Intro to Sport Admin Final

What was the first sport to use sport management principles in the US?
Harness racing
Who founded the National League in baseball?
William Hulbert
Who founded the UC Sport Administration program?
Bob Brinkmeyer
Why did thoroughbred racing in the early US fail to gain popularity?
Lack of aristocratic tradition
The underrepresentation of women, minorities, and people with disabilities in the sport industry is an important issue for sport managers who value ___ in the workplace.
What sport organization did Walter O’Malley work for?
Brooklyn Dodgers
The jockey club concept originated in which nation?
According to the results of a “Gallup Poll” administered to successful sport managers; they identified the 3 most important “traits” a sport manager should possess. They are Integrity, Industriousness and ____?
The ability to get along with people
In our class lesson on administrative “functions” and managerial tasks/duties; this one was identified in Dr. Kelley’s research as the #1 most important task/duty an interscholastic athletic director can perform?
Recruit and supervise coaches
The administrative task of “developing and implementing policies and procedures for coaches and athletes” is most closely aligned with the administrative function of?
The sport industry in the US is growing at an incredible rate.
Two of the more recent approaches to management are empowerment and managing technology.
The US is the birthplace of modern sport and sport management.
Sport managers in today’s sport organizations need to be aware of ever-changing management thoughts and ideas, to learn from these theories, and to incorporate what works best within their organizations.
Organizing involves setting a course of action for the sport organization.
The Cincinnati Reds were the first professional baseball team.
Despite other strict rules, William Hulbert allowed players in the National League to gamble.
Motivating employees on a daily basis is a constant challenge to any sport manager.
Rapidly changing technology and the globalization of the marketplace all make it necessary for “future” sport managers to adapt.
Sport management is unique only to North America.
Many of the earliest US lawsuits in the sport industry involve the business of ___.
Which unit establishes policies for applying Title IX to athletic participation?
The office of Civil Rights
The process of making a correct and fair decision is called:
Ethical reasoning
The first pillar (Pillar 1) in Johnson’s Six Pillar of Character is:
Supervising a school athletic program or youth league includes responsibilities such as:
Hiring, supervising and evaluating coaches;
Coordinating nearly all facets of contest management, including hiring and paying or officials and event staff;
Setting departmental/league training and disciplinary policies
Why does Title IX not impact youth leagues in most cases?
Because they do not depend on municipal funding or utilize public facilities
The first intercollegiate athletic event in the US was:
A crew race between Harvard and Yale
The most appropriate method for Title IX compliance is:
Roster management;
Cutting sports;
Increasing participation and funding opportunities for female student-athletes;
NONE of the Above
North America is home to how many preeminent professional leagues?
The practice of giving a team a portion of various league-wide revenues (expansion fees, national television revenue, gate receipts and licensing revenues) is called:
Revenue sharing
To decide whether a school or college is in compliance with Title IX, the unit charged with governing Title IX focuses on three areas.
Sport managers are negligent when they commit an act or omission that causes injury to a person to whom they owe a duty to act with care.
Because school and youth sport organizations are not-for-profit enterprises, associated programs are not concerned with controlling costs and maintaining balanced budgets.
Title IX was passed in 1973.
Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis was the first professional sports agent.
The Academic Progress Rate, which measures real-time results of eligibility and retention of student-athletes, has a minimum of what score?
Which men’s sport has been cut the most since Title IX was signed into law?
Aaron Zupka was a guest speaker in class. He is the Athletic Director at which school?
Clark Montessori
The “Battle of the Sexes” was a tennis match b/t which two athletes?
King and Riggs
What is the name of the primary rule-making body for college athletics in the US?
Who is often called the first sports agent?
CC Pyle
Tim Bray was a guest speaker in class who represented which organization?
Kentucky Speedway
The ___ acts as the point person for the facility in managing each or show.
Event director
____ are formally defined as a promise by the borrowers to pay back the lender a specified amount of money, with interest, within a specified period of time.
In 1938, what team prevailed in a lawsuit against a radio station who had broadcast their games without permission?
Pittsburg Pirates
A common tool used by events to reduce the potential for a lawsuit is:
Using a wavier and release of liability form
When a sport management/marketing agency focuses exclusively on advising corporations on how to maximize their involvement with sponsorship opportunities, it is known as:
A specialized agency
Who was the “endorsement king of the pre-Michael Jordan era?”
Arnold Palmer
A sport management/marketing agency is defined as:
A business that represents the legal and marketing interests of athletes
The Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961:
Granted professional sports immunity from anti-trust actions regarding the pooling of broadcasting rights
An agent must help an athlete with the transition from a professional playing career as an athlete and with post career planning and retirement.
The Meadowlands in Northern New Jersey was a publically financed stadium efficiently built with the intention of housing both a football team and a baseball team.
The most important part of an operations director’s job is coordinating, scheduling, and supervising the numerous change-overs that take place when one event moves in and the other moves out.
The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) regulates the communications industry.
Sports managers can use Twitter to announce promotions and break news regarding their program.
Sports agencies can be categorized as full-service agencies, specialized agencies, or in-house agencies.
Being the marketing director for an arena, performing arts center, or other venue is a very clam, slowed-paced and relaxed career track.
Ancillary revenue occurs from the sale of food and beverage, merchandise, parking charges, ticket fees, and sponsorships.
According to the textbook, the Scott Boras Corporation represents less than 60 professional athletes.
Sports teams have embraced podcasts as a means to reach out to fans and provide insights to further bolster relationships.
Sport managers have utilized Facebook primarily through which two different means?
Group pages and fan pages
Who coined the phrase “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.”
