term that dexcribes the direction of one’s romantic interest and erotic attraction is
sexual orientation

the term that refers to an erotic attraction to, and preference for developing romantic with, members of the other sex

the term that refers to an erotic attraction to, and preference for developing romantic relationships with, memebers of the sex

the term that refers to an erotic attratction to, and an interest for developing romantic relationships with, members of either sex is

which of the following terms does not belong with the others
transexual Gay, homosexual, lesbian

all of the following are reasons why the term homosexuality is conteroversial, except that
most gays are ashamed of the use of this term because they are ashamed of being gay

which of the following is a true statement
most gay people are content with their gender

which of the following statements is most accurate in comparing the sexual orientation of women and men
women’s sexual orientation seems to be more plastic or flexible than those of men.

according to Kinsey’s, approximately ? percent of the US population was goay or predominantly gay

according to recent research, approximately ? of the United States population identify themselves as gay
5% of men and 3% of women

Kinsey believed that heterosexual and gay sexual oreintations were
opposited ends of one continum

Recent evidence supports the idea that the Kinsey continuum applies more to which gender

in the Chivers and Bailey (2005) study of arousal and orientation is women, the women wwere likely to be aroused by
both male and femal stimuli, regardless of their sexual orientation

George is walking down the street one day and sees two men across the street walking hand-in-hand. He is thoroughly disgusted by theis. George’s reaction is connected to
homophobia, a charachterisitic more common in men

which of the following statement is true
mand bisexuals have a stronger attraction to people of one sex than another

according to the study done by the NHSLS, approximately ? of the US populations identify themselves as being bisexual

which of the following terms is defined as negative attitudes or feelings toward people who are attracted to both the same sex and the opposite sex

which of the following statements is true
biphobia is experienced in both heterosexual and homosexual populations.

which of the following is characteristic of the ancient greeks
relationships were common between men and adolescent boys

which of the following early societies was the most tolerant of the male.male sexual behavior
ancient greece

this was not a forbidden act in christian society through the middle ages.
sex between married partners

the following is characteristic of early chrisitians
any nonprocreative act was viewed as sinful

according to research, members of the ethnic minority groups in the US are ? of homosexuals than European Americans
less tolerant

Lesbians in ? cuclture are viewed as threats to the traditiona of male dominance and the denail of female sexuality
Lation and latina

Due to the ethnicities strong allegiance to christian beliefs and biblical scripture, and their desire to overcome stereotypes about their sexaul tendencies and assert their sexual normalcy, homosexuals within ? culture are urged to remain secretive about their sexual orientation
African American

the influence of the religions of colonists are pressures to socialize into the Eurpoean American culture led to greater rejection of lesbains and gay men within ? culture
native american

which statement about cross species homosexuality is ture
male male and female female sexual activity among animals often appears to be motivated by soical dominance as opposed to being sexually motivated

evolutionary theorist have proposed the concept of ? in their attempt to explain how male male or female female alliances could enhance group survival and thus persist through history
reciprocal alturism

research comparing identical twins show that
if one identical twin is gay, the other twin has a higher than normal chance of being gay also

researchers have found evidence linking a region on? to a gay male sexual orientation
the x sex chromosome

mz twins are more likely to be concordant for homosexuality than dz twins at a rate of about

in adulthood, testosterone appears to have activating effects. Which of the following describes these activating effects
adults’ level of testosterone affects the intenisty of their sexual desire but not the direction of that desire toward partners of the same or the other sex.

hormones are most likely to affect sexual orientation
while a fetus is the uterus

simon levay’s research on brain differences of heterosexuals and homosexuals
suggests a correlation between brain differences and sexual orientation

Recent research from sweden reports that sexual differentiation of the brain and of the genitals
can occur independently

In the 2005 swedish study, the brains of homosexual men showed brain activation similar to heterosexual women to chemical compounds found in male sweat, but heterosexual men did not show this pattern of brain activation to the chemical. which of the following is the best explanation for this finding.
based on this one study, we cannot conclude what caused these findings

who was the originator of psychoanalytic theory?

problmes with freuds theroies result from which of the following
because most of his theories lie at the unconscious level, they cannot be studied scientfically.

gender nonconformity refers to the failure to conform to
the gender role stereotypes that are consisent with one’s anatomic sex.

