informal amendment

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informal amendmentprocess by which over time many changes have been made in the Constitution which have not involved any changes in its written words
5how many basic ways of informal amendment?
basic legislation1st basic way of informal amendment

executive action2nd basic way of informal amendment
court decisions3rd basic way of informal amendment
party practices4th basic way of informal amendment
custom5th basic way of informal amendment
basic legislationbasic principal states that: Congress has done much to define words in the Constitution by exercising its commerce power with the passage of thousands of laws. Therefore, Congress has informally amended-added to-the Constitution
executive actionbasic principal states that: the way in which many Presidents have used their powers has produced a lot of informal amendments. (declaring war without approval of Congress)
executive agreementpact made by the President directly with the head of a foreign state. informal way. (vocab)
treatyformal agreement between 2 or more sovereign states (vocab)
court decisionsbasic principal states that: the court system can make constitutional interpretations-informal amendments
party practicesbasic principal states that: political parties arent even mentioned in the Constitution. They still are the source of many informal amendments. Government in many ways in the U.S is government through party
electoral collegegroup that makes the formal selection of the nations president. This is an informal amendment action. The Framers just intended each States popular vote for president. (vocab)
custombasic principal states that: many unwritten customs have developed in our governmental system.
cabinetheads of the 14 executive departments. This is by custom, not because the Constitution says so. (vocab)
customwhen a president dies in office, the vice president would take that office instead of just taking the responsibilities of the former president. This is an example of…
senatorial courtesycustom that the Senate will not approve a presidential appointment opposed by a majority party senator from the state in which the appointee would serve (vocab)
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