Intro to Quality Chapter 6: Performance Improvement Tools

Qualitative tools
Analytic improvement tools used for generating ideas, setting priorities, maintaining directions, determining problem causes and clarifying processes.
Quantitative tools
analytic improvement tools used form measuring performance, collecting and displaying data, and monitoring performance
an interactive decision making technique designed to generate a large number of creative ideas
a group decision making technique used to reduce a long list of items to a managebale one by means of structured series of votes
Nominal group technique
a structured form of brainstorming used to identify and rank issues
affinity diagrams
charts used by improvement teams to organize ideas and issues, gain a better understanding of a problem, and brainstorm potential solutions
cause and effect diagrams
graphic representations of the relationships between outcomes and the factors that influence them; sometimes called Ishikawa or fishbone diagrams
decision matrix
a chart used to systematically identify, analyze, and rate the strength of relationships between sets of information, especially useful for looking at large numbers of decision factors and assessing each factors relative importance
prioritizaiton matrix
a tool used to identify the most importatnt and most executable items from a large number of ideas or projects
Five Whys
an analysis that delves into problem causes by seccessively asking what and why until all aspects of the situation, process, or service are reviewed and contributing factors are considered. Think 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon
graphic representations of a process. also referred to as process maps
High-level flowchart
a graphic representaiton of the ajor steps in a process
detailed flowchart
a chart that shows the sequence of activiteis and steps in a process and decision points
deployment flowchart
a chart that shows the steps in a process and identifies the people or groups involved in each step; sometimes called a cross-functional flowchart
top-down flowchart
a chart on which major process steps are arranged sequentially across the top and detailed steps are listed under each major step
workflow diagram
an illustration of the movement of employees or information during a process
questionnaires or interviews used to obtain infromation from a group of individuals about a process, product, or service
forms containing questions to which subjects respond
formal discussions between two parties in which information is exchanged
survey sample
a subgroup o frespondents derived from the target population
response scales
ranges of answers from which the survey respondent cna choose
response rate
the number of respondents who complete a survey out of the number who recieved the survey, usually expressed as a percentage; can also apply to individual quesitons
force field analysis
a technique for identifying and visualizing the relationships between significant forces that influence a problem or goal
stakeholder analysis
a tool used to identify groups and individuals who will be affected by a process change and whose participation and support are crucial to realizing sucessful outcomes
planning matrix
a diagram that shows tasks that needs to be performed to complete an activity, the persons or groups responsibel for completeing the tassks, and tan activity scheduoe with deadlines for task completion
improvement plan
a plan to eliminate the cause of undesirable performance or make good performance even better
quality storyboard
a tool that visually communicates teh major elements of an improvement project
quality improvement tools
the diagrams, charts, techniques, and methods used in quality improvemetn work; also called ‘ analytic tools’

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