ACCORDING TO THE TEXT, what percentage of americans tent to respond that homsexuality is “always wrong”
around 60%

regarding attitudes toward homosexuality in the US in recent years, ? of american believe same-sex sexual behavior is wrong and ? of americans believe homosexual people should have equal rights.
the majority, a small percentage.

Which of the following statements about attitudes toward homosexuality in America today is most accurate
younger Americans are more likely to agree that gay people should be allowed to get married than are older americans.

in 2012, what percentage of Americans were willing to have legalized gay and lesbian marriage

according to the text, all of the following countries extend full marriage rights to same sex couples as of 2009, except

the first state in the US to legalize marriage for same sex couples was

what accurately describes Americans; beliefs whether homosexual indviduals are born gay or if they chose to become gay
over the last several decades, Americans have become more likely to believe that homosexuals are born gay, even though this believe is still helmd by a minority of americans

the beginning of the current gay rights movement in the US is usually traced to the
stone wall incident

at one time in our history, every state in the US had ? laws on the books that prohibited consenting adults from engaging in specific sexual behaviors

which of the following is true regarding Pres. Clintons dont ask, don’t tell policy for gay men and lesbians in the military
it was a compromise on his campaign pleadge to allow gays to serve openly.

which of the following statements best characterizes prez clintons 1993 policy regarding gays in the military?
gay men and owmen can serve but are prohibited from revealing their sexual orientation

during the 80’s and 90’s, what became the key topic for gay activists in the US

In 2011, Persident Obama
gave gay males and lesbians the right to openly serve in the military

which of the following institutions now has the clearest policy of discrimination against gay and lesbians
the untied states military

the following description of metal disorders comparing homosexuals to heterosexuals are true, except
homosexual males and females are more likely than hetereosexuals to experience feelings of anxiety and depression

which hypothesized cause for the relationship between homosexuality and mental health has been suggested by several prominent researchers
societal oppression may cause the greater incidence of depression and suicide among homosexual individuals

in bell and weinbergs comparison of heterosexual and gay lifestyles, they found which of the following
gay people who live together in stable relationships were about as well adjusted as married heterosexual couples

research indicates that children raised by gay parents
grow up as well adjusted as children raised by heterosexual couples

compared to non-gay teens, the rate of gay teens that have psychological adjustment problmes including depression and suicide is

laws that dictate stronger penalties for violent crimes deemed to be motivated by bias or prejuidce are commonly called
hate crime laws

which incidence is said to have added fuel to the fire of hatered and perjudice toward gays
hiv aids

what two steps are evident when a homosexual person “comes out of the closet”
coming out to oneself and coming out to others

researchers found the average gap between initial attraction to members of one’s own set and disclosure of one’s orientation to other people took how long on average.
10 years

historically, males in the US have come out ? than females
two years earlier

what is a zygote
a fertilized ovum

chromosome abnormality cause by and extra chromosome on the 21st pair. retarded mental growth
down syndrome

which of the following statements about sperm is correct
sperm bearing the Y sex chromosome are faster swimmers

it is estimated that for every 100 females who are conceived, how many males are conceived

a typical female’s ovaries will release about how many viable eggs over her reproductive lifetime

a miscarriage
spontaneous abortion

what is the gelatinous layer that surronds an ovum
zona pellucida

during an average month, a human female is fertile for about how many days
5-6 DAYS

hyalurondidase is an
enzyme allwoing a sperm to penetrate an ovum

an ovum can be fertilized for up to how many hours after ovulation

just prior to ovulation, basal body temp
dips slightly then rises and remains elevated until menstruation

over the counter ovulation kits analyse the urine or saliva for the presence of

a few days before ovulation, cervical mucous
become thin, slippery, and clear

women can improve their chances of conception by using
male superior coital position

how long should a couple have tried to conceive before being considered infertile
12 months

of couples who experience infertility problems, how many will eventually succeed in conceiveing a child

which of the following causes fertility problems for men
low sperm, low moibility, thyroid disease

what is the most common fertility problme for men
low sperm count

what does not lower a mans sperm count
infrequent ejaculations

icreasing age is typically associated with
decreasing fertility for men and women

what two hormones play an important role in ovulation

For men whose sperm lack a tail, which procedure produces the best chance of conception
removal of sperm from the testes and in vitro fertilization