Roone Arledge
Which college was the first to enter into a formal licensing agreement in 1973?
Which NBA team led the way with podcasts?
Phoenix Suns
In a formal licensing agreement between a league or team and a manufacturer, which of the following describes the league or team?
Sponsorship provides a company with all of the following except:
Opportunities to receive revenue back from the team or league based on success on the field/court
Reasons for the tremendous growth in sport sponsorship over the past two decades include:
The commercial success of the Los Angeles Olympics;
The increased media interest in sport;
Sponsorship being viewed as a way for companies to break through the clutter of traditional advertising
Return on investment (ROI) in the sport industry world is defined as:
Meeting the company’s specific marketing and sales objectives in some measurable way
The sports audience is on average:
Wealthier, better educated, and older than the typical audience;
Made up of 60-70% men
Kevin Plank, a former University of Maryland athlete, founded what company by selling products out of the trunk of his car?
Under Armour
New media can be defined as the emergence of digital, computerized or networked information and communication technologies in the later part of the 20th century.
The Ohio State University athletic department is an example of a licensee.
The Dayton Dragons, in carrying out their innovative sponsorship strategy called “dominant identity,” limit the total number of team sponsors to just 30.
Sponsorship is one of the most prolific forms of sport marketing.
The athletic footwear segment of the sporting good industry does not include hiking shoes and boots.
New media technologies provide a relatively easy and cost-effective means for sport organizations to promote their products and reach a wide audience.
Joe Gallagher spoke about his involvement with corporate sponsorship sales with IMG here on the University of Cincinnati’s campus.
Kristin Ropp spoke about her involvement in helping leverage the “” website as a recruitment tool.
The NCAA set blogging guidelines in 2010.
Tommy Gelehrter is the University of Cincinnati’s Senior Director/New Media and Broadcasting and spoke about the do’s and don’ts of Twitter (i.e. the Grandma Rule).
UC Sport Admin. Program Director
Robert Brinkmeyer
Assistant AD/Promotions and Special Events for UC Athletics
Leslie Wenert
CFO for UC Athletics
Omar Banks
UC Sr. Associate AD for Compliance
Maggie McKinley
Munoz Agency
Ryan Betscher
Clark Montessori HS
Aaron Zupka
AD at Thomas More College (NCAA Division III)
Terry Connor
Dr. Joe Luckey
Sr. Manager for Corporate Sales for the Cincinnati Bengals
Ryan Holmes
KMG Sports Management
Richard Katz
US Bank Arena
Kristin Ropp
Director of Communications for Kentucky Motor Speedway
Tim Bray
Director of New Media and Broadcasting for UC Athletics
Tommy G.
UC Sport Com. Office
Andre F. and Katie B.
UC-IMG College
Joe Gallagher
CSC and Countryside YMCA
Zach McCollum, Executive Director
Co-owner of the Newark Eagles in the Negro Baseball league and is the 1st woman ever elected to the baseball HOF in Cooperstown
Effa Manley
First modern city Olympic games were held in 1896
Athens, Greece
Title IX became a federal law in
In 1966, this University started the very first sport management academic program
Ohio University
sport grew out of Thoroughbred racing and became 1820’s version of NASCAR
harness racing
Salary cap used in the NFL is an example of a “Soft cap”
NFL uses its scheduling system to foster better competitive balance by giving teams with the poorer records during the previous season easier schedules the following season.
Teams prefer their stadiums to have more ordinary/regular seating compared to having luxury and club seating
The average annual growth of NFL franchises has been greater than that for the other three USA professional sports leagues over the last 15 years
SportBusiness Journal estimates that the total spending across the entire sport industry amounted to $214 Billion in 2006
2008, which NBA team led the way with podcasts?
Phoenix Suns
Who set the blogging guidelines in 2010?
IOC (International Olympic Committee
Laptops are now the largest providers of wireless access to the internet.
Sport managers have used Twitter to humanize their bands.
New media can be defined as the emergence of digital, computerized or networked.
Money used to build facilities is obtained through what?
What is the youngest of the 4 major USA sport leagues?
When the season is over, according to the book, the main “non-sporting events” for stadiums are what?
Outdoor or domed facilities built with intention of housing sporting and entertainment events are what?
There is an anticipated increase in racial and ethnic diversity in urban areas.
Parks and Recreation departments are financed entirely with local property taxes as well as State and Federal Government subsidies.
There is a substantial increase in the number of people with physical disabilities and recreational administrators need to adapt programs to meet the demand.
B/t 1990 and 2025, it is anticipated that the American population will increase by 50 million. What % of this increase will be accomplished by racial minorities particularly Latino/Latina Americans?
The number of women participating in outside recreational activities __ the number of men participating in outdoor recreational activities.
Is higher
In the near future, which of the following will be true of participants in outdoor recreation programs?
They will be older; more women; more participants from ethnic minority populations.
Boys and Girls clubs rely on which of the following revenue sources to find their programs?
Private donations, in-house fundraising, user fees or membership sales
Senior golfers over the age of 50 make up what % of the total golf population in the US?
What are some of the popular activities from the past that are demonstrating flat or no growth in recreational sport?
Fishing, hunting, walking and jogging
What are some of the current popular activities that are demonstrating tremendous growth?
Zip lining and snowboarding
What are the three areas of focus or “tests” used in Title IX?
Proportionality, history and continuing practice; and effectively accommodating interests and abilities
A person or company who grants official or legal permission to do or own a specific thing. In a formal licensing agreement b/t the team or a manufacturer, this describes the league or team.
A person or company to whom a license is issued or granted.

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