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The ___ manages the flow of data and information the computer system by coordinating Hardware, software, user interface, processor, and system memory
operating system
The ____ of the operating system allows the user to communicate with the computer system
user interface
Which of the following is a single-user, multitask operating system
Mac OS
Which of the following was the first widely used operating system installed in personal computers
Following is not a function of the operating system
It manages the removal of Spyware
The most Essential Software in your computer is the
Operating system software
The version of Windows 7 that is most appropriate for high-end PC users, Gamers, and multimedia professionals is
Windows 7 Ultimate
The combination of operating system and processor in a computer is referred to as computer’s
Following can be considered to be Network operating systems except
Symbian OS
Some video games require a ____ operating system
real time
Which of the following operating systems is used primarily with mainframes as a network operating system
Microsoft Windows and Mac OS use a _____ interface
Graphical user
Which of the following statements about a graphical user interface is false
A GUI is a command driven interface
During the virtual memory process, the operating system moves data to a temporary storage area on the hard drive called the ____ file
XO is the name of the computer being provided by the ______ project
One Laptop per Child
Each device attached to your computer comes with a special program called a _____ that facilitates communication between the device and the OS
device driver
Is responsible for managing the processor and all the other components of your computer system, and it’s an essential part of the operating system
Which of the following is the first step in the boot process
The BIOS is activated by powering on the CPU
The blank is a program that manages the data between the operating system and all input and output devices attached to the system
The basic input/output system is stored on a _____ chip
Which of the following is not a step in the boot process
The antivirus program checks all files for viruses
Which of the following does NOT occur during the power-on-self-test
The OS is moved into RAM
The _____ contains all of the different configurations used by the OS and by the other applications
A written agreement to repay borrowed money; sometimes used in place of a “loan”
Income generated from regular business operations
Operating Income
A list of employees and their wages
See “net income”
See “income statememt”
Profit/loss statement
total income before expenses
System of accounting in which transactions are entered into one account
Single-Entry bookkeeping
Linux des not have a default user interface
The type of processor in the computer dictates which operating system a desktop uses
The combination of a computers operating system and application software is referred to as the computers platform
A common driven interface is one in which you enter commands to communicate with the computer system
When virtual memory is in use, the condition of excessive paging is called swapping
Windows 7 will run with 1 GB of RAM, but the system might be challenged by limited resources, especially with graphics intensive program
When your computer runs out of RAM, the operating system borrows space from the CPU
With the Plug and Play standard, adding hardware to your computer becomes easier
Installing a device driver can sometimes cause system instability
PnP stands for Plug and Play
If you install a device that is not PnP, you will be prompted to install a driver
CMOS is a special kind of memory that uses a great deal of power
Tiles view is the most interactive view of a windows folder
Live Icons allow you to preview the actual contents of a specific file or folder from within a window without actually having to open the file
When using Windows, you should create a restore point before installing new software
You can use system restore to restore your system’s settings back to a specific date when everything was working properly
The Windows Backup and Restore Utility allows you to make a duplicate copy of all the the data on your hard drive
A multiuser operating system is also described as a network operating system
In Safe mode, only the essential devices of the system function
Safe boot is a special diagnostic mode designed for troubleshooting errors that occur during he boot process
The High contrast accessibility feature allows you to select a color scheme setting in which you control the contrast between text and back round
A tiled window cannot be resized
Process of identifying, measuring and reporting financial information of an entry
Assests=liabilities +equity
Accounting Equation
Money owed to creditors, vendors, etc
Accounts Payable
Money owed to a business, i.e: credit sales
Accounts receivable
A method in which income is recorded when it is earned and expenses are recorded when they are incurred
Accrual Accounting
Property with a cash value that is owned by a business or individual
Summary of a company’s financial status, including assests, liabilities, and equity
Balance Sheet
Recording financial information
A method in which income and expenses are recorded when they are paid
Cash-Basis Accounting
A listing of a company’s accounts and their corresponding numbers
Chart of accounts
A type of accounting that focuses on recording, defining and reporting costs associated with specific operating functions
Cost Accounting
An account entry with a negative value for assets, and positive value for liabilities and equity
An account entry with a positive value for assets, and negative value for liabilities and equity
Recognizing the decrease in the value of an asset due to age and use
System of accounting in which every transaction has a corresponding positive and negative entry (debits and credits)
Double-Entry Bookkeeping
Money owed to the owner or owners of a company, also known as “owner’s equity”
Accounting focused on reporting an entity’s activities to an external party; ie: shareholders
Financial account
A record containing the balance sheet and the income statement
Financial Statement
Long term tangible property; building, land, computers, etc.
Fixed Asset
A record of all financial transactions within an entity
General Ledger
A summary of income and expenses
Income statement
System of tracking costs associated with a job or project (labor, equipment, etc) and comparing with forecasted costs
Job Costing
A record where transactions are recordd, also known as an “account”
Money owed to creditors, vendors, etc.
Cash or other property that can be easily converted to cash
Liquid asset
Money borrowed from a lender and usually repaid with interest
Money remaining after all expenses and taxes have been paid
Net Income
Income generated from non recurring transactions; ie: sale of an old building
Non-operating Income
All of the following are terms related to the boot process except
Blanks are easy to use mini desktop programs that give you information at a glance or quick access to frequently used tools including weather information, calendar items, or games
In the Windows operating system, the hard drive is represented as blank
C Drive
The OS allows you to organize the contents of your computer in a hierarchical structure of
Windows 7 introduces the concept of blank, which are folders that gather files from different locations and display the files as if they were saved in the single folder
In the windows folder, to display files and folders as icons in list form comma use blank View
All of the following can be used in a Windows File name except
The location of a file is specified by its
File path
In windows, which characters is used as a path separator
C:DocumentsSpring2012CIS 101Term PaperComputer Technology is an example of _____
File path
In Windows, a file path starts with a ____
drive letter
If Microsoft Word 2010 is used to create a file, which file extension is added automatically
. Docx
Which of the following would be a name of a Microsoft Access file
Which of the following statements concerning the windows recycle bin is true
You can restore files that have been moved to the recycling bin
With Windows Explorer, you can perform all of the following file management actions except
Editing files
Which of the following Windows utility programs arranges files on your hard drive in sequential order
Disk defragmenter
Which of the following types of programs help manage system resources such as the hard drive
Utility programs
You can use the windows blank to check on non-responsive program
Task manager
In windows, you can create blank to reset your system in case of a malfunction
Restore points
Mac OS X includes a backup utility called
Time Machine
If you want to automatically defragment your hard drive every week you can set a predetermined time using the blank
Task scheduler
All computers do not need an operating system
The user interface is part of a computer’s operating system
Boot Camp is a utility that allows you to run Windows and Mac OS X at the same time
The most recent version of the Mac operating system is called Mac OS X
You can download a version of Linux from the Internet for free
Linux is an open source operating system that can be used both on personal computers and as a networking operating system

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