which of the following does not cause infertility in women
low blood sugar

the use of fertility drugs by women may lead to
multiple births

endometriosis occurs when
cells break away from the uterine lining, implant and grow elsewhere

laparoscopy is
a medical procedure in which a long, narrow tube is inserted through an incision in the navel, permitting the visual inspection of organs in the pelvic cavity

in a rubin test
carbon dioxide is blown into the uterus to check for blocked fallopian tubes

in vitro fertilization is a procedure in which
eggs are removed from the ovary, fertilized, and implanted in the uterus

if the newspaper says a newborn was a “test tube baby” it means that
it is conceived outside the mother’s body

which procedure involves placing the parents’ zygote in the mother’s fallopian tubes

charlene and her husband want to have a baby, but charlene cannot procedure any ova in her ovaries. which procedure will charlene have to try in order to give birth
donor ivf

? is a method of conception in which a woman volunteer is artificially inseminated by the male partner of the intended mother, after which the embryo is removed from the volunteer and inserted into the uterus of the intended mother
embryonic transfer

for many women the first sign of pregnancy is
missing a period

what is the hormone produced by women shortly after conception that stimulates the corpus luteum to continue to produce progesterone

the beta subunit HCG radioimmunossay can detect pregnancy about
eight days after conception

over the counter pregnancy test are intended to detect
HCG in the urine

Home pregnancy test measure a woman’s urine for the presence of what hormoe

The most likely reson for a woman to have a miscarriage is
serious genetic abnormalities in the fetus.

another term for spontaneous abortions is

In most women, morning usually subsides by the
twelfth week

provided that the pregnancy is progressing normally and the woman has no history of miscarriage, how long is it safe to have intercourse
intercourse is safe up until labor

sexual intercourse during pregnacy
poses no risk to either the mother of the baby to be

approximately what percent of women report that they fear sexual intercourse during pregnancy

psychologically, the ? of pregnancy is generally the smoothest phase of the pregnancy.
second trimester

what exciting event occurs first during the second trimester of a pregnancy
first sensations of fetal movements

which of the following correctly lists the stages of prenatal development
germinal, embryonic, fetal

the germinal stage of pregnancy refers to the first
two weeks after conception

how long does it take a zygote to reach the uterus
3-4 days

several days into the germinal stage, the cell mass takes the form of a flud-filled ball of cells, which is called a

as it enters the uterus, a fertilized egg is now referred to as a

what is the correct order of stages for a fertilized egg
zygote, blastocycst, embryo, fetus

in what week of development does the heart begin beating
the fourth week

the protective enviroment in which the fetus grows is called the
amniotic sac

the ? is primarily responsible for the filtering and passage of incoming nutrients and outgoing wastes for the embryo

blood flow in the placenta
allows certain subsbance to pass through the placenta even thought the two circulatory systems dont mix

the fetal stage begins
ninth week

when do pregnant women generally begin to feel movement
four months after conception

when all the major organs are formed, the embryo is called a

a cephalic presentation means the baby is
head down

any enviromental susbstance which has the ability to cause an embryonic or a fetal abnormality is refered to as a

environmental influences or agents that can harm the embryo or fetus are called

the critical period of vulnerability is a period of time during which and embryo or fetus is vulnerable to the effect of

marianne is 7 months pregnant. she was recently exposed to the rubella and was never immunized as a kid. she is concerned about the risk to her baby if she contracts the virus. what should she know
the highest risk of fetal damage from rubella occurs in the first eigth weeks of pregnancy

cherisse is 4 weeks pregnant. routine blood screening reveals that she is carrying syphilis. what should cherisse know
she can prevent transmission the fetus by being treated with antibiotics before the 4th months

life threatening complication during pregnancy that is chacterized by high blood pressure is called

toxemia appears to be linked to

most ectopic pregnancies occur in the
fallopian tubes

in RH incompatiblity
the mother’s antibodies attack the fetus’s red blood cells

baby M is small for her gestational age. She has a noticeably flattened nose and widely spaced eyes and her brain is smaller than average. what could cause this

maternal cigareete smoking produces all of the following except

all of the following are characterisitics of down syndrome except
blood that does not clot properly

which of the following increases the risk of giving birth to an infant with downs
older age of mother

