Intro to Sport Management

What is Sport Management?
The field of studying offering the specialized training and education necessary for individuals seeking careers in any of the many segments of the industry
Sport VS. Sport
Sports is the singular term in nature
sport is the encompassing of all terms
What is Sports administration
Set goals and policies
Colleges and Universities
Segments of the sport industry
facility management
event management
sport communication
social media
sport agent
ticket sales
media relations
What to expect in the sport industry
non traditional hours
growth and advancement
industry perks
Unique Aspects of sport
sport marketing
financial structures
career paths
produced and consumed simultaneously
revenue generated from alternate revenue streams
Customer base (fans) (marketing)
intense sense of identification
intense levels of identification
Sport venues (marketing)
produces and display its product in a variety of settings
Sport Management Process
decision making
what determines your success as a manager
your ability to do problem solve and make correct (productive) decisions determines in part your success as a manager
identify/set organizational goals
develop[ and implement strategies to achieve them
what are the classification of plans
period of time
frequency of us
what are the aspects of a Functional plan
marketing plan
human resource plan
financial plans
promotion plans
Period of time plan
most popular
short range
long range
frequency of use plan
standing use
single use
Mintzberg’s managerial roles
interpersonal roles
information roles
decision roles
Interpersonal roles
figure head
informational rules
Field experience (breaking into sport industry)
Entry level jobs (description)
help employer
gain experience
learning stage of career
develop skills
Specific tasks of game experience
oversees music
video boards
public address messages
Definition of game experience
Focuses on enhancing the experience of people who attend games
Community relations
develops relationship with public entities (charity)
What is an example of creating an adminsiter grassroots functions
example of a league wide program
NBA Reads programs
Equipment manager
headgear to uniforms
practice fields or the road
technological improvements
purchases equipment
what is the accountability system established by equipment managers
Media relations
assists and works with the media providing information for game coverage and publicity
Ensures that needs of media are met at every sporting event
responsible for all publications such as media guides and game programs
tv, radio, social media
Sport Marketing
activities designed to meet the needs and wants of sport consumer through exchange processes
marketing of sport products and services directly to who
What are sport promotions
marketing of other consumer and industrial products or services through the use of sport promotions
Marketing Mix
what the organization is going to sell
Challenges of marketing mix
producing the right product for customers
value of the product and the price the consumer must pay to obtain it
delivered to consumer
consumer go where product produced
available channels
communication activities
what are the variety of promotional methods
print, television, radio, internet and cross promotions
Market Segmentation
dividing large groups of consumers into smaller groups
methods of segmentation
benefit segmentation
geographic segmentation
Examples of first line managers
academic coordinator
business and finance manager
compliance officer
development an public relations director
event and facility manager
marketing and promotions director
sports information director
ticket office
ticket sales
senior woman administrator
equipment manager
Examples of Middle Managers
sports information director
community relations
senior women administrator
sport programs/coaches
athletic staff
athletic trainers
Business operations
internal operations
external operations
internal services
are all what
middle managers
Athletic Director Duties
overall supervision of student athletes
event scheduling
game/event management
budget preparation and management
Hire all officials, coaches trainers and staff
oversee booster club
eligibility compliance
attend meetings
evaluate head coaches
are all duties of what
Athletic Director
Associate, assistant or assistant to Athletic director, assistant program director/sport managers are considered what
middle managers
Associate AD oversees what
internal operations
external operations
business operations
internal services
community relations
sports information
scheduling compliance
A sport agent is responsible for
negotiating contracts and procuring endorsements for professional athletes
What is the primary of responsibility of a sports agent
representation of the athletes interest
How much money do sports agent receive
4-10 percent of playing contract
10-20 percent of endorsement contracts
NFL agents percentage
no more than 3 percent of playing contract
NBA Agent percentage
not permitted to receive more than 4 percent of playing contract
NFLPA certification
Many agents possess
professional degrees and credentials
Sport agents are also
certified public accountants
investment advisors
financial planning
Sports agents must be knowledgeable about
business management
financial and risk analysis
trends in sport
market changes
Sports agents have these skills
communication and negotiation skills
highly motivated
NCAA national office
ncaa staff directory enforcement office
agent and amateurism
Unifrom athlete agents act
enforcement services intern job description
League Think
pioneered and most effectively implemented by the NFL, this term represents the notional that teams must recognize the importance of their competition and share revenues to ensure that their competitors remain strong
The acquisition of rights to affiliate or associate directly with a product or event for the purpose of deriving benefits related to that affiliation or association
Luxury Tax
Device used by MLB and the NBA to tax the teams that spend the most (or spend too much as defined by CBA) on player payroll and to share those taxes with teams that do not have high payrolls
A collective group of athletes in team sports who unionize so that the athletes can bargain collectively with the league owners (management). Typically represented by a union head in negotiations with management
Salary Caps
Agreements collectively bargained between labor and management that establish a league-wide team payroll (i.e salaries, bonuses and incentive clauses) threshold that cannot be exceeded in most cases. Typically set using a percentage of league gross revenues as a starting point
The collective group of ownership that is negotiating with the players or labor. Typically represented by a league commissioner, who is technically an agent for the owners in negotiations with labor
North American Society for Sport Management
Purpose of NAASM
to promote, stimulate and encourage study, research, scholarly writing and professional development in the area of sport management
what year was NAASM established
Past 2 presidents of NAASM
Larena Hoeber
Bob Baker
Current president of NAASM
Dr. Marelene Dixon
Commission on Sport Management Accreditation
Purpose of COSMA
to promote and recognize excellence in sport mangement education worldwide in colleges and universities at the baccalaureate and masters level through specialzied accreditation
2 board members of COSMA
Robertha Abney
Susan Foster
2 school to become first sport management undergrad program accredited by COSMA
Slippery Rock University
Saint Leo University
Explain the evolution of sport management
Walter O’Malley wanted someone who was trained to administer sport facilities and hold an executive position
Individual who was widely recognized for the development of sport administration academic programs
James Mason
University with the First masters for sport administration program
Ohio University
List the name of university to develop the 2nd masters sport management program
University of Mass
Monetary Value of Sport industry
498.4 billion
Individual who encouraged acadmicians to develop programs to prepare sport managers in 1957
Walter O’Malley
What year was first sport program at SRU established
One sport management program outcome
Communication- use communication skills with individuals and groups; disseminate information in a variety of oral, written, electronic formats to diverse populations such as customers, clients employees and managers
What does SMA stand for
Sport management alliance

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