Introduction To Chemistry


What is an atom?



 basic unit of matter



 This picture demonstrates three things.

What are they showing?

Hint: (3 __________ of _______)




3 states of matter




What charge does a neutron have?

Where is a neutron located?

neutral or no charge particle


located in the nucleus of the atom


What is an electron?




Where do you find an electron?

negatively charged particle


found outside the nucleus

in an orbital or energy level


What is a compound?



a substance

formed by


two or more elements




The science that deals with the composition and properties of substances is known as …?









What is an isotope?



 atoms of the same element

that have

different number of neutrons



What are the

two main types

of chemical bonding?




ionic bonding



The type of bond

when two or more electrons are transferred from one atom

to another is called..??



ionic bond



A chemical bond that

shares electrons

is known as __________.



covalent bonding





A smalled unit

of a compound

is known as a …?









What is a mixture?


material composed of

two or more elements or compounds that are physically mixed together,

but not chemically combined


An attraction

between molecules

of different substances

is known as…







An attraction

between molecules

of the same substances

is known as….







A mixture

of two or more substances

in which the molecules of

the substances are

evenly distributed is known as …?







The universal solvent is ____________.







A substance in which

a solute is dissolved

to form a solution

is known as ..?







A substance that is dissolved

in a solvent

to make a solution

is known as ..?







What is a suspension?






A mixture of water and

nondissolved materials



Percent of hydroden

can be abbreviated as ….








The pH scale ranges from

_____ to _____.






0 to 14


In order to be considered neutral

on the pH scale,

you must have a pH of _________________.


exactly 7.0




If you have a pH of 0 to 6.9999

on the pH scale,

you are considered a(n) _____________.







If you are tomato juice

you would be considerded:


(acidic, neutral, or basic)







If you are considered pure water,

you are ___________.

(acidic, neutral, or basic)








If you have a pH of 10 (most soaps),

you are considered:

(acidic, neutral, or basic)







 How many atoms of hydrogen

are in a water molecule?


How many atoms of oxygen

are in a water molecule?





2 hydrogen atoms;

1 oxygen atom




What is an ion?



atom that has a

positive or negative charge



The outermost layer

of electrons is known as the ____________ electrons.





valence electrons



When doing the Bohr models,

how can you tell

how many valence electrons there are?


Do the model and see how many electrons

are in the outermost shell;


refer to the column # in the periodic table





In the first energy level,

the maximum amount of electrons

allowed are ___________.




2 electrons


In the 100th energy level,

what is the

maximum amount of electrons

you can have?



8 electrons


In order to be

considered stable,

the element must….


have its outermost (valence) layer filled to capacity


1st level: 2 max

2nd level: 8 max

3rd level:  8 max

4th level: 8 max




What is the only element that

does not have any neutrons?








Who created

the periodic table?






Dmitri Mendeleev



The two subatomic particles

found within the nucleus

of an atom

are called the _____ and _____.




proton and neutron




Another term

for the atomic mass is….?


atomic weight


mass number



Define the term

atomic mass.




the mass of the

protons and neutrons





What is the

chemical symbol

for potassium?






(capital K)



How many protons

does carbon have?









What is the

element symbol

for mercury?









The chemical formula

of NaCl is a fancy name

for this item…





table salt


How many neutrons

does Scandium have?


(Hint: atomic # 21

atomic mass = 44.956)


Atomic mass – Atomic number =

# of neutrons



 45-21 = 24 neutrons



What is the

element symbol for nickel?








If I go from a 4 to a 5 on the pH scale,

what times greater

is that concentration?



10 times

(for every jump I go 101)



If I go from a concentration of 10 to 12

on the pH scale,

what times greater is that concentration?



100 times greater


(I jumped 2 spaces,

so it is 102)



What type mixture is soda –


or heterogeneous?






(the same throughout)




Is burning a piece of paper,

a chemical or physical change?






(you can’t put it back together!)

True/False: There are 50 flashcards.


True/False: I got every one correct.


True/False: I have been studying for the exam.


True/False: Chemistry is fun!


True/False: I love my chemistry teacher!




If you answered “true”

for all of these questions,

then you are done!



What do I always need to bring

to a test/quiz?




A pencil!

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