sickle cell anemia is a genetic disorder that primarily affects
african americans

elaine is 37, four months into her pregnancy elaian obtains ? in order to check for the presence of chromosomal abnormalities

for about a month after delivery, women typically experience a reddish vag dischage called

how long is the time most ob advise a couple to wait after birth for sex
six weeks

amniocentisis is a procedure used to
check for chromosomal abnormalities

baraxton hicks contractions
are false labor contractions

which two hormones cause contractions
prostaglandins and oxytocin

stage one labor is marked by
dialation of cervix

in the first stage of labor the cervix dialates to
4 inches

in the stages of childbirth, transition refers to
a period of intense contractions during which the cervix becomes fully dialated

transition end which stage of childbirth

delivery of the baby occurs druing which stage of childbirth

prior to birthing, a surgical inscision known as a episotomy may be made to cut

during the thrid stage of labor
placenta is expelled

when a woman is put deeply asleep as a way to avoid pain in childbirth the procedure is called
general anesthesia

the lamaze method of childbirth teaches a woman
special breathing and relaxation techniques

what percent of newborns in the US in 2012 were delivered by c section

women who have csections are ? times as likely to experience a pregnancy related death as women who deliver vag

in preterm infants, respiratory distress syndrome frequently results from
insufficient lining of the airways with surfactant


BABY LUES TYPICALLY LASt ? and are considered ? by mental health pros
10 days, normal

postpartum depression is



the best method to prevent pregnancy and protect against STI is

in greek and roman times what was used for contraception
absorbent materials placed in the vagina

the earliest versions of condoms consisted of sheaths
made out of linen

in the US history, the comstock Law
outlawed the spread of contraceptive info, even by physcians

the first setp in undoing the comstock law occurred when
courts ruled that physicians must be able to discuss the prevention and cure for sti’s

a comb pill contains
estrogen and progestin

the minipill releases

the most popular form of birth control for single women of child bearing age is
the birth control pill

oral contraceptives are most commonly reffered to as
the pill

comb pill contains synthetic
estrogen and progesterone

which is not a type of combo pill
mini pill

increases the thickness and acidity of the cervical mucous

besides thickening the cervical mucus, the minipill also
suppresses ovulation

in general, birth control pills work by
preventing ovulation or implantantion

the perfect failure rate of the bc pill is ? and the typical failure rate is ?
.5% and 3%

failure rate for the typical use of birth control pill is

if a woman forgets to take her birth control pill in the first week she should
take two pills immediately

one disadvantage of using oral contraceptive pills is that they
offer no protection against sti’s

After, stopping the use of oral contraceptives, nine out of ten women begin ovulating regularly within
three months

which is a helathy side effect from birth control pills
all the above. reduce PID, regurlaize cycle, reduce cramps

of the follwoing, which is not noted to be a benefit of oral contraceptive use
reduction of high blood pressure

many women in their mid to late thirties switch from oral contraceptives to other birth control methods
because of an increased risk of cardiovascular disease

which of the following is not a possible result of women taking progestin
enlarged breast size

the moring after pill
commonly causes nausea in its users

health professionals caution that if the morning-after pill fails
the fetus might be damaged by exposure to the hormones the pill contains

all of the following contraceptives work in similar ways except which of the following

what is a potential benefit of the contraceptive patch over contraceptive pills
the woman does not have to think about contaception daily

a woman using depo provera must receive an injection
every three months

according to Dr. Autumn, Depo-Provera is
an injectable hormonal contraceptive

which of the following forms of contraception also affords protection against contracting STI’s
none, but condoms

nina is concerened about the effectiveness of Deop as a contraceptive strategy, what should you tell nina about the failure rate
the failure rate is comparable to sterilization

what is the second most common contraceptive method in the US
injectible contraceptives

what is true about Intrauterine devices
they have been used by human since greek times

worldwide, the hightes rate of IUD use is in

IUD use in the US during the last ten years has

which of the following has been suggested as a possible way that an IUD prevents pregnancy
by irritating the uterine lining

an advantage of the copper T IUD over oral contraceptives is that the IUD
does not interfere with homone production

what is a potential problem with the use of IUD’s
they can cause excessive menstural cramps

