s complexity from the user/designer….
Data management is easier

Database models can be grouped into two categories: conceptual modes and ______ models

Classes are organized into a class ____

What model contains the least semantics?

Which of the following data models are dependent on their physical structure?
1. Object oriented
2. Relational
3. Semantic
4. Hierarchical

A data model must represent the ___ world as closely as possible

What modern development has dramatically changed the direction database technology was moving in?
The internet.

Which of the following databases does NOT provide structural independence?
1. Network
2. Relational
3. Entity Relationship
4. Object oriented

What model is independent of both hardware and software?
1. Conceptual
2. External
3. Developmental
4. Logical

The ___ model adapts a conceptual model to a specific DBMS
(Internal, entity, external, database)

What type of relationship is expressed with the phrase “painter paints painting”?

Which of the following is likely to be a business rule as relates to data modeling?
1. A customer may make many payments on an account.
2. A machine operator may not work more than 10 hours in a 24 hour period.
3. A training session cannot be scheduled for fewer than 10 employees or more than 30 employees.
4. Casual fridays take place in the summer.
Casual fridays take place in the summer

Nulls, if used improperly, can create problems because they can represent ___
A known, but missing, attribute value.

The entity integrity rule requires that ___
All primary key entries are unique, cannot be NULL

According to E.F. Codd, another word for the term “relation” is __

Each table must have a ____ Key

The key’s role is based on a concept known as ___

A table can be logically connected to another table by defining a ___
Common Attribute

A relational operator that yields all values from selected attributes is known as the _____ operator.

In a relationship, when a primary key from one table is also defined in a second table, the field is referred to as a ____ in the second table
Foreign key

A primary key that consists of more than one field is called a ___ key

A field that consists of integer values is a ___ type field

Which of the following is NOT an allowable operation for a date field?
1. Compare two dates
2. Multiply two dates
3. Convert a date from its internal representation to different presentation format
4. Create a date by adding or subtracting a number of days from a given date
Multiply two dates (WHY WOULD YOU MULTIPLY?)

We can describe a link by observing that ___.
1. a primary key of one table appears again as a primary key in a related table
2. a foreign key of one table appears again as a foreign key in a related table
3. a primary key of one table appears again as a foreign key in a related table
4. a foreign key of one table appears again as a primary key in a related table
A primary key of one table appears again as a foreign key in a related table

A ___ key is defined as a key that is used strictly for data retrieval purposes.
Secondary key

A relational operator that combines all rows from two tables is considered to be a(n).

The ERD is used to graphically represent the ____ database model.

A ___ attribute can be further subdivided to yield additional attributes.

A ___ attribute can have only one value.
Single valued

A __ attribute need not be physically stored within the database

A ___ relationship exists when two entities are associated

Attributes may share a

In an ER diagram, primary keys are indicated by ___

What is the ideal number of attributes used to make up a primary key?

Which of the following might be represented with a multivalued attribute?
1. Persons name
2. Class location
3. Bank account balance
4. Book title
Class location (state, city, building, room number, etc)

what type of attribute cannot be created in a DBMS?

In the Chen model, cardinality is indicated using the ___ notation
a. (max, min)
b. (min, max)
c. [min … max]
d. {min|max}
(min, max)

The extended entity relationship model (EERM) is sometimes referred to as the ___
Enhanced entity relationship model

The ___ depicts the arrangement of higher-level entity supertypes (parent entities) and lower-level entity subtypes (child entities).
Specialization Hierarchy

One important inheritance characteristic is that all entity subtypes inherit their ___
Primary Key

A ___ is the attribute in the super type entity that determines to which entity subtype each supertype occurrence is related
Subtype discriminator

Non-overlapping subtypes are subtypes that contain a ___ subset of the supertype entity set

A ___ occurs when a relationship is improperly or incompletely identified and, therefore, is represented in a way that is not consistent with the real world
Design Trap

The traditional SDLC is divided into ___ phases.

The initial assessment and the feasibility study are part of the SDLC’s ____ phase.

Evaluation, maintenance, and enhancement are part of the ____ phase

The ___ design is the process of selecting the data storage and data access characteristics of the database

Which of the following questions would NOT be asked by a manager viewing the database?
1. How will the data be accessed?
2. What are the problems?
3. What are the solutions to the problems?
4. What data is required to generate the desired information?
How will the data be accessed? (Why would he ask that if he is viewing the database already, as in already accessed it)

What is the primary objective of database design?
To create complete, normalized, nonredundant,and fully integrated conceptual, logical, and physical database models.

“Should the existing system be replaced?” is a question that is asked during the ___ stage of the SDLC

Once the data has been loaded into the database, the ___ tests and fine-tunes the database for performance, integrity, concurrent access, and security constraints
Database Administrator

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