IUD use is not recommended for women with a history of
ectopic pregnancies

jessica has become pregnant with an IUD in place, what are the chances that she will have a miscarriage

the diaphragm’s main function is to
keep spermicide in place

which of the follwoing si a barrier method of contraception

Marcu and Venessa have planned a romantic evening of dinner and dancing. In prep for sex, Venessa inserts her diaphragm before leaving the house at seven. After the night of dinner and dancing she expects to arrive at home with Marcus around midnight. what should vanessa know
her spermicide is only good for two hours

for maximum effectiveness, how long must a diaphragm be kept in after intercourse
6 hours

suzanne uses a diaphragm and after having a steamy encounter with a man at a party she does not want to risk a pregnancy from a one night stand. She decides to leave the diaphragm in place for a couple days. which the following is a possible result of this decision
she is putting herself at risk of toxic shock syndrome by leaving the diaphragm in too long

in typical use, the failure rate of diaphragm is about

which is true about nonoxynol-9
it does not protect against stis and may increase the risk of HIV infection

regarding the ways the contraceptive sponge is used and the way it works, it is similar to al of the followng except

in contrast to the diaphragm, the cervical cap
is smaller and can provide protection up to 48 hours

which is not true about the cervical cap
they sometimes can cause irritation to the uterus

which of the following methos of contraception provides the best protection against sti’s
a male condom

whay are latex and polyurethane condomes recommended over lambskin condoms
lambskin condoms allow viruses such as HIV to pass through

today, the condom is making a comeback as a contraceptive device largely because
it protects from stis and HIV

hansel is considering becoming sexually active. he wants to use condoms to protect against the possibility of contracting an STI or HIV, which type of condom should he use.
he should use latex condoms

jeff and wanda use condoms as their primary form of contraception. As part of their foreplay, jeff likes to tease wanda by dipping. during which he rubs the head of his penis on the opening of her vagina, but he does not insert it. what should jeff and wanda know

of the following lubricants, which is safe to use with a condom
ky jelly

for maximum protection from pregnancy, partners using condoms should
combine condom use with spermicide

most likely reason for condom failure is
manufacturing defects

most women who follow the calendar method need to abstain from coitus for at least
seven days

in the menstrual cycle basal body temp
dips slightly just before ovulation and then rises and remains elevated unitl mensturation

the ovulation mehtod of contraception
tracks changes in the viscosity of cerivcal mucous

in a cervical mucus check, ovulation is indicated by
slippery, clear muscous

in natural family planning methods, the estimated first year failure rate in typical use is about

the cervical mucus method of contraception requires
intercourse be avoided unitl three days after peak levels of clear mucus

besides abstinence, which is the most effective form of contraception

sterilization involves

the most widely used birth control method among couples over the age of 30 in commited relationships is

the male sterilization preocedure used today is the

in a vasectomy
each vas deferens is severed

a studies show that en who have had vasectomies face
a none to slightly increased risk of prostate cancer

one disadvantage of the vasecotomy procedure is
it is permanent

the simplest form of female sterilization involoves
cutting and tying the fallopian tubes

tubal sterilization
tubal ligation, most common form of female sterilization, prevents ova and sperm from passing through fallopian tube

what is the most popular female sterilization method in the US
tubal ligation

what is one reason douching does not prevent pregnancy
because sperm are traveling toward the uterus in fifteen seconds douching is too late

douching after intercoursemay
actually propel sperm toward the uterus

which of the following is not a rcommended method for contraception

what percentage of abortions in the US occur during hte first trimester

regarding abortion debates about when human life begins, scientific evidence suggests which of the following answers
theis question is likely a matter of definition , and is not likely to be resolved with scientific evidence

abortion became legal in the US as a result of
Roe vs Wade

the supreme court effectively legalized abortion in the US based on which of the following constitutional principals
right to privacy

which statement is true regarding the history of abortion
abortion was legal in the US from 1607 to 1828

in recent attitude polls, the majority of Americans ? upholding the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the Us

the safest and most common method of abortion is
vacuum aspiration

as a method of abortion, vacuum aspiration can be performed
during the first trimester only

the most commonly used abortion method during the second trimester
dilation and evacuation

George is walking down the street one day and sees two men across the street walking hand-in-hand. He is thoroughly disgusted by theis. George’s reaction is connected to

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